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    I Love The Beach

    I love the beach, sand, sun, sea, blue sky, etc. I just love nature and travel. Now summer is here. When I have time I may hop on a train and go somewhere new. I love water and beach. So I may end up somewhere that has something to do with the beach and ocean again. Like last year, I spontaneously went to Brighton beach last spring. It’s still quite chill, though. So I didn’t walk around that much. I also wore summer clothes. I didn’t realise the weather out there close to the water would be more cold than in the city in London. This year, I will be more prepared. Maybe I will go to Kent beach or somewhere different, now that I have been to Brighton beach. There are many other beaches waiting to be explored.

    Brighton beach last spring.
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    I Love Summer

    I love summer and flowers. So wherever I see them I take photos of them. Especially in this weather, I could walk around and take photos of flowers all day long if I had lots of free time to do so. I saw this shop or pub or cafe, but I think it looked more like a cafe or a coffee shop, with beautiful flower decoration outside, so I had to take some pictures of it. It’s located right next to Clapham Common. I love the area. It’s so hip & trendy. And the Clapham Common park is just right there. In summer, I can guarantee you, there will be lots and lots of people sitting in the park – mostly young people. Sometimes when I pass by in the summertime I think there’s a concert or something going on since there’s a lot of people sitting on the grass. You would be lucky if you could find a spot to sit there when the weather is incredibly warm and the sun is shining. Talking about summer, sunshine, and all that I just so look forward to going to parks and beaches when it’s summer.

    I like walking on the grass barefoot when I go to park or sauntering on the beach barefoot. It’s so relaxing and you get more in touch with the nature. You can feel the energy from the earth storming through your feet. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

    Therefore no wonder it is a nice area to live, especially for young people who can afford to live there. And Brixton and Liverpool Street and Waterloo are not too far from it either. So, it’s quite central. I wish I lived there. I also like Shoreditch, which is similar to Clapham Common. Another cool area to live – just bigger. So even though I live in South West London, but I do go to, for example, Clapham, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, and Camden often. In summertime, I usually visit these places. It’s just a whole new world from where I live.

    A very cute cafe or coffee shop.
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    Spring is Here

    Spring has now officially arrived. But of now, the weather looks pretty much the same like winter, except that it’s not that cold. But it still looks dull and cloudy. The sun doesn’t begin to beam yet. I only wait for the sunshine. Everything changes a lot when the sun shines. I think, the sunlight is a metaphor for happiness, new beginning, renewal, possibility, bright future, and many other positive things you can think of. Therefore I always look forward to the summer. The time of year that allows me to walk around the city and go to many places I want to go without thinking of the cold and bad condition. Strolling around town or sitting and picnicking in the park or on the beach under the sun is one of the most enjoyable activities to do during summertime. I wish the sun would always shine throughout the year. But that’s not possible here in Europe. Anyway, summer is not so far away now. So, this will be one of the things I anticipate.

    Nice flowers by the road.
    Selfie with the stunning blossom.
    You will see this flower everywhere from now in UK. It makes the streets look so beautiful and summery.
    The trees in front of my village.
    In my village.
    The park opposite the village.
    I love nature.
    Good morning!
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    Wimbledon Village

    I went for a walk this morning for about 1 hour. I first took a bus to Putney High Street with a bin bag of used clothes to give to a charity shop. I couldn’t walk with a big bag of old clothes from my home to Putney High Street because it would be too heavy for me. After that I walked from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village which took me about 1 hour. If I had to walk from my home to Wimbledon Village it would take me only about 20 minutes. And from my home to Putney High Street would take me about 35-45 minutes. Therefore it took me about one hour to walk from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village. Even though I live closer to Wimbledon Village than Putney, I rarely go to Wimbledon Village or Wimbledon. I often go to Putney instead, to do my shopping and stuff.

    When I had walked halfway from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village I looked like this.
    Because I walked through the wind and rain this morning so when I got to Wimbledon Village and sat down to have a cup of latte I looked tired, as if I just got out of bed. And my hair was kind of messy because of the wind. I didn’t put makeup on either. I just went for a walk, to exercise. So, no need of makeup.
    The Wimbledon Windmill and The London Scottish Golf Club are just about 10 minutes walk from my place.
    Nice houses in the neighborhood near my studio.
    Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common – near Wimbledon Village.
    Cute houses around Rushmere Pond.
    Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone boutiques at Elys of Wimbledon department store.
    A mini supermarket selling fresh produce and a flower shop in Wimbledon Village. They looked so colorful, refreshing, and beautiful.
    There are lots of expensive fashion shops in Wimbledon Village, which I can’t afford 🙁

    Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in Wimbledon. It’s a Copenhagen-based sushi restaurant. Funny enough, its first restaurant (or rather a takeaway at that time) opened in 1994 on the street where I was used to living which was Nansensgade in Copenhagen. I walked past it one day and noticed there’s a new sushi takeaway and eatery just opened; I then stopped by and tried its food which was quite good. So I became its regular customer since I love sushi, until I moved to somewhere else.

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    Idyllic Place to Write

    I am lucky because where I live is quite quiet and peaceful with lots of trees. And the park is just right across the street. So, it’s a very idyllic place to write, or for a writer to live. And Wimbledon Village is just about 20 – 30 minutes walk away from where I live. But I rarely go to Wimbledon Village. But sometimes I do walk to Wimbledon Common, which is next to Wimbledon Village, to get some exercise and to go sit by the Rushmere Pond watching the birds swooping about above the pond looking for their preys. I do go there a lot in the summer. I just like going to park. It’s just a calm place to relax and enjoy the nature at the same time. I also like the ocean. I wish I lived by the beach. Maybe I will find a place to live by the beach when I get older.

    There is Wimbledon Windmill near me as well. Just 10 minutes walk from where I live. I take a walk there once in a while to exercise. But to walk back home again right after would be too quick already, so I sometimes just walk all the way to Wimbledon Common to Rushmere Pond, then back home again. Lots of people around Wimbledon Windmill during summer, some just to take a walk there and enjoy the fresh air & nature, some go there to visit the museum, and some go there to play golf because there’s a golf club next to it as well.

    Tonight, I will just continue to work on my screenplay a little bit more. Not too much. Then I will watch some good films before I go to bed.

    My studio.
    When it snows.
    Wimbledon Windmill
    Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common.
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