How I Change Over Time

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When I look at my photos from all the jobs I have done I see how I change over time. Each job gives me different look and personality, depending on the outfits and accessories I wear as well. It’s amazing how apparel and jewelry transform people. Sometimes, I look very old, sometimes young & trendy, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes I look like ME. So today, I will share some images of me which each of them I looked, completely, like a different person:

1. The Sun Newspaper Photoshoot –

Sofia Vergara’s Recreation Shoot 2017

This was my own dress. But, I did not do the makeup. Shooting for The Sun, they, of course, provided the makeup artist.

2. Filming “My Dinner with Hervé” 2017

My Dinner with Hervé

This was not the actual outfit I wore during filming. We were in the holding area between takes.

3. Filming Boots Commercial Summer 2017

My own outfit.

4. COOP Christmas Commercial 2016

ASDA Christmas commercial 2016

This one was my own outfit as well. This advert did not show in UK. It only showed in Eastern Europe, I think.

5. Peacock Christmas Commercial 2016

This one the costume team dressed me. I had to wear clothes from Peacock, after all.

6. Filming “The Anomaly” in 2013

My own costume in this one. I had a very long hair back then. I miss my long hair, actually. I’m used to long hair. I have to grow my hair long again.

7. Filming “EastEnders” Summer 2017

My own outfit.

8. Filming “Hampstead” Summer 2016

My own outfit.

9. Filming “Swimming With Men” Summer 2017

My own outfit.

Casting Call

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I am in the process of making my first short film about love & sorrow. I am looking for 3 actors:

Gerwyn (male) – 25 -35 years old – Lead actor speaking role (Caucasian, English or American accent preferably, but not essential).

Medium build & tall or taller.

He is well-considerate, kind, loving & caring, romantic, if he could play a guitar and had his own guitar would be a bonus.

Tolbert (male) – 27 35 years old – Supporting role, speaking part (Caucasian, English or American accent preferably, but not essential).

Medium build & tall or taller.

He is violent, possessive, controlling, alcoholic, but deep down he’s very insecure and vulnerable.

Candy (female) – 25 -35 years old – Supporting role, Danish speaking with speaking role (any ethnicity and look).

She’s worrisome, protective, a mother figure.

She is a friend of the lead actress.

I am an actress myself. And I will play the lead actress in this film as well. Have a look at my profile on IMDb: Buppha Witt

I’m going to shoot the film with my smartphone as an experiment. And I might submit my short film to various film festivals as well. It’s a one day shoot only. And it only takes about a few hours. I plan to shoot the film on Monday 20 this month, or as soon as I have found all actors.

No food provided since it only takes about 2-3 hours to film. But travel expenses max £10 provided, a copy of the project, and a credit on IMDb. We will be filming in central London. So, I’m looking for London based actors only. And we may work together again on future projects since I’m going to produce more short and feature films in the future.

If interested, please email me with your recent headshot and CV to Thanks.

film director

Working on my Script

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I will complete my script tonight, hopefully. Then, I will watch and edit the scenes I have already shot. Then I will post on several sites looking for actors tonight as well. And tomorrow, I might go out and shoot some more scenes. I am going to make 2 short films at the same time. So, it’s quite interesting how they will turn out. And also, this will be my first time working with other actors as a screenwriter, director, producer, etc.


Well maybe not quite, I had done similar roles before when I was a student at Copenhagen Technical College in 2004, studying Film & TV production. We did make some student films and hired some actors to be in our films. So, I did work behind the scenes before to produce films. But that was many years ago. So now, I have to start all over again. I feel like coming home. It’s funny enough, I find myself going back where it all began again. But that’s the way it is. You can’t start in film industry and not be tempted to explore different fields within it. Like me, I started as a filmmaker, then actress, then back to filmmaker again. But this time, as a filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, director, and actor.

It’s typical that many actors turn screenwriters, film producers, directors, and similar, themselves at some point. It’s almost difficult to avoid when you are already in the entertainment industry and passionate about Film & TV. Some even turn musicians or vice versa. Think about Mark Wahlberg, he started as a musician who turned actor. I remember listening to his music in the early 90’s. I have also watched his low budget movies when he first just started out as an actor. Then when I watch his big budget movies later on, I often ask myself, still: Is this the same guy? So, it’s just possible.

