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    A Cup of Coffee

    When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is to make a cup of coffee. When I have my coffee I feel so awake. I don’t need breakfast for now. Just the coffee. Then about an hour or two later, I will have my early meal. I feel like going out for a walk. Maybe I will walk to Wimbledon Village, which takes me about 15-20 minutes. But I will try to make a progress with my screenplay as much as I can today. So, every minute matters. I therefore must stay home and try to get my screenplay done as much as possible.

    If I could not finish my script today but maybe I could at least manage to finish Act 2 that would be good. I have already made an outline to page 115 or something. So, the whole screenplay is already complete just in a draft form. Now, I will only have to add more details in each scene, which makes my writing job more easy. Because, now I know precisely where I am going. I think, it’s going to be a very good screenplay. I can just feel it.

    Writing something from a true story that I know very well offers many advantages, because this feature-length drama screenplay I’m working on now is based on a true story, such as it makes me write my script faster without thinking much because I know the story inside out, there is a personal attachment to it which makes the script more personal and unique. And I want the readers and audiences to sense that.

    Now I will continue to work on my script right away.

    Morning coffee.
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    Late Breakfast

    I woke up around 3am or 3:30am already today. But I also went to sleep early. I think, it was around 9pm I went to bed. So I think, I had slept enough. It’s getting colder and colder. But it looks sunny outside now. I make a traditional full English breakfast for myself today. I have been eating this type of breakfast for the past few weeks. Now, I’m also having it again this weekend. I can’t come up with a new variation of breakfast at the moment. So I just continue to eat what I normally eat. But also because I don’t eat much lunch and dinner. So I eat more for early meal instead, which balances my nutrition for the whole day anyway.

    I try to finish my screenplay this weekend. So, I may not attend dancing class for today and martial arts class for tomorrow. I really want to finalize Act 2 today. And I will aim to complete the whole screenplay this weekend. That’s the idea. That’s why I will not go anywhere this weekend. Bringing my script to the end is my top priority at this moment. All other things can wait. Becoming a screenwriter is my alternative career as well. So, I have to take it seriously. And this screenplay I’m working on now will prove that if I can write a good script or not. So, I’m working hard to achieve that.

    But I have also promised the others at the writing class that I will bring more of my screenplay to the class next time, so that they can read more of it and give me a new feedback. And I, actually, want further comments for the rest of my screenplay because it helps me improve my writing. Therefore, I work hard at the moment to accomplish my script as soon as possible since I have something to look forward to: New, constructive reactions. It certainly helps when there is a motivation that makes you want to push yourself toward your goal as fast as you can.

    Late breakfast.
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    Writing And Acting Classes

    It was very useful attending both writing and acting classes yesterday. I learned a lot. I think. Attending acting class also makes me write my screenplay better. When I know what actors want to achieve in a given scene, what and how they do physically or psychologically to achieve that, and all of many other things that actors do and react to the other characters, I can then aim to write my script the way that actors would best understand my vision and what it is I want them to create. I just discovered yesterday while I was in the acting class that it was also beneficial to my writing.

    After the acting class, I continued to writing class. It wasn’t a real writing class. It’s just a class that writers and actors meet to read the scripts together and give each other some critiques what need to be improved, removed, added, altered, and so on. It was really helpful, indeed. I brought the first 10-page of my screenplay with me, to give out to actors and writers to read out loud. After that they gave me some constructive feedback. It was very valuable. Now I know what I have to remove from my script, what to add, make some adjustment that will make my screenplay a good read and a good script as much as possible. I wouldn’t be able to know all that if no-one reads my script and gives me the fruitful comment.

    And when the actors read my script I know what certain characters in my screenplay sound like when they are actually being performed. So, it gives me so much insight in that respect as well. I couldn’t be more happy that I attended the class. It was definitely the right thing to do. I thought my first 10-page was perfect. But after yesterday, I gained more understanding of it that there are some elements that need to be fine-tuned.

    I can’t say that much about the plot until the script is done and being made into a movie. But, I can say one thing: It will be a very unique story, cinematic, maybe a bit controversial, and similar. It’s a very bold screenplay which is a risk I take, but for a good reason. My goal is to bring something new into British film industry. Something no-one, perhaps, has never done before.

