I rarely use my tablet. I use it mostly at night when I want to watch a good film because I’m too tired to sit and see it on a laptop (I don’t have a TV). Then it comes in handy. I also like using it to browse social media. It gives me a better view of it because it has a bigger screen, compared to a mobile phone. I don’t really use my laptop when I just want to post or read something on social media. And a mobile phone is rather small. So a tablet is a better solution when I don’t want to use a laptop and a mobile phone. But I do need a laptop when I’m writing my screenplay. I don’t like writing it on a small screen. I don’t know why. But I can blog on a tablet or a mobile phone. No problem. I think because writing my script is something I prioritise. So, I want to use the best tool possible. Blogging and posting on social media is not that important. So I can use any device.

These screenshots below are from a tablet:

I use Instagram mostly for inspirations.

I, for example, like browsing Instagram to find some inspirations in style, food, travel, and more. So, a tablet really gives me a moderate screen to browse through and see the photos in better sizes than a mobile phone. Although, I don’t post that often on Instagram, I post more often on Twitter, but I use Instagram more to be inspired in art, design, fashion, cooking, and so on. It just designs to do just that which is to inspire, in my opinion.

I think each social media has its own mission or purpose. Like Youtube, people use it to learn how to do a certain thing such as how to apply a makeup, watch a music video.

People use Twitter to write a short message and share news that happens right here right now mostly, for instance. And Facebook is more for socialising and keeping in touch online with the people you know. I think when you know what each social media really does you can utilise it precisely what it’s meant to do and benefit from it to a great extent.

But even that I don’t use social media that often myself. Just sometimes. Because I focus more on finishing my screenplay at the moment.


Dinner And Beer

I have been working on my screenplay all day since I stood up this morning. I’m just taking a break now, to cook my dinner. Because I have not even eaten anything, yet. I just had one cup of coffee when I woke up. And that’s it. I just got carried away when working on my script, so that I forgot to eat. I have written to page 7 now. So my 10-page manuscript is almost accomplished. 3 More pages to go. I think I can finish it today. Then tomorrow is about re-reading and revising the screenplay and continue to write. I think, I have got everything under control now. I so look forward to making a film out of it. It will be a very interesting movie, hopefully. I really pour my heart and soul into it because I believe in it.

I’m making a grilled pork belly for dinner. I just put it in the oven and forget about it, until the timer I have set rings. That’s when my dinner is done. I’m drinking a glass of beer and I’m going to find a good film to watch in the meantime, while I’m waiting. It’s just so relaxing when you take the time to cook good food for yourself, enjoy a glass of beer or wine while you’re waiting, then maybe read a good book or see a great film, until your food is ready. It makes me feel the time stands still. It’s like, I have the whole world for myself. I just sit back and enjoy my evening.

Now I will find a good film to watch while I’m waiting for my dinner to be ready. Then after the meal and I have finished watching the film, I will continue to work on my script. Just 3 more pages to go.

Enjoying a glass of beer while I’m preparing my dinner.
Now I put the pork in the oven and just forget about it, until the stopwatch makes a sound.

Late Breakfast

Today, I got up quite late around 9:30am. I normally get up around 5-6am. But because I feel a little bit sick for the past few days since I slept with open window about two days ago. I have been through lots of tough weathers and rarely get sick. But I just sleep with one window opens, then I get sick. So now, I have to be careful. I can’t afford to get sick because I have lots of things to do. And since I stood up late today, I have lots of things I have to catch up on. So after this blog post, I will go crazy with all my tasks.

I had some toasts with avocado and a cup of coffee for my late breakfast. It’s just very simple but healthy. I can’t eat that much right when I wake up. It takes me some time to get hungry. Next time I will have something to eat again will be around late afternoon. I’m not feeling well anyway. So I lose my appetite a little. I have to drink lots of water and tea instead. And ideally, I should relax some more. But that’s not gonna happen since I have my hands full with my screenplay, making self tape auditions, preparing monologues for auditions in person, planning the promotion and marketing for my upcoming movie which I’m working on the script at the moment, and so on.

Toasts with avocado. So healthy!

News Podcast

My First Podcast

I just recorded my very first podcast, talking about my first feature-length screenplay.

