Handmade Cosmetics

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I’m blogging from my mobile. I have been working in front of a laptop all day long searching for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer. So now I’m exhausted. I can’t sit in front of a laptop no more. Luckily, … Continued

Healthy Smoothie

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This morning I felt like having a light breakfast. So I made fruity smoothie instead of real breakfast. It’s banana, strawberry, and blueberry smoothie. it tasted very refreshing. What I did was that I purchased fresh strawberry and blueberry and … Continued

Lunch Time

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Time to have lunch. I just make a quick noodle soup for my late lunch. It’s so delicious. Sometimes, something so simple and quick can taste very yummy. I therefore always store some noodles in my cupboard because they can … Continued

I Love The Beach

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I love the beach, sand, sun, sea, blue sky, etc. I just love nature and travel. Now summer is here. When I have time I may hop on a train and go somewhere new. I love water and beach. So … Continued

I Love Summer

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I love summer and flowers. So wherever I see them I take photos of them. Especially in this weather, I could walk around and take photos of flowers all day long if I had lots of free time to do … Continued

Spring is Here

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Spring has now officially arrived. But of now, the weather looks pretty much the same like winter, except that it’s not that cold. But it still looks dull and cloudy. The sun doesn’t begin to beam yet. I only wait … Continued

Idyllic Place to Write

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I am lucky because where I live is quite quiet and peaceful with lots of trees. And the park is just right across the street. So, it’s a very idyllic place to write, or for a writer to live. And … Continued

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