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    New One Woman Show: Will You Marry Me?

    Here’s a new one-woman show video: Will You Marry Me? When I did the solo performance videos I made lots of shows at once. Why not? When I have plenty of time to do so I make lots of videos at once. Then, I don’t have to think about making a new one every day since I will be busy with lots of things daily. So when I have time I take a full advantage of it to record as many shows as possible and save them individually – one video one play. And that’s why I have so many clips from different productions to post each day.

    Acting is fun. I love it and never get tired of it. I cannot wait to act in my own upcoming feature film if I decide to make the movie myself. I have a good feeling that my screenplay is going to be good. Therefore I really try to finish it asap, but at this moment I’m also too busy with lots of things, so my mission to complete my manuscript as soon as possible isn’t that possible anyway. But I’m working on it, to finish it as quickly as I can every time I have a chance to continue with it.

    And If I made the movie myself I then had the opportunity to produce it, play in it, and direct it. So it could establish 3 careers for me in 3 different fields, which I will just call it a filmmaker to make it sound less complicated. Because, it doesn’t matter if you’re a producer or a director or an actor, and the like, you are a filmmaker. So when I think about the rewards of turning it into a movie myself it’s likely that I want to produce the film myself.

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    Comedy Night

    It’s a comedy night tonight! I have been working on my manuscript all day long. Now it’s time to relax. Right now, I just want to see something more laid-back and funny. Then, I will resume after I have watched a good film. And I plan to make a short film out of my screenplay as well. So, I will soon look for cast & crew for my upcoming filmmaking project. And it will be an all-female film crew except the cast, as I have said earlier in my previous blog. I stand up early almost every day now to really try to complete my screenplay. Nothing much left now before I am totally done with it.

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    A One Woman Show: Walking Into The Sea

    Here’s another video of my solo performances: Walking Into the Sea. I will release a new video almost every day or at least once or twice a week. I am a storyteller. So I enjoy making a short video every day or whenever I can, to tell good stories and to entertain you. This is what I love doing: Entertaining people. That’s why I love acting. Therefore it just makes so much sense to me to become an actor. If you don’t love what you do you can’t find the delight and meaning in doing it. And you can’t keep doing it for so long. Me, 14 Years since 2004. And I am not going to stop anytime soon.

    This video below, can you guess: What is it about? Maybe it’s not difficult to predict since I also play another person shouting, “She’s walking into the sea! I think, she’s trying to commit suicide.” It’s a one-woman show which I play 2 different characters: The first person who walks into the sea and another person who witnesses it. Although this short solo performance is only about a little less than 1 minute long (40 seconds), but it succinctly sums up the setting, plot, and protagonist.

    The setting is, of course, the sea. The plot is someone is trying to commit suicide. The protagonist could either be the person who walks into the sea or the witness – or both. We don’t know yet if the person who tries to commit suicide is going to be rescued or not? And what will happen next? And why does he/she want to commit suicide? There’s a lot of questions here in just less than 1 minute of a one person show, which creates suspense and intrigue.

    So, the limitation of actors doesn’t stop the play of being entertaining and interesting. It depends on the performance and the plot and all other elements as well, to make a piece. It’s just amazing how much you can do with a solo performance. Only the sky’s the limit. Just let your imagination run wild. I’m passionate about performing. So I love exploring all forms of acting. I do acting pretty much for my own enjoyment.

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    Racist Theme

    My screenplay and movie (If I’m going to make the movie myself) will have a racist sub-theme as well. I think, it is important that we talk more about this subject because although we are in the year of 2019, but racism doesn’t go anywhere. It’s still very much present. I think racism is unacceptable in the modern world we live in today. And many deem that, too. Think BlacKkKlansnan and Green Book movies, for instance. Both movies try to send a message out that racism is still very much alive today. That we all should be aware of it and help each other get rid of it since racism doesn’t belong anywhere in the modern times.

    Racism prevents people to come and work together, to create something good together. It generates a bad atmosphere and a negative working environment. It makes people hate each other for no reason. And many more. It’s a global problem that still pesters us. Today, the world has become more connected, partly because people have the means to travel around the globe more, and partly because of social media which I believe plays a part in it, too. So everything has become more and more international and diverse, which is a good thing because we can then learn from each other’s differences and utilize each other’s knowledge to move the world forward, and to make the world a better place for everyone to live.

    And one of the best mediums to get this message across, I think, is through movies. So, if you can make something as entertaining and as educational at the same time then it’s even better. Then, people will enjoy the movie and learn something constructive at once. And that’s what I try to incorporate in my movie as well. But, it’s a drama which contains some serious and emotional themes and scenes, so I can’t make it as fun as BlacKkKlansnan. It’s a completely different movie, but with similar theme. Racism in my movie is a sub-theme or sub-plot; in BlacKkKlansnan is the main theme or plot.

    And this film is distributed by Universal Pictures. What an irony!
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    Writing Method

    It’s a strange paradox that I find it’s difficult to concentrate on writing when I’m in a public place because of the noises such as cafe, restaurant, but while I work on my script at home I often listen to music at the same time which seems to help me write quicker – and sometimes loud music. But, I can’t work with noises at home either, but when it comes to music then is fine. In a public place is different, I can’t focus at all even though there is music.

    Music works for me only at home. In fact, I capitalize on music to a great extent in which I write even faster and better by listening to music while I’m writing. The past 2-3 days, I listened to music constantly while I was working on my screenplay, and that’s why I could finish it, at long last. Therefore, I don’t really work on my screenplay outside of my home since I can’t keep my mind on writing anyway with a cacophony of all sounds.

