Cast And Crew For My Short Film

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Calling all London actors and film crew! This is a very good opportunity to be in my upcoming horror short film “Blood Group O” because the film will be sent to various film festivals. I am planning to shoot the … Continued

Blood Group O Short Film

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I have now changed the title of my short horror film to “Blood Group O” because the film is about the need of blood group O, for her to survive the malaria disease. So I think this new title will … Continued

Based on A True Story Horror Film

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Today, I can review a little bit about the story behind my true story horror/sci-fi film “The Existence.” The story is about my big sister. She got malaria when she was about 13-15 years old. And I was about 10 … Continued

Fight Malaria

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Malaria has never got much attention until now. Thanks to the campaign Malaria Must Die launched very recently by David Beckham. I just stumble upon the clip of the campaign on Instagram today, actually. Now I realise that my filmmaking … Continued

Filmmaking Infographic

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I have made an infographic to really lay out my idea in an outline, so that I can easily follow it to the end. I think, it looks less abstract when I see it right in front of me when … Continued


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Just got home not long ago. What a long day. I first had a meeting yesterday afternoon until 4pm. Then I went to an event for writers after that as well. But the event didn’t start until 7pm. So I … Continued

All Female Film Crew

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Just home again from a shoot not long ago. I’m not gonna do anything more for today. No more today. Now, I just want to relax and do nothing. I may continue to watch LOST or just see something else. … Continued

My Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay

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Back home again. Tomorrow, I have to wake up even earlier than today. So, after this blog post I will go straight to bed. Then, when I have a day off I will continue to work on my feature-length drama … Continued

Movie With A Few Locations

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I’m really happy with my script so far, even though I’m not completely finished writing it yet. But I just know, it will be a sensational screenplay. Hopefully. It just contains all the elements of a high concept screenplay. I … Continued

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