All Female Film Crew

Just home again from a shoot not long ago. I’m not gonna do anything more for today. No more today. Now, I just want to relax and do nothing. I may continue to watch LOST or just see something else. But one thing for certain, I will not work on my screenplay today. I will tomorrow instead. I have bought the ink for my printing machine, to print out my script once it’s done. Then, I will read through it and make some adjustment. I will correct everything by hand on paper. Then, I will write everything nicely and correctly on the computer when I am happy with the revision.

And if I decided to turn it into a movie myself I would, definitely, only hire female film crew to support women working in Film & TV. But the cast will be a mixture of men & women. I can’t just use all-female cast in a feature film if I want to get as many audiences to go see my film as possible – in some rare occasions, maybe. It’s possible for a short film to have all-female cast. But it’s ok, in both short and feature film, if the film crew are all female since they work behind the camera. I will make a promise that I am going to use only female film crew for my upcoming filmmaking project.

Photos from today.

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