Making Film With No Crew

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That’s right. It’s me, Making Film With No Crew. It’s just a 10-minute short film. But, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, actually. And it’s only me to take care of all these. It can be very challenging. But, I like challenges. So, it’s good enough for me. I do have lots of applications coming in regarding my short film. So, I will spend tonight going through them. The people I have shortlisted also have to send in self-taping auditions. And I will spend the weekend watching them instead. Everything looks good so far. I didn’t expect to get that many interests in the project. There are actors who apply for all roles. Therefore, I think, I have got enough people now. The next step is just to start shortlisting people. I can’t wait to get the camera rolling!

I try to add my products bit by bit every day. I have lots of items to add to my site. I can’t add them all at once. I need to work on my film project as well. So, at least I have added something daily, then it should be good enough. I like making jewelry, especially bohemian style. So, I have to continue with it. I also wear all of my products. I make for sale and for myself. So, I only make what I really like to wear myself. I spend time crafting each jewellery with care & love. The same with screenplay. I just want to add that extra care and passion into it.

Shooting Scenes For my Short Films

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Some scenes for my short films have already been shot today. What an accomplishment! I’m gonna make 2 short films simultaneously. I have only filmed some parts for one of them. I wanted to shoot some segments for another film as well today. But then, the time was getting late. I wanted to shoot a morning scene for another film. So, I have to shoot it another day instead. But, I have at least shot some sequences of one of the films. So, I have gotten something done today anyway. And that’s a good thing. I am making progress now.

I have even made some necklaces as well, to sell on my website, this blog, which will be available on my site soon. So, I have achieved lots of things today. It’s been a good day, indeed.

Tomorrow, I will work on set again. I have already packed, taken shower, checked time travel, set my alarm clock on, and so on. I am so ready. I like packing in advance. So, I am sure that I have plenty of time to pack, and that I have everything I need with me. If I began to pack in a hurry because I had not much time to pack such as just before heading out, getting up late I would forget something. That’s for sure. It did happen before. I have now learned, being well-prepared is the key in any job, to avoid mistakes as much as I can.


Fashion Blog

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I changed the design of my website again. Because, I’m going to move my shop, Bohoforest, to here instead. Everything will be in one place from now on: My blog & my shop. So, my blog needs to reflect the fashion theme as well. I will also write more about fashion and jewelry in the future. So, this new style will look better for fashion blog, I think. The reason why I decided to move my shop to here is because I can’t make lots of jewelry constantly since I also have filming & writing jobs to do. And having an eCommerce site, you need to keep adding new products. It consumes so much of my time. I have to keep making new products, sending newsletters, updating social media profiles, and many many more. And that’s why I can never finish making my short film. It really gets in the way. I realize that now. So, if I sell my products on my blog instead as a hobby then I don’t have to spend so much time on it. I want to devote more time to film industry instead. So, I have to get rid of the things that slow down my creativity. I will start adding my products to my blog bit by bit from tomorrow. Then I have to start shooting my own film as well. I want to complete my short film as soon as possible. So, doing away with my other eCommerce site should help me finish my film faster now.

Go Send The Packages Again

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I had some orders coming in last night. So, I have to go out and send the packages to my customers again today. Most of the orders are the things that are handmade, which I make them myself, except the rings, such as bracelets, chokers. Continued

Jewelry Making

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I decided not to go nowhere today, so that I could only focus on my film script writing. But then, I had got some orders coming in last night. So, I have to go out and send jewelry to customers first, then come back and continue to work on my screenplay. I sell more rings than any other jewellery. Maybe, I should only sell rings instead 🙂 All of the rings I had had were sold out. I have no more rings left to sell. I only have one style of ring left and only 1 set of it left. I have not ordered more bohemian rings since because I am focusing on making bracelets instead at the moment. Below is the ring set that I sell the most and now only have 1 set left:

Well, maybe I should order some more boho rings then. I don’t make rings myself. I make chokers, necklaces, and bracelets. The latter is something I just begin to introduce to people. So, it takes some time before people know that I also sell bracelets. I enjoy making them. I feel so excited having to wake up every morning to start making jewelry, wearing them, taking pictures, and posting them on my online store, Bohoforest. I feel even more delighted when someone orders it. Then I have to personally pack and send it to each customer all over the world. Now I will get ready to go out and send the jewels. The sooner I send to them the better. I don’t like waiting to send the orders. I want them to reach my customers asap. I put myself in their shoes: If I ordered something online I would, of course, enthusiastically wait for it to be delivered as soon as possible! I know the joy of opening your mailbox and a package of gift is waiting for you in there. How wonderful is that?

Below are the bracelets that I have just finished making them very recently and added them onto my online store, Bohoforest:

Martial Arts Day

I will be heading for martial arts classes very soon. I attend the lessons once a week. But it’s 4.5 hours a day. I started the fighting stage combat unarmed at 17:00, then continue another workshop right after that with stage combat with sword & shield, or whatever that is. So, I begin at 17:00 and finish at 21:30, and that’s exactly 4.5 hours in total. But the days that I don’t go to martial arts, I also do some practices at home, exercise by walking almost every day, at least 1 hour. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do a long workout for 4.5 hours straight. I also eat healthy food, lots of green vegetables, and so on.

Then, I also have my own jewelry & handmade cosmetics business beside this, which I have to keep adding products onto the website, do some marketing, making new products, and more. Because, most of the jewellery, I make them myself. I also begin to make cosmetics as well, such as bath bomb, sugar scrub, which are all handmade by me. I make and test it on myself. They are very good for the skin. I use it regularly myself. And I love it! All my bath bombs contain vital ingredients that are good for the skin, for example:

  • Epsom Salt: Reviving, helps relax tired, aching muscles, and similar.
  • Cornstarch: Helps soothe skin irritation, including sunburn and skin allergies, reduce smelly feet, etc.
  • Vitamin E Oil: Moisturize, helps encourage cell regeneration, reduce wrinkles, sunburn, scars, and many more.

As soon as my handmade cosmetics are available for purchase on my site,, I will let you know 🙂 Right now, I’m just making and testing it first. I’m almost done with it.

rose bath bomb

handmade shower bombs

Shower Bombs