A Monologue From My Screenplay

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I had just recorded a monologue from my screenplay that I performed on Sunday 24 at Theatre Deli in London, which I posted the video from my solo performance in my last post. This time it’s just a monologue that … Continued

An Entertaining Evening

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It was an entertaining evening, indeed, at Theatre Delicatessen. I got to perform in front of the audience, to test out my screenplay and my acting skill. It’s not so bad, actually. I think, it went very well. I gave … Continued

I Love Summer

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I love summer and flowers. So wherever I see them I take photos of them. Especially in this weather, I could walk around and take photos of flowers all day long if I had lots of free time to do … Continued

Spring is Here

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Spring has now officially arrived. But of now, the weather looks pretty much the same like winter, except that it’s not that cold. But it still looks dull and cloudy. The sun doesn’t begin to beam yet. I only wait … Continued

Cold Beer

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I have bought a Singha Beer ready to celebrate when I am done with my screenplay. I feel like drinking it now. But I won’t do that. I will drink it when I’m totally finished the manuscript. If I drank … Continued

New Selfies

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I took some new selfies this morning, just for fun. I haven’t used my camera for a long time to take photos. I mainly use my mobile phone to take pictures and selfies. This is the same camera I use … Continued

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