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    Ice Cream With Mango Fruit

    What a perfect day to eat ice cream with mango fruit. The mango is perfectly ripe. It has the level of sweetness that I like, which is not too sweet. I bought the mango about 3-4 days ago. At that time, it wasn’t 100% luscious yet – only about 10%. Now it is. It’s my day off today as well. So it’s a good timing to finally eat the mango. 1 Mango and a few scoops of ice cream really make me feel full. I can, actually, have a mango as a meal instead. It’s like eating a portion of food.

    But in despite of its health and delicacy, I don’t eat it that often. But ideally, I should. I must admit, it’s because I don’t like peeling it. The same with orange, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, and the like. But, I don’t like buying fruits that have already been skinned either. I just think, they are not fresh enough. I like doing it myself. Then I know they are crisp and clean. So I often buy the fruits and remove the rinds myself. Now it’s summer, I promise myself that I will eat fruits more frequently. I’m just tempted to eat more fruits and vegetables now that the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and there are (exotic) fruits which I can buy everywhere now right in front of my face. So it’s not easy to resist it, which is good.

    Ice cream and mango fruit, yummy! Perfect for the warm weather right now.
    Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay
    I love mango!

    Mango is one of my favourite fruits. I wish it was summer all year long here in UK. Then, I would eat mango every day. In winter, I’m not in the mood for fruits. I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with the weather. I don’t like eating cake, sweet, and chocolate that much either. So, in wintertime, I rarely eat desserts. But I do eat carrot, cucumber, banana, apple, celery, and the like, as snack instead. Then, in summertime, I tend to eat more fruits and vegetables since there is a wild variation of them to choose from than in winter.

    Image by silviarita from Pixabay

    Ice cream and summer are just best friends. You can’t enjoy summer without ice cream. It’s amazing that ice cream is just a simple thing, but it can really bring joy to people’s faces. It just makes our lives more cheerful and colourful in summer by just eating ice cream. So ice cream, fruit drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, and lots of fruits and vegetables will be on my menu almost daily from now on. There are lots of ways I can make them into different dessert dishes. I can, for example, make mango sticky rice (Thai traditional dessert, which everybody loves), fried banana or fried pineapple and ice cream, coconut ice cream, or just top the ice cream with all sorts of fruits.

    Image by Huahom from Pixabay
    Sticky rice with mango.

    Mango sticky rice is also quite simple to make. You just mix sticky rice with coconut milk, put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds or 1 minute, then take it out again and serve it with ripe mango. Then, your mango sticky rice is ready in no time at all.

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    The Power of A Nap

    I took a nap this afternoon. Now I feel so animated and totally awake. I think, maybe I will use this opportunity to continue to revise my screenplay. Sometimes, I feel so energised in the morning and sometimes at night instead. So whenever that occurs, I have to grab that chance and write as much as I can before it begins to subside again. Therefore, it is probably true to say that taking a nap each day can help you become more active and productive. Some countries in Europe already do that. I think Italy and Spain, for instance. When I went to Italy with my friend many years ago, I saw a pair of shoes which I really liked it, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase it. I then told the shop assistant that I will walk around and come back within half an hour if I want to buy it. And that was around lunch time. She then told me: The shop will be closed for 2 hours, so I need to come back after that. I was so surprised. I never knew this before. Because, it is widely believed that sleeping or taking a nap during the day is a sign of laziness. That what many perceive it, including me. So it took me by surprise to find out that in some countries during my stay in Italy, it is a good thing. Italy is so mesmerising, also France. I will, definitely, return to the countries one day. I like travelling around Europe. Some places are just so beautiful and picturesque. And I try to avoid traversing by plane. I’d rather take a train instead, to get the most out of the stunning landscapes around Europe.

    Italy – Image by Bela Balla from Pixabay
    Venice – Image by David Mark from Pixabay
    Paris – Image by skeeze from Pixabay
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    VFX Makeup Artist

    I have everybody applied for all positions that I have advertised looking for film crew for my horror short “Blood Group O” but VFX makeup artist? Why nobody applies? I can see, there’s a lack of it in film industry. There are some, of course. But not as many as normal makeup artist, DOP, photographer, runner, AD, sound recordist, editor, and so on. Because, if there are as many as other crew members, sure someone would have applied. But, I get zero application so far. But I get lots of applications from everybody else. So I consider, maybe I will just take a VFX makeup artist class and do it myself. Maybe it’s easier. Waiting for some to apply could take me ages for that to happen. If I took the (VFX) makeup artist course from the beginning when I first posted the ad, which was about a few weeks ago, I might have completed it by now and be able to apply the VFX makeup myself. Then, there are fewer crew members to hire. I’m also an amateur photographer. So, learning how to apply makeup professionally could also benefit me. Because, I could also apply the makeup for the models myself. So I might enrol myself in (VFX) makeup course. I am going to shoot my film soon. But, I might postpone the filming date until I have completed the makeup course. I have been working in film & TV for the past 15 years and know, there are plenty of jobs within film industry alone. So, it creates lots of work in various sections, departments, and many more – both working on the film set itself and in the office. But many may not realise that. I forget that myself. But when I started searching for film crew not long ago, I could see that I just look for film crew for my 5-minute short film, but I need almost 10 crew members, and maybe more. And when I work on set myself, I can see there’s an army of film crew working on an actual feature film. So, there’s a lot of jobs just for 1 movie to be made. And surprisingly, the payment is quite good, compared to traditional jobs. And one of the best parts of it is that, you do not need high education to be able to do most of these jobs. So, it’s very easy for anyone to get hired as long as they have the right skills, hard working, ambitious, passionate about what they do, and so on.

