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    A Movie About Vulnerability

    I write this post as if I have a discussion with someone about the process of writing my first feature-length screenplay (a coming-of-age drama) and, possibly, making the film myself as well which I will also be playing one of the main characters. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to pretend, I am being interviewed by someone to see how I will answer those questions when the time comes. I think, it’s also a good preparation and a brave proclamation to myself about that I can do it, I will make it – just relax.

    How do you start your day?

    As soon as I get up, I make a cup of tea or coffee, have my breakfast, and begin to write straight away.

    What are you doing at the moment?

    I’m working on my feature-length screenplay (a coming-of-age drama) and trying to get it sold. If not, I will make the film myself. So I’m very busy with lots of things, such as doing the researches for my film, how to get it made. I also take some acting classes once in a while to improve my acting skill, attend several film and writer events to network, and many more. But one of the main things is that I try to finish the revision of my screenplay by the end of this month, which is this Sunday 31. So, I don’t have that many days left now.

    I thought, I am completely done with the redraft. But then, when I read through it somehow it doesn’t seem captivating enough, and some aspects of it are unclear and uninteresting. So I have to rewrite it again and again, until it’s perfect. Because, if I want to sell my screenplay it has to be more than good. People have to be unable to put it down, till they have read to the end. So, I try to achieve that kind of level. I therefore have to be a prolific writer, to refine my writing skill. Because, when you write a lot or produce a lot you become good at it in the end. Writing a lot of things doesn’t only mean quantity; it also means quality since it helps you become a good, confident writer. Although I have yet to write lots of screenplays, but I blog a lot and almost daily. So, I do produce lots of writing work anyway – just in a different form of writing.

    What is it so special about this drama script?

    That it is based on a true story which is so personal to me. For that reason, there is a personal touch to it as well. It’s not just a true story and that’s it. All in all, the whole package: The dialogues, the plot, the characters, the setting, and more. It’s just a very good story to tell. And that’s why I feel like turning it into film myself since I know the story very well. I would therefore be the right one to tell and direct it.

    What are the most important views of the script?

    That it is about the views of vulnerability, loneliness, choice, control, and the like. It’s a coming-of-age drama. So, it’s about making the right choices in your life, about being you – not just someone or something or anything that’s not you, just to please others. It’s about holding on to who you are. It’s about finding yourself, actually, which many young people have to cope with. Growing up can be scary. There are lots of responsibilities you have to take. The reality can be intimidating for some, especially youngsters. Hence the journey to adulthood can be lonely which makes many teenagers feel vulnerable. Although they may not be aware of loneliness and vulnerability themselves, but they are there somewhere deep down.

    What are the interesting things about the characters?

    The protagonist is a very complicated person. For example, he says things he doesn’t mean. But, it’s not only the protagonist who is like that, all characters are enigmatic in some ways. They do and say things that can be annoying or difficult to understand. But they have their own reasons for doing it. The impetus can be good or bad.

    What is the setting and why?

    It takes place in a small district of London. I want to portray the lives that are different from what we are used to. We need to see and experience something completely different than our own world. It’s nice to be taken to a different world and be transported with entertainment and learn something from it. I can promise you, there is a lot to learn from this film, a lot of questions to be answered, and more.

    Considering everything, this film will be a good film to watch. I can visualise it already. Therefore I would like to make this movie myself, which I might. Because, I want to make a film which I in some way give something back to the society. So if I ever turn it into film myself, I really want people to go see the film, to experience something different and educational.

    From last fall.
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    A Busy Day

    Just got home not long ago. What a long day. I first had a meeting yesterday afternoon until 4pm. Then I went to an event for writers after that as well. But the event didn’t start until 7pm. So I had to walk around Oxford Street to kill time since the meeting was near Oxford Street. And coincidentally, the writers event that I had to attend later on at 7pm was also being held just around the corner from where I had a meeting earlier yesterday. So I walked up and down Oxford Street just to come back at the same place again 3 hours later.

    But it was a good day. I like attending writers groups around London whenever I can, to keep myself up-to-date with latest news, meet like-minded people, network, and so on. I am serious and passionate about my careers as an actor, writer, and filmmaker, so I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities, skills, knowledge, and anything that can take my careers to the next level. After this blog post, I will go to bed straight away – have a busy day ahead again.

    Good night and speak soon!


    This hotel in Fitzrovia is so cute!
    Its patio is also lovely.
    A cute coffee shop in Fitzrovia.
    All the cute stuff I could take pictures of in and around Fitzrovia because I had a meeting there and had to attend an event there as well.
    Regent Street at night.
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    A Monologue From My Screenplay

    I had just recorded a monologue from my screenplay that I performed on Sunday 24 at Theatre Deli in London, which I posted the video from my solo performance in my last post. This time it’s just a monologue that I uploaded to SoundCloud, so that you can hear me speak clearly and notice the difference. I will be playing this character in the movie as well if I’m going to turn it into a film myself. I will play the girlfriend of the protagonist. So I practise my lines along the way. In the end, I might be able to remember the whole script by heart….hehe.

