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    Notting Hill Carnival

    Believe it or not, it’s the first time that I attended Notting Hill Carnival last month. I had never been to Notting Hill Carnival before now. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally go see the carnival. Maybe it’s because it’s too warm, too many people, and it may be dangerous. But last month I spontaneously went there, at long last. It wasn’t that bad. Too many people, yes. But it’s okay. I have been to concerts and music festivals where there are 1000s and 1000s of people as well. A lot more people than this. They are also drunk people. So, it makes no difference to me. I have now experienced Notting Hill Carnival. I might go back next year.

    I remember when Mumford & Sons concert was over in Victoria Park in June this year, I walked out of the park on my way home among tens of thousands of people. I walked in the middle of a massive mass of concertgoers all around me. It was quite scary. I was thinking, what if I’m getting sick, so how the ambulance is gonna reach me? And it was a long way to go before I got to the train station, which was too many people, so I had to catch a bus home instead. But it was worth it. The concert was epic! I really liked it. I will, for sure, attend their next concerts again in the future.

    Selfie with a beautiful house in Notting Hill.
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    Camden Market

    I decided to go to Camden Market today. I always think of lots of possible places to go. But I often end up going to Camden Market, anyway. Next time, I promise myself to go somewhere else. There’s a lot of people at Camden Market today as usual. Well, because the weather was nice as well. I walked around and had Thai/Asian food for lunch. I don’t really buy clothes from Camden Market. I think, they are quite expensive and there isn’t any that I really like. If I want to buy vintage clothing, then I go to Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane Market, and Portobello Road Market instead. Camden Market is more for food lovers, I think. There are lots of jewellery as well. Too many that I couldn’t decide what to buy. I will have to go back another day and take my time to try them on.

    With Chucky – Camden Market.
    Selfie time.
    I always eat Asian food when I go to Camden Market.
    At Camden Market.
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    Vintage Markets

    It’s Saturday today. I feel like going to vintage markets around London. The sun was shining and all earlier this morning when I stood up. Now, the sun stops shining. But I still want to go out to take a break from my work for a while, and to experience something new. I might even get some new inspirations by going out and exploring new settings. I just hope it’s not gonna rain. No sunshine, no problem, just no rain. I have checked the weather forecast, and there will be no rain. But you never know. British weather can be unpredictable. Anyway, I have to go out. I might go to Portobello Road Market. It’s been a while since I visited it. Then, I might have some antique items home. I like buying vintage stuff. Not because they cost nothing. But because they are something rare and unique. I don’t like filling my home with lots of knick-knacks. But I like buying vintage fashion and jewellery. That’s what I walk around the flea markets for, to look for some cool second-hand clothing to add to my wardrobe.

    Vintage fashion
    Second-hand clothing
    Antique market
    Food market
    London rain
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    The Power of A Nap

    I took a nap this afternoon. Now I feel so animated and totally awake. I think, maybe I will use this opportunity to continue to revise my screenplay. Sometimes, I feel so energised in the morning and sometimes at night instead. So whenever that occurs, I have to grab that chance and write as much as I can before it begins to subside again. Therefore, it is probably true to say that taking a nap each day can help you become more active and productive. Some countries in Europe already do that. I think Italy and Spain, for instance. When I went to Italy with my friend many years ago, I saw a pair of shoes which I really liked it, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase it. I then told the shop assistant that I will walk around and come back within half an hour if I want to buy it. And that was around lunch time. She then told me: The shop will be closed for 2 hours, so I need to come back after that. I was so surprised. I never knew this before. Because, it is widely believed that sleeping or taking a nap during the day is a sign of laziness. That what many perceive it, including me. So it took me by surprise to find out that in some countries during my stay in Italy, it is a good thing. Italy is so mesmerising, also France. I will, definitely, return to the countries one day. I like travelling around Europe. Some places are just so beautiful and picturesque. And I try to avoid traversing by plane. I’d rather take a train instead, to get the most out of the stunning landscapes around Europe.

    Italy – Image by Bela Balla from Pixabay
    Venice – Image by David Mark from Pixabay
    Paris – Image by skeeze from Pixabay
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    Lunch Time

    Time to have lunch. I just make a quick noodle soup for my late lunch. It’s so delicious. Sometimes, something so simple and quick can taste very yummy. I therefore always store some noodles in my cupboard because they can come in handy when I need something quick & easy for my meal. Summer just reminds me so much about the warm, tropical country I am form, Thailand. I no longer remember how does it feel like sitting or walking on the beach barefoot feeling the sand through my toes, how beautiful the sunset above the ocean is, the cool & wonderful sea breeze that touches my face, the exotic, palm-dotted islands that I have visited, and more. So every bite of Asian food just takes me right back to the land where paradise on earth does exist, and that nature is a vital part of our existence and wellbeing. And I think, having grew up with the nature all around me really makes me appreciate nature all the more.