    I took some photos of this girl, Grace, when I tried to teach myself to become a photographer in 2017.
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    I just have cereal for breakfast today. It’s one of the quickest early meals. It’s like eating a bunch of grapes, a few bananas, an apple, and other fruits for breakfast instead of traditional breakfast. It’s quick and healthy. Cereal tastes good when I don’t have it too often. I have not had it for breakfast like maybe a few years or longer than that. When it comes to breakfast, I rarely think about cereal. I don’t really feel like having it for breakfast. It’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t know why when it is a vital breakfast. You can even have it as dessert, just add a lump of sugar. But some cereal is already sweet. So maybe you don’t have to, which is better when you eliminate sugar intake to the minimum. Cereal has many benefits. So if I had it daily or often, it would help keep my state of health in top form, combined it with healthy diet and regular exercise, of course. Speaking of workout, I am going to start going to the gym and resuming my dancing and martial arts classes soon.

    Cereal for breakfast for a change.
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    Wisdom Tooth

    I just got home not long ago. I don’t feel like working on my screenplay today. I just can’t be bothered, too tired. I went to hospital this afternoon to have my wisdom tooth extracted. But then, the dentist said it could be risky because it’s very close to the nerve. What he would do was that he would have to cut my gum off and split my tooth into pieces in order to take the wisdom tooth out without it affecting the nerve. So, he wouldn’t remove the tooth in one go. Then he would sew the gum back into its place. So I could have it pulled out if I wanted to. But, if it didn’t cause any pain why should I bother since it could damage my nerve for good? That what the dentist at the hospital suggested. So I didn’t have my wisdom tooth uprooted anyway. I must then keep an eye on it and take good care of my teeth. If my wisdom tooth did cause some pain in the future I could always have it detached.

    So I just spent my day at the hospital for nothing. But it’s good to know how dangerous it could be. The dentist said, it’s not a high-risk procedure in terms of life or death. It’s just that, if it’s gonna have an effect on my nerve it would just make my mouth on that side, where I have my wisdom tooth taken out, go numb forever. Maybe about 70% – 90% of it. So, it’s my choice whether or not I decide to get rid of my wisdom tooth. It’s not that it’s gonna happen. Maybe 1 in 100 persons or something like that. So I chose not to do anything with it for now since I have had it for years and it doesn’t really give me any trouble.

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    New Rouge Lipstick

    Today I just bought a matte rouge lipstick from Mac again, since I love Mac lipstick so I almost exclusively buy lipsticks from this brand. I bought a half-size Mac lipstick for £10. A standard size is about £17. I don’t put makeup on that often. And when I do I only apply a little, just to add some colour to enhance the natural beauty a little bit, not overdo it. So I didn’t want to buy a bigger one. If I purchased a normal size it would mean I would have it stored in my bathroom cabinet for eternity. I will use all my lipsticks up at some point in the distant future. And I’m a woman, after all. And what women do, they buy new lipsticks almost every month if not every week. So I don’t need to buy big sizes of lipsticks when I always fall in love with the new shades anyway and will occasionally buy a new lipstick on impulse.

    I love Mac lipsticks. They are just so good, compared to other brands.
    This rouge Mac lipstick is only £10 because it’s a half-size model.

    In spite of the fact that I do not like applying makeup on a daily basis or every time I have to go out I have to try to use makeup more often, including wearing fashionable clothes. It’s almost a must when you live in London because I think there is too much importance placed on clothes and look here. And I have to go out often. If you didn’t care about mode you could be seen as someone who is old-fashioned. If you lived on the outskirt of London and didn’t even bother to go into central London that often, it might be okay that you couldn’t care less about appearance. Or, if you’re already rich and everybody knows it, you can wear the same style of t-shirt every day and no one cares. So, it depends on what you do, who you are, where you live, and so on.