    The search for cast & crew may begin soon. I will make a short film first by taking a scene from my original script and making a short film out of it, to pitch my fund. So, I will go through my script tonight and see which scene I want to use in the short film. It will be just about 10 minutes long. This will be my second short film. I can’t wait to start shooting again soon! This time, I will make it better than last time. I learn something new each time I make a movie. I am so thrilled to start filming a new movie asap since I’ve always been fascinated by films. So I always look forward to doing what I love

    Practising my lines from my screenplay which is a coming-of-age drama.
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    Performing at Theatre Deli

    I did a one-woman show last night at Theatre Deli in London yesterday. It was a “Don’t Judge me by my Accent – Performance Night” for both British and foreign performers. So each artiste got to act and show their unique accent to the audience; the accent that is part of their identity which defies who they are. I think, it’s an excellent idea. Therefore I joined them as well. It went very well. I could perform confidently without fearing that people would find my accent sound bizarre. And also because my accent is a mixture of Thai, Danish, and British/American English.

    This is the thing that I think the “audio-diversity” should be included in the entertainment industry as well. No one can speak perfect British or American accent, unless they are natives. Or, they happen to be good at it or have trained and trained or have British or American partner or friends that they can practise the accent with on a daily basis. Other than that many are struggling with mastering the flawless British or American accent. Think about how many of real talents we might have lost if we only focused on actors who excel themselves in British or American accent.

    And as I said yesterday in my previous blog post that I messed up with my camera’s functions and didn’t realise it. So I gave my camera to one of the organisers to record my performance. And the result was a very dark video. Although I tried to brighten it up as much as I could with Adobe Premiere Pro, it still doesn’t look that good. Maybe slightly better. You can watch the video below and see it for yourself how bad the quality was:

    Performing my one-woman show last night at Theatre Deli, the show was a short scene taken from my own drama screenplay that I have just finished, which went very well. I think 🙂
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    An Entertaining Evening

    It was an entertaining evening, indeed, at Theatre Delicatessen. I got to perform in front of the audience, to test out my screenplay and my acting skill. It’s not so bad, actually. I think, it went very well. I gave the girl, one of the organisers, my video camera for her to record the show for me, which she kindly did and the videos turned out very dark. It was my fault that I forgot to adjust the camera back to its normal state before I gave it to her. Because, I used the camera to take my selfies indoor about a few days ago, so I messed around with the ISO, Aperture, and so forth. Then I totally forgot to reset it.

    She did ask me to just give her my mobile phone to film the play. But then I already bought my camera with me since I wanted better video quality this time. But then it worked totally the opposite, just because I played around with the camera and forgot to check it before leaving home. So I really have to remember next time before I bring my camera anywhere to see if it’s ready to take photos and record videos.

    But the host, they did record the videos for all the performances themselves. So they will send me a copy of it within a couple of weeks or so. Thank god. Because, if I could not brighten up my videos then that would be such a shame. I could just let her use my mobile phone to shoot instead. Then I wouldn’t have problem with the ISO, Aperture, and so on. But who knew, it would turn out fruitless. So I have one thing to say to myself if I am going to bring my camera anywhere: Check your camera before you leave home!

    But all in all, it was a good evening. Each performer did a very good job. I had a glass of red wine while I was watching the performances. Then I left before all the shows had completely finished because I have an audition this Sunday as well. So I needed to get some rest and stay fresh, so that I would not forget my monologue for the audition. I will practise the monologue again right when I get up in the morning.

    A glass of red wine to warm up before the show.
    Waiting for my turn to perform at the Theatre Deli last night.
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    My Coming-Of-Age Drama Film

    I haven’t blogged for a while – been busy with lots of different things. One of the things is that I start preparing for the making of my upcoming feature film, which I have just finished writing the screenplay. I’m pretty sure that I will make the film myself. But only if I could get a fund for it. If not, then I have to sell the script instead. And the movie is a coming-of-age drama which takes place in modern-day Britain. It’s based on a true story that happened in Thailand.

    But since it is a low-budget indie film I will have to make it here in UK instead, using actors in UK. It will be a mixture of performers from various nationalities. I want this project to reflect diversity and equality in the workplaces as much as possible. And the best way to encourage others to assimilate the idea is to start doing it myself. And not only that, as I said earlier in my previous blogs that I also want to include more and more women in the organisations as much as possible, therefore I only want to hire female film crew – or hire 50% women and 50% men for the film crew. So nobody’s being left out.

    As the film’s setting is Britain in present day – London to be precise. So I want it to be relevant and current and communicate cultural differences. And since it’s a coming-of-age film, I have to bone up on how today’s teenagers talk, language or slangs that they use, and their lifestyle, for instance. I also have to conduct lots of researches for my film. That’s why I devote most of my time to do just that and many other things that I need to do as well. Therefore I haven’t blogged much lately. In the end, I hope all the hard, untold work I have done for my upcoming film pays off.

    This will be my first feature-length screenplay and feature film that I write and, possibly, make it myself. I want to be a self-made woman; I don’t want to wait for the opportunity to come to me, or wait for others to give me the chance to do something. I will stop waiting for the opportunity to come and knock on my door. I will try to create something myself instead and see how it goes.