    But many found success in writing, which could be songs or books, in public places such as in a pub, restaurant. I could never do that. I have tried, but unsuccessful. But writing at home with music on seems to work for me perfectly. Music allows one scene to segue into the next. And things seem to flow out of my mind naturally. And that’s why I could write my screenplay smoothly and quickly till the FADE OUT within 2-3 days. Before, I tried to work on my script without music and didn’t really get anywhere. When I started listening to music while I was writing it worked like magic.

    And this method is not new for some writers. Some writers or authors use music to inspire them and help them write more creatively and passionately. I find it to be true now.

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    A Parallel Universe

    I like mystery/sci-fi movies. Something that questions about our existence on earth, past & future, and the like. Do we live in a parallel universe? Does time travel exist? Are we alone? And so on. It would take years and years to find the answers to that. Anyway, it is fun to be curious and search for the answers about something we may never discover the truth. And here’s a list of movies that reflect my curiosity:

    1. Arrival
    2. The Time Traveler’s Wife
    3. I Am Legend
    4. Blade Runner
    5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    6. Interstellar
    7. Looper
    8. The Fifth Element
    9. Mad Max: Fury Road
    10. Planet of the Apes

    And the TV series “LOST” which I still don’t understand. But it’s many years ago that I saw it – just some of the episodes. I think I have to rewatch it 🙂

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    Time to Chill Out

    I just got home a while ago. I consider seeing a good film before taking a shower and go to bed. Or, I can take a shower now and then see if I feel like watching a movie after that or not. If not I will just go straight to bed after shower since I have to get up early tomorrow morning, more early than today. So, maybe it’s a good idea that I go to bed right after shower.

    But, if I decided to see a good movie I might see Arrival (which I love it and I have seen it only once) or Annihilation (I have never seen it before and some say it’s similar to Arrival) or Aliens (this one I have seen many times already, but I can never get tired of seeing it again and again) or I might even see Blade Runner 2049 because I have seen the original one 2-3 times and love it! So, I might check the second one out. But it’s almost 3 hours long. I might watch something else tonight and see it another day instead when I don’t have to stand up early.

    I think, it’s better I go take a shower now. Then I can make up my mind later what I want to do, afterwards.

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    Listen to Music

    I need to take a break from working on my screenplay and listen to music for a while, after having been working on my screenplay all day long . It’s looking good so far. I’m really happy with it. I try to write 20 more pages tonight. Then, I will have completed the first half of Act 2. I have been drinking lots of coffee all day. So I think, I may be able to produce 20 more pages tonight. If not I will just try to write as much as I can tonight. I don’t have to stand up early tomorrow morning. So I can go to bed as late as I want to.

    Now the time is only about 10:30pm. I think, I can go to bed around 1am if I decide to write 20 more pages. That’s about 2.5 hours to write. I don’t know if it’s enough to write 20 pages? Anyway, I will try. The most tricky part is Act 2: How do you keep the entertainment alive throughout Act 2? I’m not worried about Act 3 that much because I already have the answer for Act 3 or have already written Act 3 – just roughly. But Act 2 is the longest part and the most difficult one. So, I have to focus more on it and make it as gripping as much as I can.

    I have already made an outline for the whole screenplay. But still, I have to really come up with some exciting scenes that keep the readers turning pages throughout the script, especially Act 2. Otherwise, it will be a boring screenplay. And then when I send it out it may be used as a doorstop instead. Or even worse, it may be chucked in a bin after just the first page. Or even just after the first paragraph. So I really pour my heart & soul in Act 2, to create a harmony for the whole script.

    Have you ever read a book or seen a film that seems exciting in the beginning, but then toward the middle of it your interest in continuing with it disappears? So, I try to avoid that. I want it to be captivating throughout. Some of the books that I couldn’t put them down till I finished reading them were The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (I have only read it in Danish or Swedish. I have never read it in English), Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Girl on The Train, for instance. So I try to achieve that, which would be excellent if I could do the same with my screenplay.

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    Dancing Class

    I went to contemporary dancing class again yesterday. Now my body feels amazing. I don’t remember the steps that much because I don’t really practise at home. So today, I will try to practise a little bit. Then, I will continue to attend the class once a week. So I better can remember the choreography and get used to the routine. I may attend jazz dance as well. So, two days dancing once a week: Contemporary & Jazz dances. Then also yoga and martial art classes once a week. Then I’m good. I can feel when I keep exercising regularly my body becomes more robust and lithe. After the dancing class, it feels like I am dancing every time I move my body to do something, even making coffee, walking around in my studio flat. I don’t feel easily tired as I was used to. Another reason that makes me keep working out is that I want a more toned body besides learning new skills. That’s one of my goals this year.

    I feel like attending a martial art class as well today. But, I also want to finish my screenplay as soon as possible. Now that I know what it needs to improve. The sooner I am done with my script the better, so that I can move on. But exercise is also very vital. But I had already been to dancing class yesterday. So, it should be okay. Well, I am not so sure. I may attend martial art class anyway later on today.

    Contemporary dance
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    Listening to Music

    Time to take a break from writing and listen to music instead. Music helps me relax. I like Coldplay, which is one of my favourite bands. I also like Amy Winehouse, PJ Harvey, The Rolling Stones, for instance. So, whenever I have a writer’s block or too tired to continue to work on my script I stop and listen to music. And it helps to some extent. I’m even thinking about going to a singing class, not to become a musician, but to improve my vocal which is also vital for actors. I don’t know, yet. But it’s a possibility.

    I’m running out of milk. I can’t drink coffee without milk. And it seems, it will be a long night for me today since I plan to finish revising Act 1 today, or get Act 1 done as much as possible. And I need lots of coffee to be able to stay awake. But no milk. So I don’t know how it’s gonna work? And I live in a village. There are no shops nearby. There’s a few shops about 20 minutes walk away. But they closed at 8pm already, so. I will try to drink just black coffee, then.

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