Possible Feature Film

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I have been working on my short film’s screenplay all day long, revising, adding and removing something, and so on. I’ve just finished it now, actually, only because I’m hungry. I forgot to eat something. I just had breakfast as soon as I stood up, and nothing else till now. So, time to stop, relax, eat, and watch some films. Then, I will continue to work with it tomorrow. I’m done for today. I like it so far. I want to make a short film. But then, I got carried away when writing the plot outline and wrote it for a full-length film instead of a short film. So, I have to take a lot out to make it a short film. But, the good thing is that I then have two scripts & films to make if I choose to shoot 2 movies: A short film and a feature film of the same story. If this short film turns out well I will, possibly, make a feature film version of it as well. So, making a short film first will test the story, my screenwriter skills, my ability to make movies, and more. It looks promising so far. I like the plot. The question is how to turn it into film that attracts audiences? My first short film is the key to all my questions and doubts. I will not know all these answers before I have made the film, people have watched, commented, reviewed, and so forth. It’s exciting to see how people will react to it? Like it or hate it? Or nothing at all.

And an another good thing for actors is that I may use the same set of artists again in my feature film version.

Enjoy the music from The Killers – Somebody Told Me:

My Upcoming Short Film: Love & Fall (2017)

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My short film has now its own official page on IMDb, Love & Fall. Tonight, I will add plot outline, plot summaries, synopsis, etc. There’s only one cast member at the moment which is me 😛 More cast & crew to be added later on when I have found the actors and we have finished shooting the film. I’m so excited now! Last night, I worked on my film until 3am. And I reckon, it’s gonna be the same today again. For me, if I’m doing something I really love time doesn’t exist, or, it just stands still. I will start adding plot, synopsis, and more to my film page on IMDb now. Then, I will go through new applications again tonight. My film starts to shape now. Then tomorrow morning, I might make some more jewelry and add them to my site.

Below is a sneak peek of my upcoming short film, Love & Fall. More info on my film page on IMDb: Love & Fall (2017).

Making Film With No Crew

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That’s right. It’s me, Making Film With No Crew. It’s just a 10-minute short film. But, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, actually. And it’s only me to take care of all these. It can be very challenging. But, I like challenges. So, it’s good enough for me. I do have lots of applications coming in regarding my short film. So, I will spend tonight going through them. The people I have shortlisted also have to send in self-taping auditions. And I will spend the weekend watching them instead. Everything looks good so far. I didn’t expect to get that many interests in the project. There are actors who apply for all roles. Therefore, I think, I have got enough people now. The next step is just to start shortlisting people. I can’t wait to get the camera rolling!

I try to add my products bit by bit every day. I have lots of items to add to my site. I can’t add them all at once. I need to work on my film project as well. So, at least I have added something daily, then it should be good enough. I like making jewelry, especially bohemian style. So, I have to continue with it. I also wear all of my products. I make for sale and for myself. So, I only make what I really like to wear myself. I spend time crafting each jewellery with care & love. The same with screenplay. I just want to add that extra care and passion into it.

Casting Call

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I am in the process of making my first short film about love & sorrow. I am looking for 3 actors:

Gerwyn (male) – 25 -35 years old – Lead actor speaking role (Caucasian, English or American accent preferably, but not essential).

Medium build & tall or taller.

He is well-considerate, kind, loving & caring, romantic, if he could play a guitar and had his own guitar would be a bonus.

Tolbert (male) – 27 35 years old – Supporting role, speaking part (Caucasian, English or American accent preferably, but not essential).

Medium build & tall or taller.

He is violent, possessive, controlling, alcoholic, but deep down he’s very insecure and vulnerable.

Candy (female) – 25 -35 years old – Supporting role, Danish speaking with speaking role (any ethnicity and look).

She’s worrisome, protective, a mother figure.

She is a friend of the lead actress.

I am an actress myself. And I will play the lead actress in this film as well. Have a look at my profile on IMDb: Buppha Witt

I’m going to shoot the film with my smartphone as an experiment. And I might submit my short film to various film festivals as well. It’s a one day shoot only. And it only takes about a few hours. I plan to shoot the film on Monday 20 this month, or as soon as I have found all actors.

No food provided since it only takes about 2-3 hours to film. But travel expenses max £10 provided, a copy of the project, and a credit on IMDb. We will be filming in central London. So, I’m looking for London based actors only. And we may work together again on future projects since I’m going to produce more short and feature films in the future.

