Berry Pie For My Writing

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I love berries such as red berry, blueberry. And I love pie. So, I tend to buy pie with berry in it. It can be all varieties of berries, as long as it’s a berry pie. I don’t like eating … Continued

Racist Theme

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My screenplay and movie (If I’m going to make the movie myself) will have a racist sub-theme as well. I think, it is important that we talk more about this subject because although we are in the year of 2019, … Continued

Fruity Breakfast

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I try to eat healthy breakfast as much as possible. So today, I have muesli with lots of blueberries and strawberries. It’s very fruity, indeed. It can’t get anymore healthy than this. And muesli is one of the healthiest, simplest, … Continued

Curly Fries

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I just got home not long ago and was so hungry. I didn’t know what to make, so that the food would be finished in no time at all because I was so starving. Luckily, I always stock frozen potatoes, … Continued

Spicy Snack

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I just made Thai spicy beef salad for dinner or more like a snack for my rose wine. I don’t eat that big portion of a food. And it was a big piece of steak, so I didn’t need to … Continued

Writing Method

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It’s a strange paradox that I find it’s difficult to concentrate on writing when I’m in a public place because of the noises such as cafe, restaurant, but while I work on my script at home I often listen to … Continued

Writers Group

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The mist hangs over the village like a bad dream. It really looks like a scene from a horror movie. The time is only about 8am while I’m writing this blog post. By the time I’m done with the blog … Continued

Simple Breakfast

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I start my day with a simple breakfast, just fried eggs and toasts. Then, I have to go out of the door in a minute. I will be busy all day today, again. I may do everything tomorrow instead. Because, … Continued


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I have been busy lately. So I haven’t had a chance to complete my screenplay, as I have planned to finish it about a few days ago. I will try to finish it tonight. If not, then tomorrow. It’s only … Continued

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