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    Time For a Good Film

    I have been busy all day today and yesterday as well since I started working on my short filmmaking project about a few days ago, sorting through submissions, responding to applications, planning the filming, and so on. I really hope, I can begin to shoot by the end of this week. My filmmaking project looks more real now. It will be made this week. That’s for sure. I have a good feeling about it. I had already written the script for it last year before I decided to put this horror film project on hold, to start writing a drama script to send to screenplay competition instead. It never went to the contest since I could not meet the deadline. Not that because I am a bad writer, and that I cannot work within a restricted time frame. I spontaneously decided to work on the drama screenplay when it was only about a week before the finishing date, which was too little. No one could do that. Now I have learned my lesson.

    But, I didn’t start writing the drama screenplay for nothing. I am now almost done with it, which turns out to be a good screenplay. I think. Now, it’s ready to be sent to new screenplay competitions. This time, I have plenty of time. Anyway, the screenplay is almost done. So I don’t need to spend too much time on it no more. And that’s why I choose to start filming my short horror film “Blood Group O” straight away since I am now free to work on a new project.

    Now, I will watch a good film. I have been working too much lately. I need to clear my mind with some entertainment. Take a break from my project for a while. Recharge my energy. Even though I work with films and screenplays constantly, but when I want to relax I always turn to films because I love watching movies. And that’s why I want to be a filmmaker. I’ve always been fascinated by good stories, which transport me to new worlds, away from reality and chaos, even just for a short moment in time. So, being a filmmaker just seems like the perfect career choice for me.

    From last fall in a park near my place.
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    Clever Dialogue from Moonstruck

    I love this scene from Moonstruck movie because the dialogue is so clever and good. The scene after they left the opera. Especially when Nicolas Cage says to Cher:

    We are here to ruin ourselves, and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and die.

    The dialogue is just so fantastic and well written. I think, I agree. And I think most people would confess, too. Writing is my passion. So when I see amazing dialogues I admire them and try to write as good dialogues/monologues as much as I can. I don’t only watch movies for my own entertainment, but also to study from others who have mastered the art of writing before me. Good movies with good plots and dialogues is what keeps me watching the movies till the end, even though I am tired. I have watched lots of films unfinished because I get bored after the first 10 minutes or so. I have tried to see one film that won lots of awards very recently, but after one hour into the film nothing much happened I gave up. I don’t care what it wins or doesn’t win, if it doesn’t hook me in the first 10 minutes I will not waste my time on that film. And one hour is way too much. But I kept watching that movie for one hour because I was curious why it won lots of prizes? But maybe the rest of the movie was good if I kept watching till the end. And that’s why the first 10-minute is so imperative, if you want people to finish seeing your work of art. The movie may be good after 10 minutes or one hour, which is a shame if the audience no longer cares to watch till the end, to see how good the movie is.

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    A Monologue From My Screenplay

    I had just recorded a monologue from my screenplay that I performed on Sunday 24 at Theatre Deli in London, which I posted the video from my solo performance in my last post. This time it’s just a monologue that I uploaded to SoundCloud, so that you can hear me speak clearly and notice the difference. I will be playing this character in the movie as well if I’m going to turn it into a film myself. I will play the girlfriend of the protagonist. So I practise my lines along the way. In the end, I might be able to remember the whole script by heart….hehe.

    The search for cast & crew may begin soon. I will make a short film first by taking a scene from my original script and making a short film out of it, to pitch my fund. So, I will go through my script tonight and see which scene I want to use in the short film. It will be just about 10 minutes long. This will be my second short film. I can’t wait to start shooting again soon! This time, I will make it better than last time. I learn something new each time I make a movie. I am so thrilled to start filming a new movie asap since I’ve always been fascinated by films. So I always look forward to doing what I love

    Practising my lines from my screenplay which is a coming-of-age drama.
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    Performing at Theatre Deli

    I did a one-woman show last night at Theatre Deli in London yesterday. It was a “Don’t Judge me by my Accent – Performance Night” for both British and foreign performers. So each artiste got to act and show their unique accent to the audience; the accent that is part of their identity which defies who they are. I think, it’s an excellent idea. Therefore I joined them as well. It went very well. I could perform confidently without fearing that people would find my accent sound bizarre. And also because my accent is a mixture of Thai, Danish, and British/American English.

