I have been busy lately. So I haven’t had a chance to complete my screenplay, as I have planned to finish it about a few days ago. I will try to finish it tonight. If not, then tomorrow. It’s only about 10 pages left anyway. And I still also have to spend a few more days or so to revise it. My script will then be completely finished this week. So, it doesn’t matter when I, actually, have written the last 10 pages. It will really be finalized this week anyway – both the first draft and the revision.

It’s quite likely that I’ll turn it into a movie myself. I just feel everything is possible, as long as I believe in myself. And I’ve always believed in myself. I’ve been to film school for the past 14 years, after all (working on set is my film school). So, I am very confident that I can do this. Anyway, I just have to try it. I will never know, it will be a success or a failure before I have tried it. I don’t like saying: I can’t do this, I can’t do that, I don’t have the skills to do it, and so on. Because, then you tend to do and think what you say to yourself.

I was about to buy wine today to celebrate my last day working on set as a background artiste about almost 2 weeks ago, and to start a new chapter of my life focusing on acting/speaking roles instead. Because, I forgot to celebrate it right after. But then, I try not to drink alcohol as long as I still work on my script. I can party next week instead when I also have finished my screenplay. Then I can celebrate everything at once.

Subsequently, I have rejected lots of works as a background artiste. I will wait tables to pay my rents and bills instead, or go back to work in fashion retail, or work as a temp. The latter will be more suitable for my situation since it will give me more flexibility to go to auditions, do acting jobs, work on my screenplays and filmmaking projects.

Looking forward to spring and summer.

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