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    Cute Bakery

    Just got home from a casting not long ago. Well, I had a casting around midday. But then after that, I just went window-shopping. Then King’s Road. While I sat on the bus on my way home – from King’s Road to Putney isn’t that far with bus number 22 – I then saw Peggy Porschen bakery and decided to get off the bus immediately to buy some cupcakes from it, and to take some selfies with it, of course. It’s just so chic and popular cake shop. Mainly because of its girly decoration with pink flowers both inside and outside. And everything about it is just so fabulous. People just take selfies with it and post it all over Instagram (Free advertising. I do the same by writing this blog post about it). That’s how I discovered Peggy Porschen bakery. When I got home, I made a cup of tea straight away. Then I had my afternoon tea – just without sandwiches, only the cupcakes I just bought. They tasted good, actually. I normally don’t eat sweet that often. I prefer fruits instead. But once in a while is okay. And these cupcakes, they’re not that sweet, that’s why I liked it.

    Peggy Porschen Bakery
    It’s too cute. I didn’t really want to eat it.
    Taking selfie with nice flowers in King’s Road
    In a tiny alley near Newman Street for a casting this afternoon. I have been to castings in this same place so many times. If they tell me to go to Newman Street for a casting, then I know exactly where to go. They don’t have to tell me the door number. It’s the same building anyway that they usually hold castings.
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    Simple Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe

    Green curry is one of my favourite curries. It just has a very delicate flavour, compared to other curries. And it’s not too spicy. It’s quite mild. Therefore I like making green curry dish when I feel like eating something not too spicy, but still has some heat in it. Yellow curry is also good. It’s less spicy than green curry. Red curry is the spiciest of them all. I like all curries, including massaman and panang curries. I just can’t get enough of it. Some people think Thai food is difficult to make. Not anymore. Today, you can buy readymade Thai curry pastes almost everywhere. There’s no need to go through all that trouble to make the curry pastes yourself. Unless, you make curry dishes on a daily basis.

    One of the reasons why I love Thai food is because it’s healthy since most Thai dishes comprise lots of vegetables. So you can’t go wrong with that. Eating Thai food regularly can only benefit me. And that’s why I love it! Also, many Thai dishes can be made without meat or just use tofu instead. So, Thai food is also ideal for vegetarians, vegans, and healthy food lovers. Occasionally, I do not use meat in my Thai cooking at all. I sometimes even forget that I have not used any meat in it since it tastes delicious anyway with or without.

    And today, I want to share a very tasty Thai green chicken curry. I love cooking. So, if I have time, I will spend my quality time to cook good, healthy food for myself. And today I fancy chicken green curry. So I just have to make it. I have tried this dish many times, for example, in restaurants and takeaway places, but it doesn’t taste that good or authentic enough. It’s quite disappointing when this dish, in fact, is not difficult to make at all. And you can make it in less than 30 mins. Therefore I feel like sharing this Thai green chicken curry recipe with you, so if you love this dish you can try to make it and see for yourself how easy it is. Okay, let’s do it!

    Thai Green Chicken Curry

    Cooking Time: 30 mins.

    Serves: 4


    • 2 Whole chicken breast fillets (about 320g), cut into strips
    • 500ml Coconut milk
    • 2 Tbsp readymade Thai green curry paste
    • 2 Tbsp Thai fish sauce
    • 250ml Water
    • 2 Small bags of mixed vegetables (about 500g vegetables), choose the one that has no onion in it or any vegetables that are not suitable for this type of dish. Carrot, broccoli, pepper, and similar are perfect for this dish. You can also buy each of these vegetables and prepare them yourself.


    1. Heat coconut milk in a wok or pot or casserole over medium heat, when it starts boiling add green curry paste, keep stirring gently until the curry paste dissolves and blends well with the coconut milk.

    2. Add chicken, cook the chicken until it’s about 50% cooked.

    3. Add vegetables and water, increase the heat to high heat and keep stirring everything together gently until it starts boiling, then add fish sauce and lower the heat back to medium heat, continue to cook everything together for about 2-3 more mins, or until the vegetables and chicken are finished.

    4. If you like, just before you turn the heat off add fresh chillies and coriander and give it a few, soft stirs before removing it from the heat.

    5. Serve it with freshly cooked rice, or even better with jasmine rice. Enjoy!

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    Salmon for Breakfast

    I start my day with one of my favourite breakfasts which is just some slices of bread with different items on them – one of them is salmon since I love fish, but not all kinds of fishes. One of the reasons I like fish is that it helps improve or maintain my eyesight. So I try to include fish and many others fruits and vegetables that are good for the health of my eyes, skin, and overall healthy body in my daily diet as much as I can. I also try to drink more tea instead of coffee.

