Cast And Crew For My Short Film

    Calling all London actors and film crew! This is a very good opportunity to be in my upcoming horror short film “Blood Group O” because the film will be sent to various film festivals. I am planning to shoot the film very soon. Probably by the end of this week, as soon as I have all cast & crew ready. The film will take only one day to shoot since it’s just one scene. So it won’t take much of anyone’s time. Food provided, IMDb credit, a copy of the footage for your showreel, and you will be seen and get lots of exposure since the film will be submitted to several film festivals.

    The cast & crew I am looking for are:

    • Male Main Character – speaking role (playing age 30-40) – to play the boyfriend of the protagonist which is me.
    • Female Southeast Asian Supporting – speaking role (playing age 25-30) – to play my younger sister and is a very emotional scene, so you must be able to play an emotional role.
    • Doctor – speaking role (any gender and ethnicity playing age 25-60) – to play a nightdoctor for a home visit.
    • And various positions for film crew.

    If you fit the brief and would like to be part of this exciting project, please send in your recent headshot, photo, CV, and showreel to actress@buppha.com ASAP!



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    Blood Group O Short Film

    I have now changed the title of my short horror film to “Blood Group O” because the film is about the need of blood group O, for her to survive the malaria disease. So I think this new title will suit it better. I am now looking for cast & crew. I have started posting the jobs for cast & crew on Shooting People. So, if you’re interested in being part of either as actor or film crew please do not hesitate to apply. I plan to start shooting the short film at the end of this week, or as soon as I have all cast & crew in place. But it will be asap! The film will then be sent to some major film festivals around the world. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity not to be missed for everyone working on the project. This is your chance of gaining an incredible exposure and being noticed, if you are serious about your career in film industry. This short film will also be used to pitch for fund to make a feature film. So if we work well together, there is a possibility that I will use the same cast & crew again for the feature film.

    And this time, I will focus on making a quality film. Since it will be submitted to various film festivals, so everything about it has to be good. My previous short action/romance film “Instant Risk“, I didn’t send to that many festivals – just a few – because I knew it wasn’t that good. It’s my first short film, after all. But now, since I have learned a lot from my first short, I will aim to make a better film this time. And if I’m happy with its quality, acting, and all that, I will send to more festivals.

    Again, please feel free to apply as actor or film crew here

    You can also send me your recent headshot, CV, and showreel directly to actress@buppha.com

    I look forward to working with you soon!


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    Based on A True Story Horror Film

    Today, I can review a little bit about the story behind my true story horror/sci-fi film “The Existence.” The story is about my big sister. She got malaria when she was about 13-15 years old. And I was about 10 years old. I remember, I was at the hospital almost every day curious and afraid: What will happen to her when the doctor tells my mother she needs blood transfusion urgently because she has only 48 hours left, and it can only be blood group O to match hers. The hospital and technology were not that good at that time in the early 80’s. So the hospital also lacked this blood itself. And that’s why my mother’s and our family’s job was to go find blood classification O asap, to save my sister’s life.

    And blood type O wasn’t easy to find. It may be the same now as well since it’s a very special and rare blood class. Others who have other blood species can receive blood category O, but not the other way around; if you have this blood variety, you can only receive the same kind of blood. And that’s why my family went panicking. And you can imagine how would it feel like in the early of 1980 when your daughter/sister is dying, and you have one vital GOAL that her life or death depends on: To get blood family O for her blood transfusion within TWO DAYS, otherwise……

    So, it’s a very exciting story and it is true. And that’s why nobody tells this story better than I do because I have a personal attachment to it. And today, I will start looking for the cast & crew for the short film version of it “Final Day.” I’m so excited to begin to shoot my second short film very soon. I might start filming this week already. The sooner I have gathered the cast & crew ready, the quicker I can start the making of the film.

    Mosquito is a vehicle for malaria disease.
    Thailand beach.
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    Fight Malaria

    Malaria has never got much attention until now. Thanks to the campaign Malaria Must Die launched very recently by David Beckham. I just stumble upon the clip of the campaign on Instagram today, actually. Now I realise that my filmmaking project about Malaria disease back in early 2018 is worth making. I started planning to make the film about Malaria “The Existence” (which is based on a true story by the way) back in March 2018, after I was done making my first short action/romance film “Instant Risk,” which will be made into one short film and one feature film. But I have yet to start the production of the film anyway. Well, I was, actually, about to start making the movie as soon as I had the idea last year, which I hoped to begin with the short film version first to pitch for fund for the feature film. Subsequently, I started writing the screenplay and all that. But then I saw a drama screenplay competition that I wanted to send it to. So I decided to postpone the production of my horror/sci-fi film about Malaria disease. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet the deadline for the drama script. So I must continue to finish writing the drama screenplay regardless since I am almost done with it. There’s no way of going back now.

    Malaria Must Die campaign.

    I aim to complete the drama script very soon. I was done with it already. But then I wanted to make sure, it is perfect because I prepared to send it to competitions. So I have to rewrite it again and again, until I am totally happy with it. I will work on it one last week which is this week. Then, I will send it to screenplay contests. And then I can begin to make my horror/sci-fi film about Malaria “The Existence,” which I may skip the short film version and start making the feature film right away. It’s a low-budget film anyway. So I do not need to make a short film version to pitch for fund. I will work harder to finish the revision of my drama screenplay as soon as possible, so that I can start filming my horror/sci-fi film about Malaria “The Existence” straight away.

    In the trailer, it still shows the previous title “Escape from Death” because I made the trailer in 2018 before I changed the title to “The Existence.”

