Clean Up

I finally clean up my studio today. But not quite. I just clean the bathroom. I don’t want to spend too much time cleaning when I can wash half of it then another half I will do it tomorrow instead, so that I can spend the rest of the day to write 10 more pages. So today, I only scrub the bathroom. Tomorrow, I will hoover the studio and polish the kitchen as well. Then, I’m all set! There’s not much to clean in my studio, actually. So, it is good for me when I don’t have to wipe a huge apartment or house. But if I did live in a big apartment or house it would mean I could afford a maid. Although I live in a studio, but it does have everything as a normal apartment has: A living room with a wall bed, a terrace, a bathroom, an open kitchen, for instance. So, it is easy to manage for a single person like me. And it is in a quiet place far from traffic and all the noises. Everything is just perfect for me for the time being.






Just finished cleaning my bathroom.

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