Go Send The Packages Again

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I had some orders coming in last night. So, I have to go out and send the packages to my customers again today. Most of the orders are the things that are handmade, which I make them myself, except the rings, such as bracelets, chokers. Continued

Visually Stunning Website

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I have spent time redesigning my website, which I better like the new design. I want my site to show more of the visuals which communicate the film industry. So I think, the new look of my site suits my career more than the previous one. I also add a new showreel page with all my YouTube videos/reels,  Continued

An Another Good Filming Day

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An another filming day is done. It’s been an another good day on set. I have very late call time tomorrow, with different production again. The costume person has not contacted me yet about the outfits for tomorrow. Well, since it’s a continuity I might have to wear the same outfit (s) again, which is good for me. I might watch 2-3 films in a row tonight since my call time is very late tomorrow. I pay for tv licence. But, I rarely watch tv. I watch movies on Netflix on my laptop instead. Or, if the movies I want to watch are not on Netflix I then rent or buy them on Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, or whatever. I have so many ideas in my head about the plots of my first film. I can’t decide which one I will select. So, I watch lots of films to be inspired while I’m trying to figure out the best plot for my film. As soon as I have a day off from filming, I will start planning to shoot my film soon.

film camera

Another Filming Day Accomplished

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Back home again from filming. When I finish writing this blog post I will begin to pack for another filming day tomorrow again, with different production. My call time isn’t that early tomorrow. So, I can relax. But today my call time was quite early. But we wrapped early or on time, which was good for me. Then, I still have some time to relax for filming tomorrow. I might continue to watch the same film again tonight. I have not had a chance to finish it anyway. I think, I should be able to watch it till the end this evening. There’s not much of the film left to watch, so. I watch lots of films and read lots of film scripts to study and analyse them. If I want to be a screenwriter as well, I must go down that road. It’s the best way to understand how to write a screenplay and make a film out of it. And I do acting work on a regular basis. So, I already possess half of the knowledge in film making. And plus, I had been to film school about 13 years ago. Thus, I do have some fundamental skills in film making as well.

That’s why I don’t just watch films & movies to entertain myself. But, I do it as my job. It’s my work. Same with acting, I don’t do it for fun. I do it because that’s my job. I do it for a living. And most important of them all, I do it because I like it. I am passionate about film & tv, like my mother. My mum, she was used to working as a background artiste as her hobby, until she’s too old to do so. I never tell nobody that my mother had also worked in film & tv industry long before me. So, I guess, it’s in my blood.

I really want to create something of my own as well. Making my own films is something I truly want to make it happen. I don’t know how I would feel the day I have completed my first script and film. But I am certain that it would be an indescribable feeling. I want to make action films. But, I have not been to martial arts classes for a while now, busy with filming. As soon as I have time to attend the workshops again, I must do. I need the skills to do my own action films. So, I have to continue with the martial arts lessons.


When I have something exciting to eat on set I take photos of it. I just like taking pictures of food. I don’t know why 😛 Today, our lunch on set was like Christmas food. It really created a cheerful Christmas atmosphere.

New Vlog

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I have not made a vlog for a very long time. Today on my way home from filming, I was at this train station to catch a train home, and it looked so out of this world at night, so I had to film it. I had never seen how it looks at night before. I might, but I just didn’t notice it. I was always in a hurry to go home right after we’re wrapped. So, I didn’t really care about anything. All I think of is HOME and my WARM BED. I just wanted to get home as soon as possible. Today, I don’t know why I felt like taking pictures and filming this train station. I just saw it right before my eyes the way I had never seen it before. So I thought to myself, why not?

When I got home, I packed right away for filming tomorrow on another production and location. I have early call time tomorrow. So, I just wanted to get it out of the way. Then I don’t have to worry about anything. Just get up, grab my bag with outfits and go!

I did not finish watching the film yesterday anyway. I was too tired to concentrate on the film. But today, we finished quite early again. And my call time was rather late. I felt like I was on set only for a few hours. Everything went so fast. So, I went to bed early yesterday, woke up early this morning, and got home early. Then I think, I can manage to finish watching the film I started a few days ago this evening. Now that I have got enough rest.