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    Film Editor

    I created this this intro text with Adobe premiere pro & after effects together, to see how it looks. It’s ok. But because, it doesn’t illustrate the 80s that much since my film is set in the 80s (or, maybe it does anyway?). And that’s why I didn’t really use it. It looks quite bloody and scary, though. And it seems to suit my horror short title “Blood Group O” better, I think. I could edit my own short film instead of searching for a new editor. But then, I will be busy with lots of things. I therefore don’t really want to edit the film, too, which may be too much. But I might anyway. It’s only 5 minutes short film. So, I may be able to spend some time to edit the film as well because I know exactly how I want it to look. But sometimes, it’s better to delegate the job to someone else. You just can’t do everything yourself, even though you could. And that’s why, although I could edit the film myself, but maybe I wouldn’t anyway. I made this intro text just to see, this is how I want the tone and style of the film to be.

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    My Self Tape Presentation

    I have just re-edited my self tape presentation. I think, it’s good to have one in which I introduce myself by saying my name, height, and age, and plus doing a monologue and a full body shot: Front, sides, and back. I don’t really use monologues from others. If I want to do a self tape, I often use my own monologue or dialogue from my own screenplay. It’s also a way of testing out my own writing skill, how it would sound if I did say the dialogue or monologue out loud. Speaking of writing, I feel like continuing to work on my drama script tonight. I might.

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    A One Woman Show: Driving School

    Here’s a new one-woman show: Driving school. This one will be my last video before I start making a new series of it. After posting this video, I will begin to practise my solo performance for tonight and for the audition tomorrow as well. I’m so excited to the play later on today. I will use the same monologue that I will be performing this evening for the audition as well. I can give a little hint that it’s a monologue which I take from my drama screenplay. Now I will have to go through it again, to really learn it by heart. I think it’s a good idea to take a chunk from my own script and present it onstage, to see how entertaining it will be and to see the audience’s reaction. It’s one of the best ways to put my manuscript to the test how it will sound or look like when it is actually staged and enacted by someone. I cannot wait to represent my monologue and do a solo performance for the audience this evening!

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    A One Woman Show: Walking Into The Sea

    Here’s another video of my solo performances: Walking Into the Sea. I will release a new video almost every day or at least once or twice a week. I am a storyteller. So I enjoy making a short video every day or whenever I can, to tell good stories and to entertain you. This is what I love doing: Entertaining people. That’s why I love acting. Therefore it just makes so much sense to me to become an actor. If you don’t love what you do you can’t find the delight and meaning in doing it. And you can’t keep doing it for so long. Me, 14 Years since 2004. And I am not going to stop anytime soon.

    This video below, can you guess: What is it about? Maybe it’s not difficult to predict since I also play another person shouting, “She’s walking into the sea! I think, she’s trying to commit suicide.” It’s a one-woman show which I play 2 different characters: The first person who walks into the sea and another person who witnesses it. Although this short solo performance is only about a little less than 1 minute long (40 seconds), but it succinctly sums up the setting, plot, and protagonist.

    The setting is, of course, the sea. The plot is someone is trying to commit suicide. The protagonist could either be the person who walks into the sea or the witness – or both. We don’t know yet if the person who tries to commit suicide is going to be rescued or not? And what will happen next? And why does he/she want to commit suicide? There’s a lot of questions here in just less than 1 minute of a one person show, which creates suspense and intrigue.

    So, the limitation of actors doesn’t stop the play of being entertaining and interesting. It depends on the performance and the plot and all other elements as well, to make a piece. It’s just amazing how much you can do with a solo performance. Only the sky’s the limit. Just let your imagination run wild. I’m passionate about performing. So I love exploring all forms of acting. I do acting pretty much for my own enjoyment.

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    A One Person Show: Nice Dinner

    I just finished making a one person show and posted on YouTube. It’s just a test one, to try it out first how it goes. I try to make short films more often that I act in it, which could be a solo performance or a normal short film with several actors, so that I get used to doing a one person show and acting. The more you practise, the better. And also to improve my acting skills. I do go to acting class almost every month. But, if I don’t do some training at home as well, all that I have learned will be a waste of time and money. Henceforth, I will try to make some videos at least once or twice a week in which I will do some acting such as a one person show, a short film with other actors. Just to keep rehearsing. Acting is an art: It requires passion, intrinsic interest in it, and regular training and studying. Otherwise, it’s just a dream.

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    Martial Arts and Exercises

    I enjoy all forms of exercises except going to the gym. I don’t like going to fitness club. I don’t know why? But when it comes to yoga, martial arts, dancing, and the like, I am ok with that. I think, it’s something more exciting because it doesn’t give me a sense of that I have to work out and I also get to learn new, useful, multiple skills. Therefore I find the above-mentioned activities more appealing to do. I will try to go to yoga tomorrow as well. I forgot to book today. If I tried to book the class tomorrow on the same day it might have already been filled. But then, there’s always Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday………

    Sword & Shield stage combat.
    Firearm training for Film & TV.
    Some kung fu fighting.