    Below is just a short scene from my script:

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    Trying to Finish Act 1

    Back home again. Now, I will go crazy with my screenplay. I am quite busy with lots of things at the moment. But one thing for certain, I have to finish my script asap! I’m getting there. I will try to finish Act 1 as quickly as possible. So tonight, although I’m a bit tired, but I will try to continue to work on Act 1. Even just for 1 hour, it’s better than nothing. I have at least made some progress towards my goal before I go to bed. A small growth is better than no advancement at all. And breaking it into small chunks seems to work for me. Before I know it, I may even have a finished script in my hand already.

    It looks pretty good. I think. And I can reveal a little bit: I am not the protagonist in my upcoming drama feature film. I am just one of the main characters. As I said before, this movie isn’t about me. But about some people I know very well. So, there is still a personal attachment to it. And that’s why I can just keep going – never lose the enthusiasm. Because, I want to tell this story so badly.

    Sometimes while I’m writing I have to stop and replay everything in my head scene by scene all over again and again because I know everything about it. If I can see my own screenplay as a movie in my head then it just makes my writing flow more smoothly and more cinematically. Then I just transfer it to paper and make the readers see it as a movie as well when they read my screenplay. So, I try to achieve that. When I’m done with my script I will find someone or some people I can trust to read it and give me some feedback.

    This is going to be interesting and challenging, making the readers easily visualise the film as they read the screenplay. If I can do that then my script is a success. That’s why I work so hard day & night on my screenplay to achieve that. I never get tired of it. As soon as the sun comes up I jump out of bed, make my coffee, and start writing straight away. I just have a good feeling about it. That it is going to be a good manuscript, exciting, interesting, unique, etc. Seeing the story come to life is one of my motivations to completing the screenplay as soon as I can.

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    A Busy Day

    I have a busy day today. Just got home and had my lunch, actually breakfast. Then, I am on my way out again for another production I am working on at the moment. It starts getting cold now and snow and all that. Well, maybe not too bad. Winter here is like summer or spring in Denmark which is good for me.

    I will relax a little bit before I go out again. Then I also have some monologues I have to prepare for new auditions. But if I had nothing to do tomorrow, I would try to finish the Act 1 of my screenplay. After coming home tonight, I will work a little bit more on it.

    Then this weekend, I will clean my studio and throw some old clothes away. I like throwing old stuff away once in a while, to clear my home & my soul. I just put them in a bin bag and go give them to a charity shop. Yes, if your home is messy you can’t think clearly either. It just blocks your productivity. And that’s why I try to keep my flat fairly spartan. What I have in my home is what I really need. Things I no longer need I get rid of them. If I do need them later on I will acquire them again, it’s as simple as that.

    After cleaning my studio, I may even buy some flowers for my flat, to add some freshness to it, something beautiful to look at, to feed my soul and to increase my creativity.

    Now I will get ready to go out again. I hope, it’s going to be a fun day. I look forward to it.

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    Continue to Work on My Screenplay

    I have been quite busy this week. So I haven’t got the chance to finish my screenplay. Luckily, I am free this weekend. I can then try to complete my screenplay, or get as much done as possible. As I said before, I am done with Act 1. But after analysing my script or just reading through it, I could see that some scenes, actors, and locations, do not need to be in the script. It’s just too much. It really helped that I stopped and analysed Act 1 first before I moved on to Act 2. Then, I can subtract or add something that makes sense to the plot. Something that doesn’t need to be there, I get rid of it. It would give me more job and headache if I finished the whole screenplay already then I had to subtract and add something, afterwards. That’s about 120 pages I have to go through, which is a lot of work. So, I realised, stopping and analysing after Act 1 is the best thing to do. Now, after I have removed some characters, locations, and scenes, my script looks more lean, easy to read, and it’s also easier for me to make the film myself in terms of budget. This weekend, I will spend the time to rewrite Act 1. Well, not exactly. It’s more like removing something because I have finished Act 1 already. It’s more like: what do I need to take away and the whole plot still makes sense? I don’t even have to wait for tomorrow. I will do it now. After the revision of Act 1, I then can move on to Act 2. I get so excited thinking about my screenplay, so I can’t wait for tomorrow. Why wait for tomorrow when I can do it now?

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    My Drama Screenplay

    Today I make a video to talk about my drama screenplay, which I will probably make a movie out of it myself. I just wait and see when I am done with the script how I will take it from there. This video I just make it as a warmup, to begin to talk about my upcoming filmmaking project, finally. I may make new videos later on, talking about my filmmaking project, screenplay, and story, in more details.

