Casting Director And Agent

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I went to one of the free workshops “Casting Director, Agent, and Performer” for members of Spotlight in Chinatown yesterday. Some of the advice I have heard before and some I haven’t. So it was very useful, learning how to: … Continued

A Movie About Vulnerability

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I write this post as if I have a discussion with someone about the process of writing my first feature-length screenplay (a coming-of-age drama) and, possibly, making the film myself as well which I will also be playing one of … Continued

Filmmaking Infographic

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I have made an infographic to really lay out my idea in an outline, so that I can easily follow it to the end. I think, it looks less abstract when I see it right in front of me when … Continued

My Screenplay is Almost Done

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My feature-length screenplay could be finished tomorrow! I try really hard to finally complete it. It’s tough when I have lots to do, and at the same time trying to finish my script. So I work extremely hard to do … Continued

Revision Process

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I start going through the revision process today. I’m working on a scene right now. After I finish this blog post, I will continue with it. I do it scene by scene. So, I won’t miss a scene. The scenes … Continued

Inspiring Story

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One of the inspiring stories that keeps motivating me to continue to write to reach my goal is J.K. Rowling story how she became one of the most influential authors in the modern world. I just one day accidentally saw … Continued

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