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A Busy Day

I have a busy day today. Just got home and had my lunch, actually breakfast. Then, I am on my way out again for another production I am working on at the moment. It starts getting cold now and snow and all that. Well, maybe not too bad. Winter here is like summer or spring in Denmark which is good for me.

I will relax a little bit before I go out again. Then I also have some monologues I have to prepare for new auditions. But if I had nothing to do tomorrow, I would try to finish the Act 1 of my screenplay. After coming home tonight, I will work a little bit more on it.

Then this weekend, I will clean my studio and throw some old clothes away. I like throwing old stuff away once in a while, to clear my home & my soul. I just put them in a bin bag and go give them to a charity shop. Yes, if your home is messy you can’t think clearly either. It just blocks your productivity. And that’s why I try to keep my flat fairly spartan. What I have in my home is what I really need. Things I no longer need I get rid of them. If I do need them later on I will acquire them again, it’s as simple as that.

After cleaning my studio, I may even buy some flowers for my flat, to add some freshness to it, something beautiful to look at, to feed my soul and to increase my creativity.

Now I will get ready to go out again. I hope, it’s going to be a fun day. I look forward to it.

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