Blood Type O A True Story

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I’m going to start shooting my horror short soon “Blood Type O.” I am now ready to make it, at long last. I am still busy with the recruitment of the cast & crew. But I’m getting there. I have almost everybody ready. I plan to start filming it by the end of next month. So I think I have plenty of time to prepare. I so look forward to it. It will be a thrilling project. I outline everything well in advance. So I am very confident with the making of this horror short, and how I will go about executing it. I have a meeting almost every day, discussing about the making of my film with potential cast & crew. So I am quite busy at the moment, hunting for the right spirits to build a team.

But I am passionate about my filmmaking projects. So I never feel tired meeting and talking to people. Being constantly busy or having so much work to do is not going to get me down. I won’t back down that easily. I will carry it through – no matter how hard work I must endure. It’s just part of my job as a filmmaker. You can’t make film on your own. Well, you can, in some rare circumstances. After my search for cast & crew has died down, I will organise my next step which is the promotion and marketing of the film. I make film for it to be seen. And if no one is going to watch it, or very little, then there’s no point spending so much time and energy creating a piece of art.

The reason why I want to make this horror film “Blood Type O” so badly partly because it’s a true story that happened to one of my family members, and partly because I love ghost stories. I don’t see it as mere superstition. I love all kinds of myths. When we were young, me and my neighbours, we would sit in circle, cover ourselves with blankets, before our bedtimes telling each other folk tales – especially, something spooky and supernatural. When we caught a glimpse of eerily shaped shadow flitting outside the window, combined with the howls of the dogs from afar, we would all hide ourselves underneath our duvets and scream. It was a fun time, indeed. We didn’t need television that much.

But when this strange occurance did take place, I was too young to believe it, and thereby forgot all about it. Now, when I look back, it’s such a perilous journey we went through. Thing like this won’t happen to lots of people either. It’s just too bizarre that it needs to be told. Therefore I am so thrilled that I, finally, will turn this horrified story into film.

A dark day.

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