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My horror short is still in pre-production stage. Thus, I have lots of things to prepare and do such as looking for filming locations, contacting potential candidates and there is a lot. Today, I will really spend time going through the applications. So I work as a casting director, producer, director, actor, recruiter, interviewer, location manager, and more. There are lots of job positions I have to execute at once. This is the precise nature of film business which you have to be able to multitask, especially if you’re an indie filmmaker making low-budget films. But I think, it’s worth making an effort in my filmmaking project “Blood Type O” because the reward is immeasurable.

I like being a filmmaker and doing creative work. I get to work in far more inspiring environments than having a typical job that I have no passion for. Although what I do doesn’t offer much financial security as you don’t know when you will get your next contract and it’s hard work, but I’d rather do what I love doing the most. There’s no point in me doing and being somewhere that I don’t actually care about. Then, I can’t give myself 100%. But what I do now, I give myself 200% or more since it is something I have a strong interest in. Therefore, I can happily perform several roles (actress, producer, director, casting director, location manager, editor, and so on) which may seem too much. But I love what I do. So nothing is too much when it comes to filmmaking.

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