    I don’t have this type of early meal that often, though. I normally have oatmeal or muesli or cereal for breakfast or just some fruits. Only once in a while that I fancy full English or some breads for breakfast, like today. It’s delicious when you don’t have it too frequently. And while it is yummy, it’s just not very wholesome. Therefore I only have it every once in a long while. I like taking good care of myself. So I go very much up in what I eat, do, and the like. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes me feel good. When you love yourself and will do anything for your well-being you will shine of confidence and self-esteem.

    Sometimes, I just skip breakfast. But only sometimes. Because, when I start my day with a decent breakfast I tend not to eat that much during the day. And I also have a prodigious energy to accomplish lots of things. I just feel so active and lively throughout the day. And I only eat just a little for dinner. But I notice that if I don’t have breakfast I am likely to eat more and sometimes a considerable portion when I don’t need it. So first thing in the morning when I stand up is to have a good breakfast. Then I’m ready.

    Salmon and brie cheese on breads.
    I also love pâté.
    Tea instead of coffee.
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    Berry Pie For My Writing

    I love berries such as red berry, blueberry. And I love pie. So, I tend to buy pie with berry in it. It can be all varieties of berries, as long as it’s a berry pie. I don’t like eating something sweet that much. But pie is an exception since it’s not too sweet. And it normally contains lots of fruits. Therefore, it has such a refreshing taste. And that’s why although I don’t like eating sugary things, but pie is ok. Today, I have the berry pie with black tea. They both create such a perfect balance.

    I will continue with my screenplay today. I am quite busy at the moment. So when I have time I have to work on my script as much as possible, to really finish it. Thankfully, I have already completed the first draft. The next step is the revision, which is what I’m doing now. But then I get busy with lots of things. So my editing process takes longer than expected. I now try to finalize my script as quickly as I can, so that I can sell the screenplay or make the movie myself.

    It’s getting harder and harder to work on my script as the day goes by because my energy and enthusiasm are not at the top as when I get up. And that’s why I stood up at around 6am this morning, to work on my screenplay very early in the morning. That’s when my mind is still crystal clear. Well, I will try to get my screenplay done as much as possible today since the next two days I will be busy and, probably, the rest of this week as well.

    Red berry pie with a cup of black tea. It may not look much of a berry pie since I shower it with loads of cream, so that it’s not too sweet.
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    Fruity Breakfast

    I try to eat healthy breakfast as much as possible. So today, I have muesli with lots of blueberries and strawberries. It’s very fruity, indeed. It can’t get anymore healthy than this. And muesli is one of the healthiest, simplest, and quickest early meals to prepare. So I always have muesli in my kitchen, and plus oatmeal as well. I love oatmeal as much as I love muesli. I like oatmeal even more because I can add lots of different things to it. It can be something sweet as fruit or it can be something tasty like an actual meal, such as spinach, egg. After this big bowl of healthy muesli and a big glass of tropical green smoothie, I think my body will be full of energy ready to start my day.

    Healthy breakfast: Muesli with loads of strawberries and blueberries.
    A glass of tropical green smoothie to go with my healthy early meal. No coffee today. I try to not drink too much coffee and drink more healthy drinks instead.
    A big bowl of healthy breakfast to kick-start my day.
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    Curly Fries

    I just got home not long ago and was so hungry. I didn’t know what to make, so that the food would be finished in no time at all because I was so starving. Luckily, I always stock frozen potatoes, curly fries, ready-meals, and things like that in the freezer, so I just made curly fries very quickly by putting them in the oven. I was thinking about making a bowl of instant noodles. But I have been eating noodles almost every day. So tonight, I must try something totally different. I attended 2 different classes and a workshop today. And that’s why I didn’t really have time to eat. I jumped from one class to the next. That’s what I spent my day today. And after this blog post, I will continue to work on my screenplay just a little bit more. I have the rest of this week to finish it. So, I don’t expect to achieve that much today – just a little. I wanted to attend an acting class as well tomorrow. But, I changed my mind. I will stay home and try to finish my script instead. Finalizing my screenplay is my top priority right now. I will try to make my dream come true this week by finally completing my screenplay.