    This is the thing that I think the “audio-diversity” should be included in the entertainment industry as well. No one can speak perfect British or American accent, unless they are natives. Or, they happen to be good at it or have trained and trained or have British or American partner or friends that they can practise the accent with on a daily basis. Other than that many are struggling with mastering the flawless British or American accent. Think about how many of real talents we might have lost if we only focused on actors who excel themselves in British or American accent.

    And as I said yesterday in my previous blog post that I messed up with my camera’s functions and didn’t realise it. So I gave my camera to one of the organisers to record my performance. And the result was a very dark video. Although I tried to brighten it up as much as I could with Adobe Premiere Pro, it still doesn’t look that good. Maybe slightly better. You can watch the video below and see it for yourself how bad the quality was:

    Performing my one-woman show last night at Theatre Deli, the show was a short scene taken from my own drama screenplay that I have just finished, which went very well. I think 🙂
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    An Entertaining Evening

    It was an entertaining evening, indeed, at Theatre Delicatessen. I got to perform in front of the audience, to test out my screenplay and my acting skill. It’s not so bad, actually. I think, it went very well. I gave the girl, one of the organisers, my video camera for her to record the show for me, which she kindly did and the videos turned out very dark. It was my fault that I forgot to adjust the camera back to its normal state before I gave it to her. Because, I used the camera to take my selfies indoor about a few days ago, so I messed around with the ISO, Aperture, and so forth. Then I totally forgot to reset it.

    She did ask me to just give her my mobile phone to film the play. But then I already bought my camera with me since I wanted better video quality this time. But then it worked totally the opposite, just because I played around with the camera and forgot to check it before leaving home. So I really have to remember next time before I bring my camera anywhere to see if it’s ready to take photos and record videos.

    But the host, they did record the videos for all the performances themselves. So they will send me a copy of it within a couple of weeks or so. Thank god. Because, if I could not brighten up my videos then that would be such a shame. I could just let her use my mobile phone to shoot instead. Then I wouldn’t have problem with the ISO, Aperture, and so on. But who knew, it would turn out fruitless. So I have one thing to say to myself if I am going to bring my camera anywhere: Check your camera before you leave home!

    But all in all, it was a good evening. Each performer did a very good job. I had a glass of red wine while I was watching the performances. Then I left before all the shows had completely finished because I have an audition this Sunday as well. So I needed to get some rest and stay fresh, so that I would not forget my monologue for the audition. I will practise the monologue again right when I get up in the morning.

    A glass of red wine to warm up before the show.
    Waiting for my turn to perform at the Theatre Deli last night.
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    A One Woman Show: Driving School

    Here’s a new one-woman show: Driving school. This one will be my last video before I start making a new series of it. After posting this video, I will begin to practise my solo performance for tonight and for the audition tomorrow as well. I’m so excited to the play later on today. I will use the same monologue that I will be performing this evening for the audition as well. I can give a little hint that it’s a monologue which I take from my drama screenplay. Now I will have to go through it again, to really learn it by heart. I think it’s a good idea to take a chunk from my own script and present it onstage, to see how entertaining it will be and to see the audience’s reaction. It’s one of the best ways to put my manuscript to the test how it will sound or look like when it is actually staged and enacted by someone. I cannot wait to represent my monologue and do a solo performance for the audience this evening!

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    A Solo Performance: Driving

    I have two monologues to practise. I will do it tomorrow. This time is not a self-tape audition. One is an actual audition that I have to prepare my monologue for. And another one is a play. A real show that I have to perform for people at a venue – a solo performance which I write the piece myself. So, I’m so excited! I’m getting more and more busy. I have to keep an eye on my calendar, not to miss any meetings, shows, auditions, networking events, and more. And I also have to start looking for fund to make my film or trying to sell my screenplay. So every day, I have a to-do list that I have to follow closely since it’s very important that I achieve my goals. I used to dislike a to-do list because I think it limits your creativity. But now if I want any success in my career, I have to start taking it seriously and following every step it takes to make my dreams come true. I can’t waste my time no more. I had spent my time unwisely for more than a decade in the past. It’s time to get myself together and go after what I want and do whatever I can to get there where I want to be.

