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    Simple Breakfast

    I start my day with a simple breakfast, just fried eggs and toasts. Then, I have to go out of the door in a minute. I will be busy all day today, again. I may do everything tomorrow instead. Because, today, I feel like spending the whole day working on my screenplay. After a long time working on it, I just want to finish it asap! Then I can start looking for fund, cast & crew, locations, etc., to eventually begin to shoot the film.

    According to the weather forecast, tomorrow seems like it will be the warmest day in UK after a long, long time. So, I may go out and do my things tomorrow instead. I have checked the weather for today, and it will be up to 14C around 2pm. But now, it just looks dull and cold when I see it from the inside. When I go out I will know how warm it is today. I have lots of things to do. Maybe, I will not postpone it to tomorrow anyway.

    I love fried eggs. I like scrambled eggs, too, sometimes. But I don’t really make it that often. I don’t know why? Maybe, making fried eggs is more easy. I love cooking. Spending some quality time preparing good, delicious food for myself is one of the things I enjoy doing. I also like going to market, buying fresh produce for my cooking. When I have time I like to stroll through the market buying newly-harvested vegetables and fruits, but also fresh fish, seafood, meat, and the like. I’d rather buy fresh produce from a market than from a supermarket. It just makes you feel so connected to nature when you can feel and touch the raw materials, or, see them without nice packagings. And you walk around in an open space, in a market which everything is being laid out randomly, getting some fresh air at the same time. It just feels more relaxed.

    As soon as I get up, I have to start my day with a cup of coffee right away. Then my day can begin, afterward. I like drinking tea as well. But not as often as coffee. Maybe just once in a while. But I only drink one cup of coffee a day. That’s it. If I drink more than that it’s likely that I will have a hard time falling asleep.

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    Time Off

    Time for me to take time off. I have been working on my screenplay all day long. I have written to around page 50 now. I haven’t got that far with it as expected. Because, I have a bad habit of stopping and analysing each scene which slows down my work flow. So I have to refrain myself from doing that. I have to concentrate on making it to the end first – no matter what. Then I can always come back and revise it. Now, I will take a break and see a good movie. After I finish watching a movie, I will continue to work on my script. I have my ice cream ready for the movie. I hope, I may be able to write 10 more pages tonight. Then, I will have written 60 pages so far. And that’s about halfway already. It depends on how long I want my screenplay to be – about 100 or 120 pages? I just write and write. So, my script may seem boring now. It’s not that entertaining. And that’s the purpose of it. I just want to finish it first. I don’t care how uninteresting or absurd it may be. Making it to the end is my main goal for the time being. So, I don’t care about other elements for now. I just want to be able to type FADE OUT asap!

    I love chocolate ice cream.

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    A Cup of Coffee

    When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is to make a cup of coffee. When I have my coffee I feel so awake. I don’t need breakfast for now. Just the coffee. Then about an hour or two later, I will have my early meal. I feel like going out for a walk. Maybe I will walk to Wimbledon Village, which takes me about 15-20 minutes. But I will try to make a progress with my screenplay as much as I can today. So, every minute matters. I therefore must stay home and try to get my screenplay done as much as possible.

    If I could not finish my script today but maybe I could at least manage to finish Act 2 that would be good. I have already made an outline to page 115 or something. So, the whole screenplay is already complete just in a draft form. Now, I will only have to add more details in each scene, which makes my writing job more easy. Because, now I know precisely where I am going. I think, it’s going to be a very good screenplay. I can just feel it.

    Writing something from a true story that I know very well offers many advantages, because this feature-length drama screenplay I’m working on now is based on a true story, such as it makes me write my script faster without thinking much because I know the story inside out, there is a personal attachment to it which makes the script more personal and unique. And I want the readers and audiences to sense that.

    Now I will continue to work on my script right away.

    Morning coffee.
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    Late Breakfast

    I woke up around 3am or 3:30am already today. But I also went to sleep early. I think, it was around 9pm I went to bed. So I think, I had slept enough. It’s getting colder and colder. But it looks sunny outside now. I make a traditional full English breakfast for myself today. I have been eating this type of breakfast for the past few weeks. Now, I’m also having it again this weekend. I can’t come up with a new variation of breakfast at the moment. So I just continue to eat what I normally eat. But also because I don’t eat much lunch and dinner. So I eat more for early meal instead, which balances my nutrition for the whole day anyway.

    I try to finish my screenplay this weekend. So, I may not attend dancing class for today and martial arts class for tomorrow. I really want to finalize Act 2 today. And I will aim to complete the whole screenplay this weekend. That’s the idea. That’s why I will not go anywhere this weekend. Bringing my script to the end is my top priority at this moment. All other things can wait. Becoming a screenwriter is my alternative career as well. So, I have to take it seriously. And this screenplay I’m working on now will prove that if I can write a good script or not. So, I’m working hard to achieve that.

    But I have also promised the others at the writing class that I will bring more of my screenplay to the class next time, so that they can read more of it and give me a new feedback. And I, actually, want further comments for the rest of my screenplay because it helps me improve my writing. Therefore, I work hard at the moment to accomplish my script as soon as possible since I have something to look forward to: New, constructive reactions. It certainly helps when there is a motivation that makes you want to push yourself toward your goal as fast as you can.

