Clean Up

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I finally clean up my studio today. But not quite. I just clean the bathroom. I don’t want to spend too much time cleaning when I can wash half of it then another half I will do it tomorrow instead, … Continued

Time Off

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Time for me to take time off. I have been working on my screenplay all day long. I have written to around page 50 now. I haven’t got that far with it as expected. Because, I have a bad habit … Continued

Time to Chill Out

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I just got home a while ago. I consider seeing a good film before taking a shower and go to bed. Or, I can take a shower now and then see if I feel like watching a movie after that … Continued

Listen to Music

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I need to take a break from working on my screenplay and listen to music for a while, after having been working on my screenplay all day long . It’s looking good so far. I’m really happy with it. I … Continued

A Cup of Coffee

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When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is to make a cup of coffee. When I have my coffee I feel so awake. I don’t need breakfast for now. Just the coffee. Then about an … Continued

Late Breakfast

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I woke up around 3am or 3:30am already today. But I also went to sleep early. I think, it was around 9pm I went to bed. So I think, I had slept enough. It’s getting colder and colder. But it … Continued

Unarmed Fight Scene

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I decided to attend a martial art class anyway yesterday, which was rather tough since it was for 3 hours from 18:30-21:30. But I learned some useful, unarmed fighting techniques. So, it was worthwhile. I will stick to attending the … Continued

Dancing Class

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I went to contemporary dancing class again yesterday. Now my body feels amazing. I don’t remember the steps that much because I don’t really practise at home. So today, I will try to practise a little bit. Then, I will … Continued

A Day Off

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I haven’t done much today. I just spend the day chilling out and catching up on paperwork a little bit. I will spend the weekend to do more. Today, I just want to relax and watch a good film. But … Continued

Tortellini with Salmon for Dinner

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My dinner for today was pesto & goats’ cheese tortellini with salmon. It’s yummy! I have been eating spicy Asian food almost every day, so I need something different for a change. No chilli. It’s chilli-free today. I just forgot … Continued

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