Filmmaking Project

I have been searching for cast & crew all day long. It’s a long process, indeed. Looking for actors is simple since there are only 2 actors I need. But looking for film crew is more hard because I need about almost 10 crew members. So I have spent most of my day today doing just that. It’s something you have to do if you want to be an indie filmmaker. You have to do all that yourself since it’s a no-budget or low-budget film. So only the people who are passionate enough to be able to go through this. It’s not easy, looking for the right people to work with. You have to devote all your time to make it happen. And I love what I do. So I don’t mind all the hard work I have to undertake.

Tomorrow, I will go through the same process again. I am only halfway through. I have been sending and replying to messages all day long today. The same tomorrow. I will make this happen. It’s only a hard work for now. Once the film has been made, I can relax. And getting the film made is my reward. And that is what I look forward to. It’s a way of training myself in filmmaking. I find it fun making films and writing screenplays. So although it seems like a whole lot of work starting a film project from the ground. But I enjoy it. I can’t imagine myself doing something else.

I plan to start filming next week or early next month. It depends on when I get all cast & crew ready for my upcoming short horror film “Blood Group O.” That’s why I work hard every day, to get all cast & crew ready for the making of the film as soon as I can. Now it’s time to watch a good film.

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