    Most of my movies are about something educational and therefore useful for the society. As you can see my horror/sci-fi film “The Existence” is about fighting and stopping the Malaria and making people become aware of the deadly disease, about being strong and brave – mentally and physically. And my drama film, which I’m still working on the script, is about something totally opposite. I cannot reveal that much for now. I want this drama script to be kept under wraps for a while, until the film is being made.

    In Wimbledon Common park last year near my place.

    I am so excited about both films – the drama film (with no title yet) and the horror film “The Existence.” I can’t wait to begin to produce them soon. Every day, I jump out of my bed with a lot of enthusiasm for both my filmmaking projects, which I start preparing for the filming of the horror film now. And that’s why I have not blogged much recently. I just devote all my time for my upcoming movies. It’s something I love doing. I visualise the films in my head daily, how they will start, unfold, and end. The more I can see the movies clearly in my mind, the better I can translate the visual aspects of them into the screenplays. Writing about 120 pages of a movie manuscript seems easy enough. But when you think of what you have to put into it to create a good screenplay, it’s not as straightforward as you may think. That’s why I take extra time to write an entertaining, captivating script as much as I can. A good movie made of a good screenplay, after all.

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    Filmmaking Infographic

    I have made an infographic to really lay out my idea in an outline, so that I can easily follow it to the end. I think, it looks less abstract when I see it right in front of me when and what I am going to do first and last. It’s more organised and manageable. Before, I kept everything in my head and it seemed chaotic and unreachable. I also don’t know when to start and when to finish. So by making it clear to myself the steps I am going to take and set myself a deadline or a timeframe when it will be done, what I am going to do first, next, and last, everything looks possible now.

    What do you think?

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    Just got home not long ago. What a long day. I first had a meeting yesterday afternoon until 4pm. Then I went to an event for writers after that as well. But the event didn’t start until 7pm. So I had to walk around Oxford Street to kill time since the meeting was near Oxford Street. And coincidentally, the writers event that I had to attend later on at 7pm was also being held just around the corner from where I had a meeting earlier yesterday. So I walked up and down Oxford Street just to come back at the same place again 3 hours later.

    But it was a good day. I like attending writers groups around London whenever I can, to keep myself up-to-date with latest news, meet like-minded people, network, and so on. I am serious and passionate about my careers as an actor, writer, and filmmaker, so I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities, skills, knowledge, and anything that can take my careers to the next level. After this blog post, I will go to bed straight away – have a busy day ahead again.

    Good night and speak soon!


    This hotel in Fitzrovia is so cute!
    Its patio is also lovely.
    A cute coffee shop in Fitzrovia.
    All the cute stuff I could take pictures of in and around Fitzrovia because I had a meeting there and had to attend an event there as well.
    Regent Street at night.
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    All Female Film Crew

    Just home again from a shoot not long ago. I’m not gonna do anything more for today. No more today. Now, I just want to relax and do nothing. I may continue to watch LOST or just see something else. But one thing for certain, I will not work on my screenplay today. I will tomorrow instead. I have bought the ink for my printing machine, to print out my script once it’s done. Then, I will read through it and make some adjustment. I will correct everything by hand on paper. Then, I will write everything nicely and correctly on the computer when I am happy with the revision.

    And if I decided to turn it into a movie myself I would, definitely, only hire female film crew to support women working in Film & TV. But the cast will be a mixture of men & women. I can’t just use all-female cast in a feature film if I want to get as many audiences to go see my film as possible – in some rare occasions, maybe. It’s possible for a short film to have all-female cast. But it’s ok, in both short and feature film, if the film crew are all female since they work behind the camera. I will make a promise that I am going to use only female film crew for my upcoming filmmaking project.

    Photos from today.
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    My Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay

    Back home again. Tomorrow, I have to wake up even earlier than today. So, after this blog post I will go straight to bed. Then, when I have a day off I will continue to work on my feature-length drama screenplay. Last year, I had to put my feature-length sci-fi/horror screenplay on hold because I saw a drama script competition and thought I’d try my luck at winning it instead. Then, I can always go back and continue to work on my horror/sci-fi script. But then, I couldn’t meet a deadline and I’d already made an outline for it and more. So I have to complete the drama screenplay anyway. As soon as I finish it, I will right away continue to work on my horror/sci-fi screenplay. Because, sci-fi and action are the genres that I like the most. So if I didn’t want to win the drama screenplay contest I would have finished, or almost completed, my horror/sci-fi script already. So I am really looking forward to finalizing my drama screenplay, at long last. Then, I can go back and continue to work on my horror/sci-fi screenplay asap.

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    Movie With A Few Locations

    I’m really happy with my script so far, even though I’m not completely finished writing it yet. But I just know, it will be a sensational screenplay. Hopefully. It just contains all the elements of a high concept screenplay. I think. Now, if I want to make the movie out of it myself I will have to look for a producer if I can’t be a producer myself – or just sell the script. But I’m pretty sure that I will make the movie out of it myself and play one of the main characters, not the protagonist. And I may become a producer as well. Just keep the budget as low as possible. Therefore when I write my screenplay I try to think about simple locations, props, and so on. One of the good things in making drama films, same with horror movies, is that you can get away with lots of things, especially location. In many horror and drama movies, you see almost only one location or just a few such as Night of The Living Dead, Manchester by the Sea. It’s that simple. When you have a good concept location doesn’t really matter, in my opinion. So, let’s see if I can create a good movie out of a few locations.

    From Brighton last Spring.
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