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The makeup artist was applying the makeup on my face to make me look sick. I was playing Aurora who’s got Malaria. This technique is easy. I could do it myself. All in all, I have learned a lot making this film – both good and bad. There’s a lot of lessons I have gained. I will definitely make use of this incredible experience in my future filmmaking projects. Making films is not an easy mission at all. On the surface, it looks fun. But behind the scenes, there are lots going on that require patience, management skill, and many, many more. So it is a total challenge when you take all elements into account. Therefore, it was worth the effort and time for me to make this film “BTO,” otherwise I wouldn’t have learned what I have learned.

My next step is to look for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer to edit the film, so that the film can be finalised. So every day, I’m also very busy looking for these 2 people to complete the film. There are lots of applicants that I have to go through. Selecting the right person for the duty can be a difficult task as well. So I’m taking my time to read and watch each potential candidate’s CV and showreel in order to make the right decision. It’s a boring assignment. But I have to if I want the film to turn out good with quality sound and cinematic looking. The film will be sent to film festivals, after all. So this final step is also crucial.

If you are a colourist-editor or a sound mixer with at least 3 years of experience, for more info about the position you want to apply for please feel free to email me your CV and showreel (s) to

Thanks and I look forward to receiving your application soon.


Having a makeup on.

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