New Boots

I don’t really have a pair of smart boots. I do have some pairs. But they’re something cheap and unfashionable, which I don’t really like them or even use them that often – only when I work on sets. So I just bought a new pair of more fashionable boots a few days ago from my favourite fashion retail store. I don’t want to mention the name here, to promote their brand for free. They’re way more expensive than the boots I already have. But they are also more trendy, more presentable, and have better quality. So I think, it’s worth it. 

This morning, I also threw lots of my old clothes into a big bin bag and gave it to a charity shop. I still have lots more to give it away. But it’s too heavy for me to carry all that at once since I don’t have a car. So I just take one bag at a time, until I get rid of all of them. My home feels as if it has more space now after most of the old clothes were gone. And my productivity increases. I don’t like storing things that I no longer use. For what? They’re just there to block my creativity and productivity. So once in a while, I like going through my stuff and discard things I don’t need for now. I can always buy them later when I, actually, do need them at some point. It helps a lot by throwing things I don’t really need away. Suddenly, I feel like I have more energy to accomplish lots of things.

So tonight, I will try to write the first 10 pages of my screenplay. I will just write and write without thinking too much about the grammar. Just brainstorming, until I have the first 10 pages. Then I will stop and read it tomorrow. One of the good things of writing a script based on a true story is that I know the story very well in my head that I don’t need to make an outline or anything. I can just write and write about what I know. I did make a simple outline. But I don’t even look at it or use it as a guide when I write. When I start writing I just write and write. I initially wanted to write a treatment first as well. But now, I will skip it anyway. I don’t need that. 

Tomorrow I will throw away (I mean give to the charity shop) some more clothes and shoes, until nothing left but new apparel. Start fresh. New Year. New me. New job. New opportunity.

women boots


I have been busy with lots of things lately, so I forgot that I have a few auditions coming up this week. I haven’t even practised the monologues, yet. But I still have some more days to practise the monologues. So I will start tomorrow. I’m not quite sure if I want to use my own monologues that I have written for my own screenplay, or just use the monologues from the films that I like? I think I will use the monologues from the movies that I like instead for now. I have an appointment tomorrow. But as soon as I’m home again, I will start practising and practising. 

Sometimes, I just go to auditions and don’t really care if I will get selected or not. I just attend the audition for the sake of the audition. That’s pretty much it. I was used to getting too excited and had high expectation that they would choose me. But that rarely happened. So now, I calm more down and see it as an opportunity to act in front of casting directors – regardless if they will pick me or not. So now, I look forward to every audition without expecting too much and it seems to work really well. I feel more relaxed and perform more naturally since I don’t expect anything that much. Then, I don’t get too nervous. I get nervous if I really hope they will select me, which makes me focus more on the result rather than the performance itself. Now, I just attend the audition and be myself. That’s it. 

Entertainment Film Video Post

Inspirational Film

I deleted my previous blog because I thought I didn’t have time to blog. I just wanted to focus on writing my screenplays. But I couldn’t stop writing blog anyway. I love writing. And it’s my way of expressing myself. So, I just have to keep blogging. I hope, from now on I won’t be deleting it again. It took me time to build audiences. Now, I have to start all over again. But, it’s ok. I like writing. I enjoy writing. I mainly write for myself. I feel like coming home when I start blogging again. It’s a fantastic feeling when you continue to do something you’re truly passionate about. And blogging is one of my top interests or hobbies. So, there’s no other way but to continue to do what I love the most.

I watched Suburbicon film about a few days ago and loved it! At first, I wasn’t interested in seeing it. A movie set in 50s suburban America didn’t appeal to me that much. But after browsing and browsing through lots of movies, I couldn’t find a film that I really wanted to watch, so I just tried to watch Suburbicon instead. Also because I like the Coen Brothers movies such as No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski. So I thought, I should give this movie a try. Their movies always share the same themes: Money, greed, and consequences. And Suburbicon was no exception. But it added one more sub-theme or subplot which was racism.

And they managed to weave the whole thing together. So it made sense. The subplot, racism, helped add something more exciting and fresh to the main plot. A new view or perspective for a change which addressed a long-standing social issue racism. It also helped the movie move past act 2 without sagging, which many new writers have problem with it. Me too. So, it’s cleverly written. Although it wasn’t that great, compared to many other movies they have made. But, it’s a good film to be inspired for aspiring writers & filmmakers like me, looking for an easy film in terms of story’s structure to study and learn from. And how to avoid boring act 2. After I have studied many films and screenplays, I think, I am not afraid of act 2 anymore. I think, I can handle it now.