    I think about the time when I was young going to school barefoot. The journey to the school wasn’t an easy task. But it’s a worthwhile trip since I got to wear no shoes, enjoy the nature along the way, chase the butterflies, and the like. It’s one of the most unforgettable times in my life. And I think about it almost daily. All of this because of my father who’s an ideologist and a teacher. He wanted all children to have education. So he decided not to teach students in the cities, but in places which civilisation hasn’t reached them yet such as small, rural villages, towns closer to the borders. So I got the chance to live like the locals. And every day I am grateful to my parents for the precious experience they gave me.

    Quick & tasty noodle soup with crispy pork belly and bok choy.
    Spicy food with strawberry and banana smoothie.
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    Vintage Market

    If the weather is good tomorrow, I may go vintage market. I just need to take a break from my work for a while. I may go to Portobello Road market. I haven’t been there for a very long time. I love going to markets. It just gives me a sense of renewal, entertainment, and new adventure experience. I feel like travelling the world around in one single place. I also love looking at bohemian clothes and antiques, especially from the 70’s and 80’s. I just feel like going back in time walking around the flea market. The things that I tend to buy at the market are jewellery and clothes. I think all women do. And, of course, I have to try different foods as well. If you go to farmers market and don’t try various foods that you don’t normally eat, then you don’t really get the most out of your time there.

    Summer is the perfect time to visit the markets. I haven’t been to all markets in London, yet. So maybe tomorrow I will go to a completely new market that I have never been before. I have a couple of them in mind. I would need to get up early tomorrow then if I wanted to go to the market. Public transport in London can take me ages to get to anywhere. And when the weather is good, sunshine and all that, there will also be lots of people in town – both tourists and Londoners. So when I actually arrive at the market, the time may already be late. Then, I don’t have much time to walk around and enjoy the environment before the market closes.

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    I Love Monday

    Monday again. A start of the week. Some people don’t like Monday, mostly 9-5 people. But I like Monday. I just can’t wait to get going, to start creating something, and similar. I look forward to a busy week ahead already. I just love being busy and have something to do. It just makes me feel alive. Even when I have a day off, I will go somewhere anyway, such as a market, a beach if it’s warm. Only at the moment that I don’t really go anywhere because I’m working on my drama screenplay constantly, trying to get it done as soon as possible. Then, my horror short film project as well. But once I have finished both of them, I will celebrate by going on vacation for a short while. Maybe just for two weeks’ holiday or a weekend break. It will, definitely, be somewhere in Europe. Maybe Copenhagen 🙂

    I usually find my source of inspiration for my films and screenplays from real life events, my own experience, something that happened to someone I know, and so on. I think because I know the stories very well, and therefore can tell them in a way that is more unique and believable. And that’s why I so look forward to finishing my drama script because it’s also based on a true story, just like my horror short “Blood Group O.” I just can’t wait to make movies from interesting stories. I also get a sense of achievement as I write my own manuscripts and make my own movies. It’s just a wonderful feeling to have created a piece of work or art since you’re so passionate about what you do. Money is not really a matter of concern for most artistes, I think. All they wanted to do is just to do what they love. I think that’s pretty much it. That’s exactly what I also did when I performed for free at Theatre Deli not long ago. After I was done with the show and the audience seemed to be entertained by it and gave me a big applause, that was the height of joy for me. It was a real reward than money. I just love to entertain. And I will never cease to do what I love.

    Selfies of the day.
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    Tower Bridge

    I haven’t been to Tower Bridge for a few years now. But now since I see Tower Bridge is a popular location for taking selfies as well. So I must go there. I passed by it many times in the past. But I never really wanted to take a selfie with it. But it looks good when I see some selfies with it in the background. It just looks so magical like in a fairy tale – both day & night. But as I mentioned before in my previous post, London has many interesting, stunning spots to take selfies with because of its many famous landmarks. It’s just a city for selfie lovers to pilgrim to.

    Now that I have been to Tower Bridge, next time I will find a new, amazing place in London to take selfies with.

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    Psycho House

    I passed by The Royal Academy of Arts today and saw The Psycho house, I then had to take some photos of it and take some selfies with it as well. I am a fan of horror movies. And that’s why I want to make a horror movie myself. I can never forget the ending of Psycho. It’s so creepy. A car being pulled out of the swamp toward you. Isn’t that spine-chilling? And the famous shower scene. Who can forget that? After watching Psycho, taking a shower will never be the same. The Psycho also built on Sigmund Freud’s theory of id, ego and superego. But psychology is being used in most horror movies anyway. Often, the villains are insane for some reason or no reason at all – just pure evil.

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    National History Museum

    I went out all day today. I went to National History Museum to see people ice-skating. I was tempted to ice-skate as well. But it was a long time ago I ice-skated. I therefore didn’t want to look like a bambi on ice. So I didn’t try anyway. I also wore ripped jeans. So if I did ice-skate I might damage my pants. When I wear a pair of proper trousers I may try to ice-skate. But I did take some amazing photos of the ice rink and the National History Museum. Last time I was there was about a few years ago or something. Now I only pass it when I take a bus. Today, I finally stopped by and visited it once more.

    Ice Rink National History Museum.

    London has many interesting spots to take selfie. If I didn’t have to work on my screenplay and tried to finish it as soon as possible I would be out all day and almost every day, to take some selfies with beautiful locations around London. I love going around and exploring new scenes in London, or just visit the places I like again and again.

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