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    Lunchtime! I have just made nachos for my lunch. Mexican food is also one of my favourites. There is a Mexican eatery near my place, actually. But I haven’t been there, yet. I will one day. I just like cooking and creating delicious dishes. It’s fun and I know what’s in it. I can use quality ingredients and fresh produce. So I know the food is of superb quality. Cooking is just my hobby. Well, it’s part of my everyday life, to be precise. It’s part of my well-being and health. So, it’s not just something I do for fun. That’s why I take extra time and care to do my cooking, to achieve the exquisite dish I am after as much as possible. But sometimes, I just want something quick and simple. Therefore, Mexican snacks or food, Chinese food (noodles), burger, pizza, and the like, are the foods that I resort to when I don’t have time to cook. These types of food are yummy when you don’t have it too often. I haven’t had nachos for a very long time. So today’s the day. Next time, I might make tacos.

    Tortilla shrouded by cheese and meat. Then my homemade nachos’ ready.
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    Music Festival

    It’d been a very warm weekend. I enjoyed the weekend at music festival in Finsbury Park. It’s something totally different from my daily life. It’s good to experience something new, sometimes. I love music and love going to music festivals. The atmosphere at the festival was very cheerful yesterday. People were enjoying the music, dancing and singing along. It’s always like that at the music festivals, though. That’s why I like attending live music or concerts or music festivals. It’s something I always did when I was a bit younger with a group of friends. It’s just an adventure to remember, listening to music, wearing fun & fabulous clothes, eating, walking around, enjoying the whole new experience, and living like a gypsy for a day or two, depending on how many days you plan to be there, or how many days that festival you attend lasts. Time stands still when you are at music festivals. There are only happy people, singing, dancing, and partying all day long. You just live your life to the full when you are there and let the music take you to a whole new world.

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    Iced Coffee

    The weather starts getting more and more warm. So iced-cold drinks seem to be the best solution to help fight the heat in this incredibly warm weather. Iced coffee is one of my favourite summer drinks. It’s also very easy to make it yourself. You just make black coffee with lots of sugar in it, depending on how sweet you like it, then pour cream on top of it. Voila! your delicious iced coffee is ready. Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer, I drink iced coffee almost every day now.

    I don’t like drinking coca cola or other soft drinks. So when it’s very warm like today, I either drink iced coffee or juice or just cold soy milk. I try not to consume too much garbage into my body. That’s why I am not a fan of fizzy drinks and sugar, but lots of sugar in iced coffee is an exception since I drink it only during summertime, and not so often. Normally, I just drink water. That’s it. I also eat spicy food almost daily. So iced coffee seems to go along with it quite well.

    Lots of coffee also keeps me awake at night which is good when I have lots of things to do, especially working on my feature-length drama screenplay, which I try to complete it as soon as possible. There is a lot of things that need to be adjusted in the script. So I work constantly on it, to really create a compelling manuscript the best I can. It’s my first spec script, after all. So I must write it as entertaining as possible. I also love reading books. I have some novels that I haven’t had a chance to finish them, yet. But for now, I just don’t really have time for that. I just want to finish making my horror film “Blood Type O” and my drama screenplay as soon as possible first.

    I love iced coffee.
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    The Scariest Horror Film

    Maybe this blog title isn’t entirely true. Ok, it’s one of the scariest horror films. I started watching Paranormal Activity last night. It was so scary. But I only saw it the first half an hour or so. Not that because I was too terrified to watch it till the end. But because, I was tired. I watched a comedy film before that on Netflix which was “Murder Mystery.” So although, I wanted to watch “Paranormal Activity” after that, I only managed to see about half an hour of it. But, it was enough to judge the film (the first 10 or 30 mins should already make the audience care, ready for the ride).

    I have read its reviews: Some like it and some dislike it. It’s a film that you either love it or hate it because nothing really happens for the most part of the movie. But I think that’s the point. It cleverly filmed in a way that gives you a sense of unease. Consequently, it gradually builds the tension, anticipation, and anxiety within you. Before you know it, you’re ready to jump at any slightest sound or movement. Less is more actually did work here in this film. I think.

