My Drama Screenplay

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Today I make a video to talk about my drama screenplay, which I will probably make a movie out of it myself. I just wait and see when I am done with the script how I will take it from … Continued

Act 1 Accomplished

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I make it! I have just finished Act 1 of my screenplay. When I write and write without stopping to correct the grammar and to analyse the plot I tend to write faster. Tomorrow, I will continue to Act 2. … Continued

A 100-page Outline

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Yesterday, I had made an outline of every scene to about 100 pages of my screenplay. I just wrote and wrote whatever came to my mind. Or whatever I could remember since it’s inspired by a true story. It’s not … Continued

Top Up My Energy With Music

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If I get stuck on words I listen to music, to free my mind. Don’t underestimate the power of music. I was so tired before after dinner and after watching a film. Then I listened to music, afterwards. Now, I’m … Continued

Act 1

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I am in the mood for finishing act 1 of my screenplay today. I intended to only write the first 10 pages, but I wrote and wrote on Friday and Saturday last week up to page 12 or 13 anyhow. … Continued

Rehearsal Day

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I just got home a while ago. I had been to the first rehearsal day for my part since this afternoon. And it’s a speaking-role. Then home again not long ago. It was good to finally start rehearsing, meeting some … Continued

Working on My Screenplay

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I am working on my feature length screenplay at the moment. I will see how much I can get it done tonight and tomorrow. Because, next week I will be busy again. So, I will need to get as much … Continued

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