The Plan

I have a busy day ahead again today. I therefore have to plan my day wisely, otherwise I can’t get nothing done. Today is a sunny day. But summer will soon be gone. What a shame. That’s why I try … Continued

The Lights Went Out

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I am still busy planning my filmmaking projects ahead. I have lots of activities waiting. After my horor short is over, I will begin to work on my drama screenplay. I have not had time to finish revising it. I … Continued

Totally Awake

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It’s almost midnight. But I’m totally awake. I don’t feel that tired. Anyway, I think it’s good. Then I can just continue to work on the things that need to be done. I tell myself not to work too much … Continued

Fascinated by Films

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I’ve always been fascinated by films. So even though producing films is not an easy task, but I love it! Although, it’s just a short film. After a film was shot, I still have lots to do to move it … Continued

Beef Pho

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I make beef pho for the dinner. I have my dinner early today. I don’t eat that late no more. I used to. And I used to eat several times a day. Now, only one or two a day. Most … Continued

The Hunt For The Editor

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I’m still working through the applications for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer. It’s a big job going through each applicant’s CV and showreel since there is a lot of applications to sort through. It therefore requires persistence and attention … Continued


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The makeup artist was applying the makeup on my face to make me look sick. I was playing Aurora who’s got Malaria. This technique is easy. I could do it myself. All in all, I have learned a lot making … Continued

A Terrific Trip Down Memory Lane

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My 80s horror/romance short “Blood Type O” is like a terrific trip down memory lane. There are lots of 80s references to be found in the film. So I enjoyed making this film since the 80s is one of my … Continued

BTO Filming

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We had begun to shoot the film Blood Type O this past weekend. There are some small scenes left, which may take only 4-6 hours to shoot – just half day filming max. So we may shoot it in one … Continued

80s Look

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I have found my old photo from a film set that looks like an 80s look. That’s how my makeup may look like in my 80s inspired horror short “Blood Type O.” This photo was from last year or the … Continued

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