    Curly fries.
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    Spicy Snack

    I just made Thai spicy beef salad for dinner or more like a snack for my rose wine. I don’t eat that big portion of a food. And it was a big piece of steak, so I didn’t need to have rice or potatoes to go with it. And it’s so warm today, almost like summer. So I fancied drinking something cold with a touch of alcohol, to celebrate the good weather. And rose wine came to my mind. I like serving it with a few ice cubes in the glass which makes it’s so refreshing. And its sweet, fruity palate just suited the nice weather to a tee. I love red wine as well. But since it’s a sunny day today, rose wine seemed to be the perfect choice for a balmy day. I chose the flavor that goes along well with spicy food because I was going to make Thai spicy beef salad for my dinner.

    I was used to making and selling scented candles and jewelry, and that’s why the candle has BUPPHA label on it since I used my own name as the name for my candle brand as well. I love scented candles. So I also use them myself.

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    Simple Breakfast

    I start my day with a simple breakfast, just fried eggs and toasts. Then, I have to go out of the door in a minute. I will be busy all day today, again. I may do everything tomorrow instead. Because, today, I feel like spending the whole day working on my screenplay. After a long time working on it, I just want to finish it asap! Then I can start looking for fund, cast & crew, locations, etc., to eventually begin to shoot the film.

    According to the weather forecast, tomorrow seems like it will be the warmest day in UK after a long, long time. So, I may go out and do my things tomorrow instead. I have checked the weather for today, and it will be up to 14C around 2pm. But now, it just looks dull and cold when I see it from the inside. When I go out I will know how warm it is today. I have lots of things to do. Maybe, I will not postpone it to tomorrow anyway.

    I love fried eggs. I like scrambled eggs, too, sometimes. But I don’t really make it that often. I don’t know why? Maybe, making fried eggs is more easy. I love cooking. Spending some quality time preparing good, delicious food for myself is one of the things I enjoy doing. I also like going to market, buying fresh produce for my cooking. When I have time I like to stroll through the market buying newly-harvested vegetables and fruits, but also fresh fish, seafood, meat, and the like. I’d rather buy fresh produce from a market than from a supermarket. It just makes you feel so connected to nature when you can feel and touch the raw materials, or, see them without nice packagings. And you walk around in an open space, in a market which everything is being laid out randomly, getting some fresh air at the same time. It just feels more relaxed.

    As soon as I get up, I have to start my day with a cup of coffee right away. Then my day can begin, afterward. I like drinking tea as well. But not as often as coffee. Maybe just once in a while. But I only drink one cup of coffee a day. That’s it. If I drink more than that it’s likely that I will have a hard time falling asleep.

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    Time Off

    Time for me to take time off. I have been working on my screenplay all day long. I have written to around page 50 now. I haven’t got that far with it as expected. Because, I have a bad habit of stopping and analysing each scene which slows down my work flow. So I have to refrain myself from doing that. I have to concentrate on making it to the end first – no matter what. Then I can always come back and revise it. Now, I will take a break and see a good movie. After I finish watching a movie, I will continue to work on my script. I have my ice cream ready for the movie. I hope, I may be able to write 10 more pages tonight. Then, I will have written 60 pages so far. And that’s about halfway already. It depends on how long I want my screenplay to be – about 100 or 120 pages? I just write and write. So, my script may seem boring now. It’s not that entertaining. And that’s the purpose of it. I just want to finish it first. I don’t care how uninteresting or absurd it may be. Making it to the end is my main goal for the time being. So, I don’t care about other elements for now. I just want to be able to type FADE OUT asap!

    I love chocolate ice cream.

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    A Cup of Coffee

    When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is to make a cup of coffee. When I have my coffee I feel so awake. I don’t need breakfast for now. Just the coffee. Then about an hour or two later, I will have my early meal. I feel like going out for a walk. Maybe I will walk to Wimbledon Village, which takes me about 15-20 minutes. But I will try to make a progress with my screenplay as much as I can today. So, every minute matters. I therefore must stay home and try to get my screenplay done as much as possible.

    If I could not finish my script today but maybe I could at least manage to finish Act 2 that would be good. I have already made an outline to page 115 or something. So, the whole screenplay is already complete just in a draft form. Now, I will only have to add more details in each scene, which makes my writing job more easy. Because, now I know precisely where I am going. I think, it’s going to be a very good screenplay. I can just feel it.

    Writing something from a true story that I know very well offers many advantages, because this feature-length drama screenplay I’m working on now is based on a true story, such as it makes me write my script faster without thinking much because I know the story inside out, there is a personal attachment to it which makes the script more personal and unique. And I want the readers and audiences to sense that.

    Now I will continue to work on my script right away.

    Morning coffee.
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