The Hunt For The Editor

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I’m still working through the applications for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer. It’s a big job going through each applicant’s CV and showreel since there is a lot of applications to sort through. It therefore requires persistence and attention to details in order to select the right candidates for the jobs. So I’m devoting my whole day today to shortlist potential prospects. I’m not even halfway, yet. I am definitely not going to finish the hunt for the right candidates today. So I must continue the search tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow if I have to. I am really into filmmaking. It’s what I love doing. So hiring the right film crew for my films is my duty that I have to carry out – no matter what. Even if it means I have to exhaust myself to trawl through all applications to find the right candidates, then I have to. I am an indie filmmaker, after all. So whatever I can do it myself I will do it. It can be tough. But I love what I do, so I enjoy doing it. That’s why I might edit the film myself.

Selfie near my studio.

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