If interested, please email me with your recent headshot and CV to actor@buppha.com. Thanks.

film director

Shoot Some More Scenes Today

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Today, I stand up early to start working on my films. I should get up earlier than this. I think tomorrow, I should wake up at 4am or 5am. I might go out and shoot some scenes soon. The earlier I go out, the better. I don’t want to get people in my scenes since I don’t pay them, or get the permission from them to film them. So, I must start early, to avoid people. It’s still dark outside. It’s getting dim early now. We are almost in winter now. We might even have snow this year as well. If I go out now, by the time I get to the locations where I want to shoot my film, the darkness will disappear by that time. So, I might get ready to go out now. I always feel productive and active in the morning. From now on, I should start getting up early – as early as possible. I will create some posts looking for actors first. Then I will heading out. Then by the time I get home again, some people might have already applied for it. I want this to be completed as soon as possible. So, I must try to get it done quick. Hopefully, I could finish my first short film this week.

I love this song “Blue Valentine” from Tom Waits. It’s so calm & relaxing to listen to in the morning along with a cup of good coffee. My creativity really begins to flow when I listen to his music, especially at quiet moments like this.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfQ7ieF7w4Y[/embedyt]

Shooting Scenes For my Short Films

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Some scenes for my short films have already been shot today. What an accomplishment! I’m gonna make 2 short films simultaneously. I have only filmed some parts for one of them. I wanted to shoot some segments for another film as well today. But then, the time was getting late. I wanted to shoot a morning scene for another film. So, I have to shoot it another day instead. But, I have at least shot some sequences of one of the films. So, I have gotten something done today anyway. And that’s a good thing. I am making progress now.

I have even made some necklaces as well, to sell on my website, this blog, which will be available on my site soon. So, I have achieved lots of things today. It’s been a good day, indeed.

Tomorrow, I will work on set again. I have already packed, taken shower, checked time travel, set my alarm clock on, and so on. I am so ready. I like packing in advance. So, I am sure that I have plenty of time to pack, and that I have everything I need with me. If I began to pack in a hurry because I had not much time to pack such as just before heading out, getting up late I would forget something. That’s for sure. It did happen before. I have now learned, being well-prepared is the key in any job, to avoid mistakes as much as I can.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLXXJ0MYc2M[/embedyt]

Christmas in London

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I just got home. The Christmas lights are all over London now. They look magical and imaginative. So many people were in town today, looking for presents for their loved ones, families, friends, and themselves. People were in high spirits. I wish people’re like this every day.

I have already finished my script. Actually, I have completed it a long time ago. But, I wasn’t sure about I want to use it. I have written many short stories, in fact. But, I didn’t think they are good enough to make short films out of it. Then, after I read this inspirational quote it dawned on me that I was wrong all along. I have wasted my time for several months waiting to create the perfect story. And therefore, I have not made my own films yet. And I could continue to wait, perhaps, for months or even years to come if I hadn’t discovered this quote. Sometimes, a quote, word, things you see, imagination, dreams, and so on, can really inspire you and make you create incredible art out of the blue.

I will polish the story I’m going to use tonight or tomorrow. Then I will start shooting some scenes already tomorrow. I feel so happy now. My short film could be finalized as soon as next week!

Fashion Blog

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I changed the design of my website again. Because, I’m going to move my shop, Bohoforest, to here instead. Everything will be in one place from now on: My blog & my shop. So, my blog needs to reflect the fashion theme as well. I will also write more about fashion and jewelry in the future. So, this new style will look better for fashion blog, I think. The reason why I decided to move my shop to here is because I can’t make lots of jewelry constantly since I also have filming & writing jobs to do. And having an eCommerce site, you need to keep adding new products. It consumes so much of my time. I have to keep making new products, sending newsletters, updating social media profiles, and many many more. And that’s why I can never finish making my short film. It really gets in the way. I realize that now. So, if I sell my products on my blog instead as a hobby then I don’t have to spend so much time on it. I want to devote more time to film industry instead. So, I have to get rid of the things that slow down my creativity. I will start adding my products to my blog bit by bit from tomorrow. Then I have to start shooting my own film as well. I want to complete my short film as soon as possible. So, doing away with my other eCommerce site should help me finish my film faster now.

Visually Stunning Website

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I have spent time redesigning my website, which I better like the new design. I want my site to show more of the visuals which communicate the film industry. So I think, the new look of my site suits my career more than the previous one. I also add a new showreel page with all my YouTube videos/reels,  Continued