    Martial arts is my top favourite because I get to exercise and learn new, different skills, for example, boxing and kickboxing, a little bit of kung fu, sword & shield stage combat, unarmed fighting, including the firearm training for Film & TV as well. Therefore, I get the whole package. But it’s a 3-hour long training. So, it can be rather exhausted. But I don’t attend the workshop that often anymore since I spend each day trying to finish my screenplay instead. But once my script is done, I will try to go to martial arts class more regularly.

    At the yoga class and I love it. Yoga helps improve my flexibility. The same with dance. And that’s why I try to go to dancing class once or twice a week as well. So, if I go to yoga, dancing, and martial arts classes each once a week, then I will have trained at least 3 times a week which is good. That’s what everybody needs to do in order to maintain a healthy body. I also try to walk at least 30 minutes a day from now on if I can because I sometimes have to work all day from very early in the morning, then it’s not possible to do exercises.

    From the contemporary dancing class. I enjoy the class very much. I supposed to attend the class today which I usually attend the lesson on Saturdays. But because today I had to work on set so I couldn’t. Well, I could if I wanted to since we were wrapped early today. But because I was too tired having been busy with lots of things the whole week. I also attended a solo performance acting class for 2 days – yesterday and the day before yesterday. And I already exercised a lot in these 2 days, lots of body movements. So my body was quite exhausted. So I just skipped the dancing class today and spent the rest of the day relaxing instead.

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    A Solo Performance

    Yesterday, I thought I wasn’t going to attend an acting class today since I wanted to try to finish my screenplay asap. But I did attend a solo performance or a one person show acting class today anyway. And I have to continue tomorrow as well. It’s a 2-day acting workshop. Gaining new acting skills or always improving my acting skills is vital to my acting career, too, if I also want to take my acting career seriously besides writing career.

    I love telling good stories. And that’s why I want to be an actor, writer, and director. So a solo performance seems to be a perfect show, to try my skill as an excellent storyteller. It’s a challenge to try to act and entertain the audience with just yourself. But I think, it doesn’t matter it’s a one person show or a normal show with lots of actors because if the acting isn’t good no one is gonna like the play anyway. It’s all in the performance. I think that’s the key. But, of course, if you have to perform alone you will strive to make it a great show as much as possible since how good or bad the piece is depends on just you.

    The class was quite physically demanding. We moved around a lot, to learn to utilise the space around us in our performances. Just like dancing and martial arts classes. It’s good that I also go to dancing and martial arts classes sometimes (I try to go more often) which the body movements are kind of similar. So my body is used to the same movement techniques to some extent. Therefore it’s not something entirely new for me. The lesson started from morning and finished 17:30 PM. Consequently, I spent the whole day exercising. Now, I can feel the exhaustion.

    As a result of that I will go to bed early today, ready to continue the acting class tomorrow. After this blog post, I will continue to work a little bit more on my script. Then, I will go to bed. But maybe, I will watch a good movie first.

    All the photos are from Covent Garden since the acting school I went to today is in Covent Garden.
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    Unarmed Fight Choreography

    Another video of mine doing unarmed fight choreography. I just love martial arts. I remember when I was young attending junior high school, stick-fighting stage combat class was one of my favorites. When I left middle school I also left stick-fighting – never to return. Maybe, I should start acquiring the skill again. It’s my way of getting some exercise since I don’t like going to the gym and learning new skills, which could be useful for my acting career or self-defence as well.

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    I improvised an act not long ago. It was ok. It’s good to be able to watch back my performance how it went. It makes me feel more confident even if it’s a bad show because I can then see how I am on stage and use that knowledge to improve my acting skill accordingly. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad staging. Maybe I just don’t like it that much, compared to other presentations I have done. Anyway, by watching back how I appear I gain more insight in my acting ability. So from now on, I will study my own performances as much as I can if I really want to improve my acting. I want to take my acting career seriously. So anything I can do to refine my art I will do it. And that’s why I also go to acting and writing classes regularly, to always develop my expertise in both fields. I see every performance I have done, big or small, as a valuable experience to build up my talent. So, nothing goes to waste even if it’s a bad show.

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    Unarmed Fight Scene

    I decided to attend a martial art class anyway yesterday, which was rather tough since it was for 3 hours from 18:30-21:30. But I learned some useful, unarmed fighting techniques. So, it was worthwhile. I will stick to attending the class on Sundays, unless I have something to do on some Sundays that I can’t attend the class. I also have to practise. It’s not going to do me any good if I go to dancing and martial art classes, but I will not train at home as well. All that time I spend going there will be a waste, except that I get to exercise. So, I have to start practising as well.

    By the way, we also got to meet a stuntman from Jackie Chan’s stunt team which we could ask him anything. So, it was totally awesome to actually come face to face with the person who is really experienced in doing stunts for a well-known martial arts actor.

    Below is a clip of me doing an unarmed fight scene:

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