Just got home not long ago. What a long day. I first had a meeting yesterday afternoon until 4pm. Then I went to an event for writers after that as well. But the event didn’t start until 7pm. So I had to walk around Oxford Street to kill time since the meeting was near Oxford Street. And coincidentally, the writers event that I had to attend later on at 7pm was also being held just around the corner from where I had a meeting earlier yesterday. So I walked up and down Oxford Street just to come back at the same place again 3 hours later.

But it was a good day. I like attending writers groups around London whenever I can, to keep myself up-to-date with latest news, meet like-minded people, network, and so on. I am serious and passionate about my careers as an actor, writer, and filmmaker, so I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities, skills, knowledge, and anything that can take my careers to the next level. After this blog post, I will go to bed straight away – have a busy day ahead again.

Good night and speak soon!


This hotel in Fitzrovia is so cute!
Its patio is also lovely.
A cute coffee shop in Fitzrovia.
All the cute stuff I could take pictures of in and around Fitzrovia because I had a meeting there and had to attend an event there as well.
Regent Street at night.

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