    A range of lipsticks in various shades.
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    Salmon for Breakfast

    I start my day with one of my favourite breakfasts which is just some slices of bread with different items on them – one of them is salmon since I love fish, but not all kinds of fishes. One of the reasons I like fish is that it helps improve or maintain my eyesight. So I try to include fish and many others fruits and vegetables that are good for the health of my eyes, skin, and overall healthy body in my daily diet as much as I can. I also try to drink more tea instead of coffee.

    I don’t have this type of early meal that often, though. I normally have oatmeal or muesli or cereal for breakfast or just some fruits. Only once in a while that I fancy full English or some breads for breakfast, like today. It’s delicious when you don’t have it too frequently. And while it is yummy, it’s just not very wholesome. Therefore I only have it every once in a long while. I like taking good care of myself. So I go very much up in what I eat, do, and the like. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes me feel good. When you love yourself and will do anything for your well-being you will shine of confidence and self-esteem.

    Sometimes, I just skip breakfast. But only sometimes. Because, when I start my day with a decent breakfast I tend not to eat that much during the day. And I also have a prodigious energy to accomplish lots of things. I just feel so active and lively throughout the day. And I only eat just a little for dinner. But I notice that if I don’t have breakfast I am likely to eat more and sometimes a considerable portion when I don’t need it. So first thing in the morning when I stand up is to have a good breakfast. Then I’m ready.

    Salmon and brie cheese on breads.
    I also love pâté.
    Tea instead of coffee.
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    Fruity Breakfast

    I try to eat healthy breakfast as much as possible. So today, I have muesli with lots of blueberries and strawberries. It’s very fruity, indeed. It can’t get anymore healthy than this. And muesli is one of the healthiest, simplest, and quickest early meals to prepare. So I always have muesli in my kitchen, and plus oatmeal as well. I love oatmeal as much as I love muesli. I like oatmeal even more because I can add lots of different things to it. It can be something sweet as fruit or it can be something tasty like an actual meal, such as spinach, egg. After this big bowl of healthy muesli and a big glass of tropical green smoothie, I think my body will be full of energy ready to start my day.

    Healthy breakfast: Muesli with loads of strawberries and blueberries.
    A glass of tropical green smoothie to go with my healthy early meal. No coffee today. I try to not drink too much coffee and drink more healthy drinks instead.
    A big bowl of healthy breakfast to kick-start my day.
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    Wimbledon Village

    I went for a walk this morning for about 1 hour. I first took a bus to Putney High Street with a bin bag of used clothes to give to a charity shop. I couldn’t walk with a big bag of old clothes from my home to Putney High Street because it would be too heavy for me. After that I walked from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village which took me about 1 hour. If I had to walk from my home to Wimbledon Village it would take me only about 20 minutes. And from my home to Putney High Street would take me about 35-45 minutes. Therefore it took me about one hour to walk from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village. Even though I live closer to Wimbledon Village than Putney, I rarely go to Wimbledon Village or Wimbledon. I often go to Putney instead, to do my shopping and stuff.

    When I had walked halfway from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village I looked like this.
    Because I walked through the wind and rain this morning so when I got to Wimbledon Village and sat down to have a cup of latte I looked tired, as if I just got out of bed. And my hair was kind of messy because of the wind. I didn’t put makeup on either. I just went for a walk, to exercise. So, no need of makeup.
    The Wimbledon Windmill and The London Scottish Golf Club are just about 10 minutes walk from my place.
    Nice houses in the neighborhood near my studio.
    Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common – near Wimbledon Village.
    Cute houses around Rushmere Pond.
    Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone boutiques at Elys of Wimbledon department store.
    A mini supermarket selling fresh produce and a flower shop in Wimbledon Village. They looked so colorful, refreshing, and beautiful.
    There are lots of expensive fashion shops in Wimbledon Village, which I can’t afford 🙁

    Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in Wimbledon. It’s a Copenhagen-based sushi restaurant. Funny enough, its first restaurant (or rather a takeaway at that time) opened in 1994 on the street where I was used to living which was Nansensgade in Copenhagen. I walked past it one day and noticed there’s a new sushi takeaway and eatery just opened; I then stopped by and tried its food which was quite good. So I became its regular customer since I love sushi, until I moved to somewhere else.

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    Unarmed Fight Scene

    I decided to attend a martial art class anyway yesterday, which was rather tough since it was for 3 hours from 18:30-21:30. But I learned some useful, unarmed fighting techniques. So, it was worthwhile. I will stick to attending the class on Sundays, unless I have something to do on some Sundays that I can’t attend the class. I also have to practise. It’s not going to do me any good if I go to dancing and martial art classes, but I will not train at home as well. All that time I spend going there will be a waste, except that I get to exercise. So, I have to start practising as well.

    By the way, we also got to meet a stuntman from Jackie Chan’s stunt team which we could ask him anything. So, it was totally awesome to actually come face to face with the person who is really experienced in doing stunts for a well-known martial arts actor.

    Below is a clip of me doing an unarmed fight scene:

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