A Busy Schedule

It’s been a very busy day today. I will do nothing now but relax. Tomorrow, I have about 3-4 self-tape auditions to make. Then, I also have to read that long screenplay for the new film project that I am going to be involved in. And plus I have my own script and filmmaking project that need to be finished, too. I also have to set up a crowdfunding campaign soon. All of these really need to be done. But I have them under control. I begin to use my calendar and notebook a lot on my phone. I seriously depends on them now that I have got my hands full with various projects. So I really have to keep things organised. Otherwise, I could be forgetting the filming dates, auditions & castings, selftapes, and more. And that would be a catastrophe if I did, actually, fail to remember and don’t show up. People would see me as unreliable. Consequently, nobody would take me seriously anymore. And it could affect my career greatly. In this business, reliability is the key. You can have talent. But if you don’t keep your promise, unreliable, don’t show up to castings or auditions, cancel things in the very last minute, and similar, then that’s it. Your career will have a very short life. Of course, some things are out of your control that you can’t do anything about it, then it’s ok. But if it happened too often, people would begin to wonder: Is this person serious?, can I count on her?, and so on. I don’t like someone does that to me, so I won’t do that to others either. That’s the reason I use my schedule daily, to really keep things under control and plan things ahead. It’s my best friend now. I can’t live without it.

Hyde Park last spring.

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