    The above is my 4th solo performance video: Driving. I have to remember to make acting videos every week, to train my acting skills. So I try to maintain that as well. But I still have some videos that I made some weeks ago which I recorded myself doing several one-person shows. It’s really good. So I can just post that for now until I am done with posting the last one, which I still have one more to go, I will then make a new series again. Or maybe, I will just make a fresh one each time I want to upload a new video to YouTube. So each time, I get the chance to perform anew. I then might get a new, excellent idea weekly. If I did multiple performances in one go, my acting styles and stories might not diverse that much. So maybe it’s better to come up with an up-to-date show each week instead.

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    New One Woman Show: Will You Marry Me?

    Here’s a new one-woman show video: Will You Marry Me? When I did the solo performance videos I made lots of shows at once. Why not? When I have plenty of time to do so I make lots of videos at once. Then, I don’t have to think about making a new one every day since I will be busy with lots of things daily. So when I have time I take a full advantage of it to record as many shows as possible and save them individually – one video one play. And that’s why I have so many clips from different productions to post each day.

    Acting is fun. I love it and never get tired of it. I cannot wait to act in my own upcoming feature film if I decide to make the movie myself. I have a good feeling that my screenplay is going to be good. Therefore I really try to finish it asap, but at this moment I’m also too busy with lots of things, so my mission to complete my manuscript as soon as possible isn’t that possible anyway. But I’m working on it, to finish it as quickly as I can every time I have a chance to continue with it.

    And If I made the movie myself I then had the opportunity to produce it, play in it, and direct it. So it could establish 3 careers for me in 3 different fields, which I will just call it a filmmaker to make it sound less complicated. Because, it doesn’t matter if you’re a producer or a director or an actor, and the like, you are a filmmaker. So when I think about the rewards of turning it into a movie myself it’s likely that I want to produce the film myself.

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    Comedy Night

    It’s a comedy night tonight! I have been working on my manuscript all day long. Now it’s time to relax. Right now, I just want to see something more laid-back and funny. Then, I will resume after I have watched a good film. And I plan to make a short film out of my screenplay as well. So, I will soon look for cast & crew for my upcoming filmmaking project. And it will be an all-female film crew except the cast, as I have said earlier in my previous blog. I stand up early almost every day now to really try to complete my screenplay. Nothing much left now before I am totally done with it.

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    A One Woman Show: Walking Into The Sea

    Here’s another video of my solo performances: Walking Into the Sea. I will release a new video almost every day or at least once or twice a week. I am a storyteller. So I enjoy making a short video every day or whenever I can, to tell good stories and to entertain you. This is what I love doing: Entertaining people. That’s why I love acting. Therefore it just makes so much sense to me to become an actor. If you don’t love what you do you can’t find the delight and meaning in doing it. And you can’t keep doing it for so long. Me, 14 Years since 2004. And I am not going to stop anytime soon.

    This video below, can you guess: What is it about? Maybe it’s not difficult to predict since I also play another person shouting, “She’s walking into the sea! I think, she’s trying to commit suicide.” It’s a one-woman show which I play 2 different characters: The first person who walks into the sea and another person who witnesses it. Although this short solo performance is only about a little less than 1 minute long (40 seconds), but it succinctly sums up the setting, plot, and protagonist.

    The setting is, of course, the sea. The plot is someone is trying to commit suicide. The protagonist could either be the person who walks into the sea or the witness – or both. We don’t know yet if the person who tries to commit suicide is going to be rescued or not? And what will happen next? And why does he/she want to commit suicide? There’s a lot of questions here in just less than 1 minute of a one person show, which creates suspense and intrigue.

    So, the limitation of actors doesn’t stop the play of being entertaining and interesting. It depends on the performance and the plot and all other elements as well, to make a piece. It’s just amazing how much you can do with a solo performance. Only the sky’s the limit. Just let your imagination run wild. I’m passionate about performing. So I love exploring all forms of acting. I do acting pretty much for my own enjoyment.

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