    Late breakfast.
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    Tortellini with Salmon for Dinner

    My dinner for today was pesto & goats’ cheese tortellini with salmon. It’s yummy! I have been eating spicy Asian food almost every day, so I need something different for a change. No chilli. It’s chilli-free today. I just forgot to buy spinach and lemon. Well, just pasta and salmon is okay. I don’t eat much anyway. For my well-being and a more healthy body, I try not to eat too much before I go to bed. And I try to eat before 8pm. And that’s what I just did today. It just feels good when you take good care of yourself and your body.

    Now that I’m done with the dinner, I will watch some movies, take a shower, work a little bit more on my script, and then go to bed.

    I love cooking. So sometimes, I like spending my quality time making good food for myself.
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    Healthy Breakfast

    I like starting my day with a healthy breakfast. A good day start with a good breakfast. One of my favourite early meals is muesli with lots of fruits on top. It looks so healthy already. I like oatmeal with egg and spinach, avocado toast, smoothie, and yogurt for breakfast, too. Anything that is fresh and healthy. I rarely have fry-up for breakfast. Only if I want to pamper myself on a Sunday once in a while. A good cup of tea along with a healthy breakfast is a perfect breakfast combination. When I do have a full English breakfast I like drinking coffee instead.

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    Seafood Dumplings

    Dumpling is one of my favorite Asian appetizers. I can eat it every day. I just had seafood dumplings and noodle soup with shrimps and beef balls for lunch. I didn’t make the dumplings myself, though. But I do make it myself sometimes when I’m in the mood for it. I just bought the seafood dumplings from an Oriental shop in Chinatown the other day. It just makes my life easier. Cooking and preparing Asian food can take time. It depends on the dishes you make as well. Some dishes take no time at all to make, but some do need hours of preparation.

    So, I bought some bags of frozen, ready-made dumplings, beef balls for the noodle soups, and the like. Then I don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen. I can utilize the time to work on my screenplay as much as I can instead. So once a week or once in a while, I like taking a trip to Chinatown to buy the necessity stuff for Asian cooking. Because, I can’t live without Asian food. No matter how long I have been living in Europe, I still eat Asian food almost daily.

    Yummy seafood dumplings with chilli oil.
    Spicy rice noodle soup with beef balls and shrimps.
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    Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

    I just had spicy beef noodle soup for dinner, which I made it myself. I bought everything in the supermarket. I didn’t have to go to Asian shop at all. I could since there’s a Thai shop close to where I live. So, if I wanted to I could go to Thai shop as well. But if I could buy everything in one place, then why not? Now I think, I will have more food for the rest of this week. I don’t have to order the grocery online anyway. I have everything I need now.

    Now the shopping task is out of the way, I can then focus on writing my screenplay 100%. But as I said earlier, as the day goes by my energy and enthusiasm also become less active accordingly. But I have the whole this week and next week to complete my script because it’s a holiday time at the moment. Today is too late to work on the manuscript since now I just want to chill out. But who knows, after some time I may gain my energy again and begin to work on my screenplay all of the sudden. And that’s why I let my script stay open because when the inspiration strikes I can just continue to work on my screenplay straight away.

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    Dinner And Beer

    I have been working on my screenplay all day since I stood up this morning. I’m just taking a break now, to cook my dinner. Because I have not even eaten anything, yet. I just had one cup of coffee when I woke up. And that’s it. I just got carried away when working on my script, so that I forgot to eat. I have written to page 7 now. So my 10-page manuscript is almost accomplished. 3 More pages to go. I think I can finish it today. Then tomorrow is about re-reading and revising the screenplay and continue to write. I think, I have got everything under control now. I so look forward to making a film out of it. It will be a very interesting movie, hopefully. I really pour my heart and soul into it because I believe in it.

    I’m making a grilled pork belly for dinner. I just put it in the oven and forget about it, until the timer I have set rings. That’s when my dinner is done. I’m drinking a glass of beer and I’m going to find a good film to watch in the meantime, while I’m waiting. It’s just so relaxing when you take the time to cook good food for yourself, enjoy a glass of beer or wine while you’re waiting, then maybe read a good book or see a great film, until your food is ready. It makes me feel the time stands still. It’s like, I have the whole world for myself. I just sit back and enjoy my evening.

    Now I will find a good film to watch while I’m waiting for my dinner to be ready. Then after the meal and I have finished watching the film, I will continue to work on my script. Just 3 more pages to go.

    Enjoying a glass of beer while I’m preparing my dinner.
    Now I put the pork in the oven and just forget about it, until the stopwatch makes a sound.
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    Late Breakfast

    Today, I got up quite late around 9:30am. I normally get up around 5-6am. But because I feel a little bit sick for the past few days since I slept with open window about two days ago. I have been through lots of tough weathers and rarely get sick. But I just sleep with one window opens, then I get sick. So now, I have to be careful. I can’t afford to get sick because I have lots of things to do. And since I stood up late today, I have lots of things I have to catch up on. So after this blog post, I will go crazy with all my tasks.

    I had some toasts with avocado and a cup of coffee for my late breakfast. It’s just very simple but healthy. I can’t eat that much right when I wake up. It takes me some time to get hungry. Next time I will have something to eat again will be around late afternoon. I’m not feeling well anyway. So I lose my appetite a little. I have to drink lots of water and tea instead. And ideally, I should relax some more. But that’s not gonna happen since I have my hands full with my screenplay, making self tape auditions, preparing monologues for auditions in person, planning the promotion and marketing for my upcoming movie which I’m working on the script at the moment, and so on.

    Toasts with avocado. So healthy!

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