    I have been working in film industry for 15 years now. In retrospect, think about all the things I could have been producing in all the years. It took me many years before it begins to dawn on me: Why don’t I just start creating something myself? The realisation is a sheer delight. I’m just so excited that I’m about to embark on the making of my first feature film on my own. Again, only if I could get a fund for it. And I will play one of the main characters, too.

    Photo from last autumn.
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    Reading My Script

    I start reading and analysing my script tonight, to revise it one last time looking for errors, incorrect grammar, boring scenes and language, etc. Then, I’m done! I will not spend more time on it. This week is the final revision of my screenplay, so that I can move on! I am drinking Singha beer while I’m going through my manuscript. I drink beer because tonight is more of a reading of the script and taking note of the things I want to adjust. I will not write anything tonight. Therefore I allow myself to drink beer since I will not use much of my brain to rewrite the script tonight. And a glass of cold beer is to celebrate the completion of my script. Although it’s only a halfway through. But at least the first draft is now done. And that’s half the success already. I am so happy now that the majority of the screenplay is complete. I have to finish it fast before I’m getting too busy and don’t have time to finalise it. So, tonight, I might go to bed late. Because, I might be in the mood to rescript it later on tonight. But that can only be a good thing. Then, my screenplay will be finished faster. I so look forward to starting the making of the film myself. So, the quicker I finish the script, the sooner I can begin to shoot the film. That’s one of my motivations to polish off the screenplay as soon as possible.

    I conceal the title for now since I’m not completely done with my screenplay, yet.
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    Passionate About My Work

    I don’t know if I want to go to bed now or work on my screenplay? I start going to bed quite early at the moment, so that I can get up early and start working on my script. Right now, I work best in the morning. Beforetime, I liked working on my manuscript at night, and sometimes even till the sun came up. Now, my mind works best in the morning.

    But tonight since I am free all day tomorrow, which I hope, I may want to work on my screenplay until late because I can wake up whenever I want tomorrow. Or, I just go to bed now and start working on my manuscript very early in the morning instead. I stand up at 6am every day now. I just can’t wait to continue to work on my script since I am almost done with it. So, I’m just too excited to finally complete it.

    And also, I have lots of projects lining up. I have many good ideas and stories in my head that I want to turn into screenplays and movies. Therefore I want to get this one script done asap, then I can move on to the next projects. But I also have to work, to make a living. I don’t have the luxury to just stay home and write all day long. And that’s why my screenplay takes a little longer to finish. But I will finalise it, at long last. And it must be soon.

    This screenplay is something personal to me. So I feel, it’s my onus to complete it – no matter what. I therefore work really hard to write a good script. Nothing can stop me now. I really, really hope, it will be this week that I can finally complete it. I know, I have been saying this for some time now that I will finish my screenplay tomorrow or this week. And I’m still not get it done up till now. But, things happen and I also have to work. Anyway, I won’t let any snags hinder my goal of being accomplished. I am determined to finish this screenplay, so I must follow through and get it done.

    From Brighton last spring 2018.
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    Comedy Night

    It’s a comedy night tonight! I have been working on my manuscript all day long. Now it’s time to relax. Right now, I just want to see something more laid-back and funny. Then, I will resume after I have watched a good film. And I plan to make a short film out of my screenplay as well. So, I will soon look for cast & crew for my upcoming filmmaking project. And it will be an all-female film crew except the cast, as I have said earlier in my previous blog. I stand up early almost every day now to really try to complete my screenplay. Nothing much left now before I am totally done with it.

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    A One Woman Show: Walking Into The Sea

    Here’s another video of my solo performances: Walking Into the Sea. I will release a new video almost every day or at least once or twice a week. I am a storyteller. So I enjoy making a short video every day or whenever I can, to tell good stories and to entertain you. This is what I love doing: Entertaining people. That’s why I love acting. Therefore it just makes so much sense to me to become an actor. If you don’t love what you do you can’t find the delight and meaning in doing it. And you can’t keep doing it for so long. Me, 14 Years since 2004. And I am not going to stop anytime soon.

    This video below, can you guess: What is it about? Maybe it’s not difficult to predict since I also play another person shouting, “She’s walking into the sea! I think, she’s trying to commit suicide.” It’s a one-woman show which I play 2 different characters: The first person who walks into the sea and another person who witnesses it. Although this short solo performance is only about a little less than 1 minute long (40 seconds), but it succinctly sums up the setting, plot, and protagonist.

    The setting is, of course, the sea. The plot is someone is trying to commit suicide. The protagonist could either be the person who walks into the sea or the witness – or both. We don’t know yet if the person who tries to commit suicide is going to be rescued or not? And what will happen next? And why does he/she want to commit suicide? There’s a lot of questions here in just less than 1 minute of a one person show, which creates suspense and intrigue.

    So, the limitation of actors doesn’t stop the play of being entertaining and interesting. It depends on the performance and the plot and all other elements as well, to make a piece. It’s just amazing how much you can do with a solo performance. Only the sky’s the limit. Just let your imagination run wild. I’m passionate about performing. So I love exploring all forms of acting. I do acting pretty much for my own enjoyment.

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