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    Rehearsal Day

    I just got home a while ago. I had been to the first rehearsal day for my part since this afternoon. And it’s a speaking-role. Then home again not long ago. It was good to finally start rehearsing, meeting some other members of the cast, getting used to my character and other characters as well, and rehearsing together.┬áThe production will commence filming soon. Can’t wait! So, it’s a good time to begin to rehearse and develop the character. I think, they’re going to be very exciting projects. I can’t reveal that much for now.

    Thus I will be busy from now on and the whole next year till 2020, perhaps – both with my own projects and others’. Sometimes, the opportunity just comes and knocks on your door when you least expect it. Well, I like getting busy. So, it suits me perfectly. I will commit myself 100% to the projects. I look forward to starting blogging about it and starting promoting the shows.

    Next week I will also attend an acting class, which I do regularly to keep my acting skill fresh. I can never get enough of learning. I am serious with my acting and filmmaking careers. So, I will never stop gaining new knowledge. 

    Now, I will continue to write my own screenplay. My script is getting more and more exciting. I can feel it when something is good. I have everything in my head since I know the story very well. So everything just flows naturally out of my head without thinking too much about the plot, characters, scenes, setting, and so on. I have a feeling, it’s going to be a very interesting manuscript and feature film if I’m going to make it into movie myself. I just pour my heart & soul into it every single day, or the days that I have time to write because I know it will be a good script. Therefore I can never get tired of working on it daily or whenever I can. 

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    Working on My Screenplay

    I am working on my feature length screenplay at the moment. I will see how much I can get it done tonight and tomorrow. Because, next week I will be busy again. So, I will need to get as much done as possible since I don’t have much time to complete it. I want to finish my feature length screenplay first before I start filming my short sci-fi film Final Day since I will be busy promoting the film, send it to film festivals, and so on, then I won’t have time to write a feature length screenplay. Not after some time. So, it’s best that I get it out of the way now. Then, I can start shooting my feature film right after I finish filming the short film since I already have the script ready to shoot. 

    I’m so excited with my feature length screenplay. I have a feeling, it’ll be good. I can reveal a little bit that it’s not on IMDb, yet. It’s not The Existence movie either that I have already listed on IMDb. It’s a completely different genre. But, it’s still based on a true story. I can’t tell that much for now. I want the plot to be totally unknown to anyone. I have written its outline already. Tonight, I will go through the outline and write the treatment for it, to see if it sounds interesting. If I read the treatment and it doesn’t entertain me then I’ll have to rewrite until it does. If I don’t find it riveting myself I can’t write the whole screenplay. It has to really sing and dance. So, the treatment is a way to prove to myself that my concept works. 

    I was ready to shoot my short film because I’ve already written the script for it. But since I want to finish my feature length screenplay first then I have to wait to film it. When I have a finished feature length screenplay in my hand I can start the filming process – both for the short and feature films. Then I don’t have to worry about anything, or that I still have the whole feature length screenplay to complete. I can just continue to shoot the feature film right after if I want to.

    Well, now I will start working on my feature length screenplay straight away.