Runner or 3AD Wanted

What I now need are a runner/3AD and a makeup artist for the making of my horror short, “Blood Group O.” The rest of the film crew, I think I almost have them in place. My search will continue, until I have everybody ready for the shoot. I’m getting there. So if you’re either a runner/3AD or a makeup artist and interested in collaboration with me please email me with link to your work asap at

I get the feeling, it will be a good horror short. This will be my first time making a horror film. I can’t wait to get the camera rolling! I will be very busy throughout May, this coming month. I have to prepare the filming of my short horror film “Blood Group O.” Then I also have to start pitching for fund to turn it into feature film, attending several filmmaker events, working on set myself, preparing for the film festivals, writing my screenplay, and many more. May will therefore be an exciting month for me because I like being busy with the things I love doing.

I also enjoy going to filmmaker events, especially for indie filmmakers. I get to meet like-minded people, make connections, network, gain more insight and knowledge in the industry, and many more. I exchanged lots of business cards with the people I met at the events in the past. But I often threw them away because I wasn’t that serious in filmmaking at that time. I only focused on acting. Now I regret it for discarding thoses business cards since now I can really make use of them. You never know you will need them later on at some point in your life. I have learned my lesson now: Never throw any business cards or contacts out. Now I have to start all over again. Oh well, it’s not too late. There are lots of talented people out there I have yet to meet.

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