My Short Film Project Starts NOW!

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I planned to work on my short film bit by bit by completing a small task a day. But, I got a bit carried away when starting to write and do some research this morning. So, I ended up finishing the plot, … Continued

Plan my Short Film

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Today, I will work on the second steps of my short film. I will make a list of what I need to make this film, for example, actors, film crew, equipment, locations, where to submit my film, and so on. I … Continued

Sofia Vergara Recreation Shoot

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I did a photoshoot for The Sun 2 days ago. It was for Sofia Vergara Recreation Shoot who is 45 years old, Colombian-American actress and model. She posed completely naked for Women’s Health magazine very recently. So, this shoot for … Continued

Making Short Film

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I will write the script of my short film today. Then next week, I will start looking for actors and film crew. I will play the lead role myself. I’m still working on my screenplay for my first feature film … Continued

My Screenplay is Almost Ready

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I got more done of my screenplay yesterday. Today, I will continue with it. No TV watching. Just write and write. I can see, when I don’t watch TV I get things done more. So today, I will work on … Continued

Pole Dancing

I attended pole dancing class earlier today. I love it! It’s an another form of dance that requires lots of physical strength and also fun. Well, if you could do all the pole dance tricks excellently. I like dancing anyway. … Continued

The Selfie

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Selfie is the most use type of photo at the moment. It’s fun, fast, simple, and personal. Anyone can take a selfie, upload it to social media sites to share with family, friends, followers, etc. But, it’s also useful for … Continued

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