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    Act 1 Accomplished

    I make it! I have just finished Act 1 of my screenplay. When I write and write without stopping to correct the grammar and to analyse the plot I tend to write faster. Tomorrow, I will continue to Act 2. But not the whole Act 2. Just 50% of it which is about 25 pages again. And I will not stop to revise the script. I will just keep on going, till I have written 25 pages. Then, 50% of my screenplay is already done. Then the day after tomorrow, another 25-page. Then, 75% of it is also done. But who knows, if I could I would try to write 50 pages tomorrow. I plan to attend acting class tomorrow. I may skip it, then. I think, I will do that. Finishing my screenplay is more important right now. I am so happy. Not long from now, I will have my first feature-length screenplay ready. This is my motivation, to have my first feature-length script written by myself. I think, it will be an indescribable moment for me when it actually happens.

    Now, I will celebrate it with a glass of milk before I go to bed.

    Good night!


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    A 100-page Outline

    Yesterday, I had made an outline of every scene to about 100 pages of my screenplay. I just wrote and wrote whatever came to my mind. Or whatever I could remember since it’s inspired by a true story. It’s not about the correct grammar and good plot at the first phase. It’s about making it to FADE OUT. So when I have made an outline of everything till page 100 or something that’s a good start. If I stopped to wonder what if the whole thing didn’t make sense and the grammar was horrible I might never make it to the end. So I just kept on going. And I did make it to about 100 pages. It’s such a relief.

    I did try to finish Act 1 yesterday, but only made it to page 14 or 15. I did write to page 10 or so some days ago. But then, I analysed it and corrected the grammar yesterday which delayed my writing process. And that’s why I could only write 4-5 more pages from the 10 pages yesterday. I also had lots of things to do, such as making self tape auditions, reading the scripts from others to prepare myself for the filming. Yes, I have lots of filming coming up this year. So, there are lots of screenplays to be read all of the sudden. I also attend acting class, which I also need to practise for the workshop as well.

    So, it’s not easy to both be a writer and an actress. Especially, it’s my first time trying to finish a feature-length screenplay. I haven’t written that many scripts, yet. So, there are still lots of things to be learned for a new writer like me. I also love reading. I try to finish reading the novels I have bought which I haven’t had time to read them all to the last page. I will try to allocate a few hours or so each day to read books.

    The best thing is that I have made an outline of my screenplay to page 100 or so. And plus, I have also written a summary of it. So I know what my story is about exactly and what are the major scenes in it. I don’t want to write a treatment. But now that I have a 100-page outline, I may write a treatment anyway because it’s easier after the outline. But today, I will try to write 10 more pages. Then I will have completed Act 1.

    But I’m not sure if I will stop and analyse and correct the grammar after Act 1?, or just continue to write it to FADE OUT? Then I can revise it later when everything is done. Then I don’t have to worry about I still have lots and lots of pages to accomplish. An absolute, crude script is better than no script at all.

    I may decide to make the movie out of my own screenplay, once I’m done with the script. So I try to write a low-budget feature film as much as I can.

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    Top Up My Energy With Music

    If I get stuck on words I listen to music, to free my mind. Don’t underestimate the power of music. I was so tired before after dinner and after watching a film. Then I listened to music, afterwards. Now, I’m ready to continue to work on my screenplay. The music really tops up my energy. I will work on my script again, until I get tired and go to bed. Music also inspires me, to come up with new ideas, new perspectives, and more. I will not go mad with my screenplay. I will work with it bit by bit. I have now finished the first 12 pages. Then tomorrow, I hope I can write 13 more pages, to finish act 1. It can be challenging, writing my first spec script. But I enjoy every step of it because I love writing. Let’s see how far I can go with my screenplay tonight.

    Tonight, I will just work more on the characters. I will take my time to develop each main character, getting to know them better individually, so that I can write about them more realistically. I think when I know my characters so well I can create a compelling plot more easily. Then, I will finish my script faster. I don’t know yet. If it will work. But, I just have to try. It just makes sense, though. If I don’t know what my┬ácharacters want, what makes them tick, how they see the world, the environment they live in and the influence it has on them, and so on, how am I going to make people care about my screenplay? So when I take all of these things into consideration I know I have to work more on the┬ácharacters.

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