    Another tactic of this film (in my opinion) is also that the actors look just like anybody and act naturally. It could be you. It could be me. It could be your neighbours, relatives, family, coworkers, friends, and so on. They just look like common people, which makes many easily identify themselves with the characters. Their house as well. It just looks like a typical house or apartment that you normally see, which ordinary people usually live in. Most movies, the actors look so Hollywood movie stars that seems out of reach. The houses in most movies also look so opulent or totally the opposite. So, this method did work for this particular horror film. It just depends on the film, really. Each film is different in its own unique way.

    All in all, I just like this movie. I look forward to watching it till the end tonight.

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    The Danish House of Cake

    I was in and around Chinatown the other day and saw the Danish House of Cake or “Lagkagehuset” near Chinatown and Covent Garden, which is always packed every time I pass by. It just opened very recently. So I had to take some photos of it. I have seen the rise of Danish restaurants and eateries in London in recent years. I think maybe the style is different, of course. Just the whole package that draws people in, perhaps: The atmosphere, the decoration, the food, the culture, and so on. Although Denmark is a very small country compared to Britain, but I liked living in Denmark. It’s just so peaceful in so many ways.

    Now I will watch a good film again. I just got home not long ago from filming. I don’t know what to see. Maybe I will watch a comedy or something scary. There are not that many good comedy films. I think. On the contrary, there are plenty of thrilling horror movies. But today, I think I prefer to see something funny – just to chill out, relax, and have some laugh.

    The Danish House of Cake.
    Danish pastry.
    Covent Garden.
    But nothing compares to Asian food. I walked past the Danish House of Cake just to buy Asian food in Chinatown instead.
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    I’m having oatmeal for breakfast. It’s fantastic! At first, I didn’t like oatmeal. I thought, it’s just bland and boring. But after I found out, if I added boiled egg, spinach, butter, cinnamon, and more to it, it would magically turn out very yummy. It utterly transformed an uninteresting taste to something very flavourful. Since then, I try to include a variety of vital ingredients to my oatmeal. Now, it has become my top favourite early meal. It’s simply a healthy breakfast. But I don’t know why I don’t eat it that often. I think from now on, I will have it as breakfast maybe 3-4 days a week. For the sake of my health and wellbeing. Oats also cost almost nothing, compared to other things you can buy for breakfast. One bag of oats also lasts for several days. The same with butter, cinnamon, eggs, etc. I can even just have it with cinnamon and butter. I love the smell of cinnamon. It has such a lovely, aromatic scent. And it’s healthy, too. Now I’m ready to start my day.

    Oatmeal with spinach, banana, boiled eggs, cinnamon, and butter, which makes it a very healthy breakfast.
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    Healthy Smoothie

    This morning I felt like having a light breakfast. So I made fruity smoothie instead of real breakfast. It’s banana, strawberry, and blueberry smoothie. it tasted very refreshing. What I did was that I purchased fresh strawberry and blueberry and stored them in the freezer, to preserve their freshness. If I didn’t do that I then had to eat the fruits within 1-2 days already. Otherwise they will rot very fast, especially strawberry and blueberry they tend to spoil very rapidly. After I put them in the freezer, I have them for 3-4 days now, and they are still as fresh as when I bought them.

    It looks so delicious!

    That’s why I love summer. It somehow persuades me to eat healthy when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. You just feel like eating lots of fruits, vegetables, salads, and the like when it’s sunny outside. Just like when you are on vacation somewhere exotic and tropical. You can create a sense of being on holiday in a warm country by eating healthy food with all sorts of vegetables and having fruits as dessert or snack instead, and maybe making a cocktail to go along with it. I have some simple cocktail recipes to share next time for this warm weather.

    Frozen fruits are very fruitful. All their qualities, minerals, and vitamins are being kept alive to the fullest extent.

    Although it’s officially summer now. But the weather is still changing a lot. It’s like we have all seasons in one day. This week, for example, we have rain, sunshine, dull and cold weather, and so forth. I can’t figure out anymore what to wear. Sometimes I get out in the morning and it’s cold because of the rain, so I wear winter coat, then as the days goes by the sun starts shining and all, and I look awkward with winter jacket on when everybody else is wearing summer clothes. That’s London rain. You just have to get used to it. I have been living here for many years, but I still haven’t adjusted myself to its inconstant climate yet.

