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    Racist Theme

    My screenplay and movie (If I’m going to make the movie myself) will have a racist sub-theme as well. I think, it is important that we talk more about this subject because although we are in the year of 2019, but racism doesn’t go anywhere. It’s still very much present. I think racism is unacceptable in the modern world we live in today. And many deem that, too. Think BlacKkKlansnan and Green Book movies, for instance. Both movies try to send a message out that racism is still very much alive today. That we all should be aware of it and help each other get rid of it since racism doesn’t belong anywhere in the modern times.

    Racism prevents people to come and work together, to create something good together. It generates a bad atmosphere and a negative working environment. It makes people hate each other for no reason. And many more. It’s a global problem that still pesters us. Today, the world has become more connected, partly because people have the means to travel around the globe more, and partly because of social media which I believe plays a part in it, too. So everything has become more and more international and diverse, which is a good thing because we can then learn from each other’s differences and utilize each other’s knowledge to move the world forward, and to make the world a better place for everyone to live.

    And one of the best mediums to get this message across, I think, is through movies. So, if you can make something as entertaining and as educational at the same time then it’s even better. Then, people will enjoy the movie and learn something constructive at once. And that’s what I try to incorporate in my movie as well. But, it’s a drama which contains some serious and emotional themes and scenes, so I can’t make it as fun as BlacKkKlansnan. It’s a completely different movie, but with similar theme. Racism in my movie is a sub-theme or sub-plot; in BlacKkKlansnan is the main theme or plot.

    And this film is distributed by Universal Pictures. What an irony!
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    Unarmed Fight Choreography

    Another video of mine doing unarmed fight choreography. I just love martial arts. I remember when I was young attending junior high school, stick-fighting stage combat class was one of my favorites. When I left middle school I also left stick-fighting – never to return. Maybe, I should start acquiring the skill again. It’s my way of getting some exercise since I don’t like going to the gym and learning new skills, which could be useful for my acting career or self-defence as well.

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    Time to Chill Out

    I just got home a while ago. I consider seeing a good film before taking a shower and go to bed. Or, I can take a shower now and then see if I feel like watching a movie after that or not. If not I will just go straight to bed after shower since I have to get up early tomorrow morning, more early than today. So, maybe it’s a good idea that I go to bed right after shower.

    But, if I decided to see a good movie I might see Arrival (which I love it and I have seen it only once) or Annihilation (I have never seen it before and some say it’s similar to Arrival) or Aliens (this one I have seen many times already, but I can never get tired of seeing it again and again) or I might even see Blade Runner 2049 because I have seen the original one 2-3 times and love it! So, I might check the second one out. But it’s almost 3 hours long. I might watch something else tonight and see it another day instead when I don’t have to stand up early.

    I think, it’s better I go take a shower now. Then I can make up my mind later what I want to do, afterwards.

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    I improvised an act not long ago. It was ok. It’s good to be able to watch back my performance how it went. It makes me feel more confident even if it’s a bad show because I can then see how I am on stage and use that knowledge to improve my acting skill accordingly. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad staging. Maybe I just don’t like it that much, compared to other presentations I have done. Anyway, by watching back how I appear I gain more insight in my acting ability. So from now on, I will study my own performances as much as I can if I really want to improve my acting. I want to take my acting career seriously. So anything I can do to refine my art I will do it. And that’s why I also go to acting and writing classes regularly, to always develop my expertise in both fields. I see every performance I have done, big or small, as a valuable experience to build up my talent. So, nothing goes to waste even if it’s a bad show.

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    Listen to Music

    I need to take a break from working on my screenplay and listen to music for a while, after having been working on my screenplay all day long . It’s looking good so far. I’m really happy with it. I try to write 20 more pages tonight. Then, I will have completed the first half of Act 2. I have been drinking lots of coffee all day. So I think, I may be able to produce 20 more pages tonight. If not I will just try to write as much as I can tonight. I don’t have to stand up early tomorrow morning. So I can go to bed as late as I want to.

    Now the time is only about 10:30pm. I think, I can go to bed around 1am if I decide to write 20 more pages. That’s about 2.5 hours to write. I don’t know if it’s enough to write 20 pages? Anyway, I will try. The most tricky part is Act 2: How do you keep the entertainment alive throughout Act 2? I’m not worried about Act 3 that much because I already have the answer for Act 3 or have already written Act 3 – just roughly. But Act 2 is the longest part and the most difficult one. So, I have to focus more on it and make it as gripping as much as I can.

    I have already made an outline for the whole screenplay. But still, I have to really come up with some exciting scenes that keep the readers turning pages throughout the script, especially Act 2. Otherwise, it will be a boring screenplay. And then when I send it out it may be used as a doorstop instead. Or even worse, it may be chucked in a bin after just the first page. Or even just after the first paragraph. So I really pour my heart & soul in Act 2, to create a harmony for the whole script.

