BTO Project

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My BTO project is in the hopper. The filming dates are approaching. So I have to work against time to gather all cast & crew ready. I’m almost there. I work daily and constantly to have everything in place ready … Continued

BTO Horror Short Film

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My horror short film BTO will begin its principal photography very soon. Can’t wait! I’m spending my whole week this week looking for cast & crew. I now have only about 3-4 members left to form a team. Next week, … Continued

What A Very Warm Day

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It’s an incredibly warm day today. I need to open one of the doors on my balcony to let the air in. Although, I’m from a warm country myself. But since I have been living in Europe for so long … Continued

BTO Preparation Process

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I am a visual person. That’s why I want to be a filmmaker in the first place. So I sometimes use visual illustrations to plan my filmmaking project, to really see it before my eyes how things flow. It really … Continued

Stay Focused

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Right now, I only focus on my horror short “Blood Type O” filmmaking project and my feature-length drama screenplay, and that’s it. I’m also an actor. So I have lots of auditions, selftapes, castings, and so on to do and … Continued

Filming Locations

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Tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow, I will start my search for the filming locations. Although I plan to shoot my horror short “Blood Type O” at the end of this month, which seems like far away, but there … Continued


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My horror short is still in pre-production stage. Thus, I have lots of things to prepare and do such as looking for filming locations, contacting potential candidates and there is a lot. Today, I will really spend time going through … Continued

80s Look

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My horror short “Blood Type O” is set in the early 80s, to stay true to the real event which took place in the early 80s – maybe around 1982 when I was around 10-12 years old. So I have … Continued

Blood Type O A True Story

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I’m going to start shooting my horror short soon “Blood Type O.” I am now ready to make it, at long last. I am still busy with the recruitment of the cast & crew. But I’m getting there. I have … Continued

High Concept Screenplays

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I believe my screenplays are both high concept: Blood Type O (Short script. But I’ve also already written its feature-length first draft. It just needs to be revised first.) and a feature-length drama screenplay about a rebellious young man, which … Continued

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