Filming Locations

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Tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow, I will start my search for the filming locations. Although I plan to shoot my horror short “Blood Type O” at the end of this month, which seems like far away, but there are lots of things that I need to get done before that. So I am extremely busy every day from now till the film has been shot. After that, it’s still not over, yet. Then, it will go to post-production. Once the film is ready, I have to send it to film festivals, do the marketing and promotion, and so on. If I want to get the most out of this short film, I have to go through lots of hard work. It may seem rather scary to shoulder lots of responsibilities by myself, but I like what I do. So I enjoy doing it.

Therefore, I can’t wait to spend days location-hunting. There are only a few places that I need. Maybe just one single location. It depends on how easy or difficult for me to find the locations that I like. I am prepared to resort to an alternative setting that I can always use if I can’t find the right locations. I just need to exhaust all my options first before I utilise plan B. I like exploring London, anyway. So, this will be something I find it fun to do. I have been all over London due to my work on various film sets myself. So I think I know London pretty ok. So this should be a smooth operation for me. I also love taking photos of weird and wonderful locations around London, as soon as I discover ones. So this task would also be something exciting for me to take on. It’s more like an adventure rather than a duty.

Tomorrow, I might not go anywhere. I might just spend my day looking for the rest of cast & crew, contacting potential candidates, and so on. Then, the day after tomorrow, I will start combing the city for the ideal backdrop.

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