    Have you ever read a book or seen a film that seems exciting in the beginning, but then toward the middle of it your interest in continuing with it disappears? So, I try to avoid that. I want it to be captivating throughout. Some of the books that I couldn’t put them down till I finished reading them were The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (I have only read it in Danish or Swedish. I have never read it in English), Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Girl on The Train, for instance. So I try to achieve that, which would be excellent if I could do the same with my screenplay.

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    Unarmed Fight Scene

    I decided to attend a martial art class anyway yesterday, which was rather tough since it was for 3 hours from 18:30-21:30. But I learned some useful, unarmed fighting techniques. So, it was worthwhile. I will stick to attending the class on Sundays, unless I have something to do on some Sundays that I can’t attend the class. I also have to practise. It’s not going to do me any good if I go to dancing and martial art classes, but I will not train at home as well. All that time I spend going there will be a waste, except that I get to exercise. So, I have to start practising as well.

    By the way, we also got to meet a stuntman from Jackie Chan’s stunt team which we could ask him anything. So, it was totally awesome to actually come face to face with the person who is really experienced in doing stunts for a well-known martial arts actor.

    Below is a clip of me doing an unarmed fight scene:

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    My Drama Screenplay

    Today I make a video to talk about my drama screenplay, which I will probably make a movie out of it myself. I just wait and see when I am done with the script how I will take it from there. This video I just make it as a warmup, to begin to talk about my upcoming filmmaking project, finally. I may make new videos later on, talking about my filmmaking project, screenplay, and story, in more details.

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    The First 10 Pages of My Screenplay

    I will try to write the first 10 pages of my screenplay today. Ideally, I should start working on my script right when I got up this morning when my mind was still crystal clear. But because I had lots of things to do. So, I must prioritise my tasks and did what were more important first. I also have a cold, which I fight really hard to get well as soon as possible since I can’t afford to be sick. So I drink lots of tea, water, and take some medicine for the cold. It does help to some extent. Now, I feel much better. Just not quite. I will not begin to practise my monologues today. I will wait and see tomorrow first since the cold has affected my voice to some degree. So my voice doesn’t sound that good at the moment.

    I wanted to complete the first 10 pages of my screenplay yesterday. But because I was so sick, so I couldn’t concentrate. Since I feel much better today, I will try to complete the first 10 pages today. Just write and write. Then, I will re-read and edit the grammar tomorrow. Today is about getting the first 10 pages done.

    The video below is not the feature film that I am writing the manuscript for it at the moment. It’s a sci-fi horror film. The script I am working on now is a drama. I just feel so strongly about it, which makes me want to write this drama feature-length screenplay first. And I know the story so well that I almost don’t need to write an outline or a treatment for it. I just feel, it’s going to be a very interesting movie. Therefore I want to work on it first.

    After the first 10 pages, I should have a pretty good sense of how I think it’s going to be: good or bad? If my instinct tells me this is going to be a very entertaining, sensational movie I will start planning the production process now, start promoting, getting fund, looking for cast & crew, and so on. I just can visualise it that this is a movie that is going to stand out. So I have to focus 100% on it, to really make it a movie to remember. I just have to trust myself that I can do it.

    The story is already captivating. My job is to write a compelling plot, make a good movie out of it which can be very challenging, but I am very confident about that I can do it, get people to see it, and more.

    My upcoming horror feature film teaser “The Existence.”
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    Inspirational Film

    I deleted my previous blog because I thought I didn’t have time to blog. I just wanted to focus on writing my screenplays. But I couldn’t stop writing blog anyway. I love writing. And it’s my way of expressing myself. So, I just have to keep blogging. I hope, from now on I won’t be deleting it again. It took me time to build audiences. Now, I have to start all over again. But, it’s ok. I like writing. I enjoy writing. I mainly write for myself. I feel like coming home when I start blogging again. It’s a fantastic feeling when you continue to do something you’re truly passionate about. And blogging is one of my top interests or hobbies. So, there’s no other way but to continue to do what I love the most.

    I watched Suburbicon film about a few days ago and loved it! At first, I wasn’t interested in seeing it. A movie set in 50s suburban America didn’t appeal to me that much. But after browsing and browsing through lots of movies, I couldn’t find a film that I really wanted to watch, so I just tried to watch Suburbicon instead. Also because I like the Coen Brothers movies such as No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski. So I thought, I should give this movie a try. Their movies always share the same themes: Money, greed, and consequences. And Suburbicon was no exception. But it added one more sub-theme or subplot which was racism.

    And they managed to weave the whole thing together. So it made sense. The subplot, racism, helped add something more exciting and fresh to the main plot. A new view or perspective for a change which addressed a long-standing social issue racism. It also helped the movie move past act 2 without sagging, which many new writers have problem with it. Me too. So, it’s cleverly written. Although it wasn’t that great, compared to many other movies they have made. But, it’s a good film to be inspired for aspiring writers & filmmakers like me, looking for an easy film in terms of story’s structure to study and learn from. And how to avoid boring act 2. After I have studied many films and screenplays, I think, I am not afraid of act 2 anymore. I think, I can handle it now.

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