Carbonara For Dinner

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I’m having carbonara for dinner tonight. It’s so yummy! Well, everything homemade is delicious, in my opinion. I like carbonara because it’s so easy to make but tastes super delicate. It takes me about 10 minutes to make with minimal ingredients. I don’t know why I don’t make it so often. The ingredients I need just are spaghetti (of course), chopped bacon, egg, parsley, salt & pepper. And that’s it. Then I cook the pasta, whisk the egg ready, fry the bacon ready as well, when the spaghetti is ready, drain, place it in a big bowl, pour the egg over, salt, pepper, chopped parsley, and bacon, mix everything together roughly, then my dinner is ready! It seems simple. But wait till you try it. It tastes incredibly good when you think of how easy it is to make, and it doesn’t need that many ingredients.

First time I got introduced to carbonara was through my friend’s boyfriend. He’s Italian, of course. They invited me for dinner. Then he told me, “Tonight, I’m going to make the simplest dinner that tastes so good which you will never forget.” And he was absolutely right. I have no idea why I had never tried carbonara before, until he made it that day. It’s just so popular. He even showed me how to make it the easiest way. And sometimes, he made garlic butter that tasted so homely. I could buy garlic butter anywhere, but nothing tasted like the one he made. My friend, she rarely cooked at all since they’re moving in together. And I could see why. And he seemed to like cooking very much. He always invited people home, so that he could cook for them. I guess, most Italian people are passionate about good food & cooking. Because, sometimes when he didn’t bother to cook he invited us to good Italian restaurant instead. He knew almost the best Italian restaurants in town. And he’s just a typical young man who I would never think of could be so passionate about cooking.

Wow, what a story! That’s how I got to know more of Italian food & culture. And one of the things I find it very special is that once they get to know you and regard you as friend, you’re like part of the family. And we always sat and ate and drank wine around the dinner table. Every day is a celebration. It’s one of those unforgettable times that will always stay in my mind.