Movie With A Few Locations

I’m really happy with my script so far, even though I’m not completely finished writing it yet. But I just know, it will be a sensational screenplay. Hopefully. It just contains all the elements of a high concept screenplay. I think. Now, if I want to make the movie out of it myself I will have to look for a producer if I can’t be a producer myself – or just sell the script. But I’m pretty sure that I will make the movie out of it myself and play one of the main characters, not the protagonist. And I may become a producer as well. Just keep the budget as low as possible. Therefore when I write my screenplay I try to think about simple locations, props, and so on. One of the good things in making drama films, same with horror movies, is that you can get away with lots of things, especially location. In many horror and drama movies, you see almost only one location or just a few such as Night of The Living Dead, Manchester by the Sea. It’s that simple. When you have a good concept location doesn’t really matter, in my opinion. So, let’s see if I can create a good movie out of a few locations.

From Brighton last Spring.

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