Danish Speaking Fashion Haul

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I am making this fashion haul (shoppingtur) in Danish. I don’t really speak Danish to anyone in UK. So, I need to keep speaking Danish before I completely forget. I could speak German before, too. But after school, I didn’t … Continued

Pole Dancing

I attended pole dancing class earlier today. I love it! It’s an another form of dance that requires lots of physical strength and also fun. Well, if you could do all the pole dance tricks excellently. I like dancing anyway. … Continued

Yoga Classes Made Me Feel Amazing!

I attended the yoga classes yesterday, which were¬†Fundamentals and Yin Yoga classes. Each class lasted 1.15 hours. So, for two classes, I spent 2.5 hours there. It was an amazing experience! I felt so wonderful both physically and mentally after … Continued

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