Film Editor

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I created this this intro text with Adobe premiere pro & after effects together, to see how it looks. It’s ok. But because, it doesn’t illustrate the 80s that much since my film is set in the 80s (or, maybe … Continued

My Self Tape Presentation

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I have just re-edited my self tape presentation. I think, it’s good to have one in which I introduce myself by saying my name, height, and age, and plus doing a monologue and a full body shot: Front, sides, and … Continued

Martial Arts and Exercises

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I enjoy all forms of exercises except going to the gym. I don’t like going to fitness club. I don’t know why? But when it comes to yoga, martial arts, dancing, and the like, I am ok with that. I … Continued

A Solo Performance

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Yesterday, I thought I wasn’t going to attend an acting class today since I wanted to try to finish my screenplay asap. But I did attend a solo performance or a one person show acting class today anyway. And I … Continued

Unarmed Fight Choreography

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Another video of mine doing unarmed fight choreography. I just love martial arts. I remember when I was young attending junior high school, stick-fighting stage combat class was one of my favorites. When I left middle school I also left … Continued


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I improvised an act not long ago. It was ok. It’s good to be able to watch back my performance how it went. It makes me feel more confident even if it’s a bad show because I can then see … Continued

Unarmed Fight Scene

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I decided to attend a martial art class anyway yesterday, which was rather tough since it was for 3 hours from 18:30-21:30. But I learned some useful, unarmed fighting techniques. So, it was worthwhile. I will stick to attending the … Continued

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