80s Look

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I have found my old photo from a film set that looks like an 80s look. That’s how my makeup may look like in my 80s inspired horror short “Blood Type O.” This photo was from last year or the year before, I think. My hair and my look haven’t changed much. The makeup artist, she did a great job here. My new makeup artist in my upcoming horror short is excellent, too. I can’t wait to work with her. It will be an amazing film set. And I get a good feeling that the film will be a piece of art. I think I have got a good team for this film. I look forward to working with them pretty soon. I am too busy for the moment to get my film made that I only focus on this project for the time being. I pour my heart & soul into it. I really sink my teeth into it as well. So I hope the end result is worth it. Sure, it will!

80s look.

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