A Terrific Trip Down Memory Lane

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My 80s horror/romance short “Blood Type O” is like a terrific trip down memory lane. There are lots of 80s references to be found in the film. So I enjoyed making this film since the 80s is one of my favourite eras. It’s like jumping on a nostalgia train taking me right back to a wonderful time when I grew up being a teenager. I so look forward to seeing the end result of the film when its post-production is over. I have never made films with 80s tone & style before. So I’m excited to see how I have managed to make this film BTO as close to the 80s as possible.

Behind the scene image.

The whole filming process could finally be completed this month. There are some pickup shots left. Then, that’s it. The re-shoot could take just half a day or maybe one day. I think I have learned a lot making this film. It has taught me lots of new filmmaking skills, management, experience, and many more. It is true that you can only learn by doing or making it, to actually creating something yourself is the best way to gain new insight & knowledge and explore new territories that you normally wouldn’t think of or go near them. So I am so glad that I decided to make this film on my own, at long last. I tried to make use of all my experiences and skills in filmmaking as much as possible in this film. It was worth the effort, indeed.

BTS image of the film set, which is my studio.

I might even edit the film myself. But I’m not so sure. Maybe, I will have to find another editor anyway. Someone who is experienced. I want the film to look professional because it will be sent to film festivals. So I think I’d be better off finding someone else with a sound experience to color grade and edit the film instead. The entire filming procedure could take up to 2 months with a pickup and editing. It’s not an easy process at all. You may think: I have now finished shooting the film, then I’m all set! It’s not like that at all. Another phase of filmmaking which is the post-production could take as long as the pre-production operation. There are lots of shots that need to be combined together, discard, colour grade, and many more, including sound. So, it’s an another action that requires extra attention and care, to produce a professional looking, entertaining film.

80s music.
There are lots of 80s references in this horror/romance short Blood Type O. Can you spot some?

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