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My BTO project is in the hopper. The filming dates are approaching. So I have to work against time to gather all cast & crew ready. I’m almost there. I work daily and constantly to have everything in place ready for the shoot. Therefore I don’t blog that often for the time being. I devote all my time to this project. At the moment this filmmaking project is my top priority as well as my drama screenplay, which I plan to finish the revision this month. So, I have two different projects going on that I want to complete by the end of this month.

I finished my drama spec script in short amount of time by virtue of my enthusiasm for the story. It’s such a unique story that needs to be told. Therefore I enjoy writing it. Also because I know the story so well. I aim to finalise the rewrite by the end of this month – no more editing. I really hope, it will be an enthralling screenplay since I write it from my heart – I know the story well – it’s a true story – and so on. It has universal themes that we all can identify ourselves with. I just feel so excited to finally finish it, and that it will be my first feature-length screenplay.

So this month, I have 2 projects to focus on. I feel so happy producing my own artwork. Although, I don’t make any money out of it. But the real joy of creating something of your own is more rewarding than money. My horror shor “Blood Type O” is just a short film to pitch for fund to make a feature film. That’s the actual purpose of making it. The real story took place in Thailand. So, if I did get the fund to turn it into a feature film, I might travel to thailand to make it there. Then, everything will be told as it is – nothing changes. The factual event happened when I was around 10-12 years old in the early 80s. If I did go film in Thailand, I might find a child actor there to play me instead. I think the film would be more powerful when it’s being told from the original setting, culture, and so forth. It could be a chance to show people another side of Thailand people have never seen before by a Thai person rather than a Westerner.


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