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    Pancakes And Scrambled Eggs

    This morning, I had pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage for breakfast. It’s the first time that I made pancakes and scrambled eggs myself for early meal or brunch. It tasted good, actually. But I think, everything that you make it yourself will always taste delicious. It’s something pleasant and cosy. It gives you that homely atmosphere. And today is Saturday, I feel like spending a quality time pampering myself with good food and good films later on. Well, if I could watch more than one movie tonight because I might be busy working on my screenplay, trying to fix my printer so that I could print out my script, responding to film crew emails, and selecting the right candidates.

    So after breakfast, I will go through the applications, which I have received for the film crew positions which are DOP, sound recordist, boom operator, and VFX editor. Then after that I will try to repair my printer, then print out my screenplay to read it. My printer was working fine about a few months ago. But now, all of the sudden, it just doesn’t function anymore. I really need to print out my whole manuscript to go through it scene by scene. If I could not fix my printer, I would need to buy a new, cheap one. That’s it.

    My breakfast was ready.

    I found this simple recipe on the internet which I would like to share. The result is easy to make pancakes but delicious. Below is the pancake recipe.


    • 1 g Flour
    • 1 ml Milk
    • 1 Egg
    • 2 tbsp Melted butter in room temperature
    • 1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
    • 1/3 tsp Salt


    • Mix the flour with baking powder and salt in one bowl.
    • Then, whisk the egg in another bowl, after that add milk and melted butter and whisk them all together, until everything blends well together.
    • Add the egg mixture into the flour bowl and mix them well together again, using a spatula for baking or just a normal spatula is fine.
    • Then fry your pancakes one by one. With this measurement or recipe, I got about 5-6 big pancakes, or that of the usual size of a pancake. I had 3 pancakes yesterday. Then this morning, I just reheated the rest of it for my breakfast, which saved me time to make it again.
    Homemade pancakes. Yummy!!!

    That’s it. You could also add vanilla extract and sugar in the mixture, which many people do. But since I didn’t have them. So I didn’t use them. I stopped consuming sugar a while ago. But my pancakes turned out yummy anyway.

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    Flower Garden in Hyde Park

    I went out today after the rain had stopped. The weather was ok warm and sunny in the afternoon. So I went to Hyde Park and took some photos with the beautiful blossoms there. I just love flowers. I wish I had a garden with all sorts of blooms in it. That would be wonderful. I took lots of pictures of the flowers. But I can’t post them all on my blog, which would be too many. So I only choose the best. Summertime just symbolises happiness, joy, new beginning, bright future, and similar. You feel like everything is possible. You can dress in floral dress and feel like a princess. You can go to the beach, picnic in the park, drink rose wine every day, hold a bbq party in your backyard, and many more. Since we have been waiting for the summer to come for so long, so when it actually materialises we must celebrate.

    I have promised myself to, finally, explore Britain this summer. So I ought to keep my promise that I made to myself. If the weather is incredibly nice this summer, I will hop on a train and go somewhere new – just for a day or two on each trip, to really experience Britain, at long last. I have some settings in mind that I want to go. Can’t wait to start my new adventure!

    At Hyde Park flower garden earlier today.
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    Busy Days Ahead

    I will be busy again from tomorrow throughout the weekend and Monday as well. So, at the moment, I only come home to sleep. I have no more food in my fridge either since I eat out constantly for the time being. Today I’m home and have nothing to eat. But I don’t want to go out and buy food either because I then have to catch a bus to go to either Putney or Wimbledon Village to do my shopping. There are no shops around where I live, so. I have to be out again tomorrow anyway, to attend a workshop relating to my acting career and a writer meetup group. So, I will be out all day.

    I could order a pizza or make a noodle soup with just noodles with soy sauce. I think, I will choose the latter one – just to survive for today. This morning I was about to go out and do my shopping. But then I realised that I won’t be home for the next 3-4 days. So there’s no point in stocking some food. I don’t even have a coffee left. I do have some curly fries left in the freezer. I might make that as well as a snack when I have to continue to work on my drama screenplay tonight.

    Yes, tonight, I will carry on with a revision of my drama screenplay. Then, I will bring it to a writer group to get some feedback again. I might want to make a short film out of it as well. Or, I might just complete the whole feature-length screenplay. Then, I will make a feature film instead. No short film for this one. So, at the minute, I am working on my horror/mystery short film and a feature-length drama screenplay. That’s it. I don’t want to start working on so many projects at once. Otherwise, nothing would be done since I would lose focus on each of them. So I have to be careful with that.

    From last year.
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