Dreaming vs. Reality Video

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Hi, again! Today, I’m making a new video about dreaming vs. reality for aspiring actress. I think, it’s fun to make and laugh about it. I have been working constantly on my screenplay, so I need to make a fun video to take a break from my work for a moment. After this video, I will continue to work on my script again. Hope you like the video. Thanks!

Quick And Delicious Noodle Soup Recipe

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I made quick and delicious noodle soup for my lunch today, yesterday, the day before, and….. I can, basically, have it every day. Noodle saves me a lot of time. And since I want to finish my screenplay as soon as possible, I want to save time as much as I can to only use it to complete my work. I even stop going to martial arts classes for a while. I was used to attending martial arts workshops on Sundays which is today, actually. When I’m done with my script, which is very soon, I will start attending it again. And the place I go is quite far from where I live; It’s on the opposite side of London. So, it’s such a time-consuming, to just attend a martial arts class when I don’t really have time to waste. I have sacrificed a lot, even my health, to write a film script. Yes, going to martial arts classes really improves my health, too. Not just to gain new skills. Regular exercise is good. But, having finished my screenplay is also very important in terms of income. Because, becoming an established screenwriter is what I wanted to do for a living as well beside being an actor. I only take a short break from martial arts classes, until my screenplay has been materialized. Living a healthy lifestyle is very vital for me. So, I won’t be neglecting my martial arts classes for too long.

Ok, here’s an easy recipe how to make a quick, easy, tasty noodle soup in no time at all. Just place dried rice noodles in a big bowl, cover them with hot boiling water for about 3 minutes. Be sure to cover the bowl, to quicken the process. Then make a soup with vegetables and whatever meat you like, or just vegetables. You can also use leftover meat, which is perfect for making this meal. It’s a great way to use leftover meat to cook something delicious out of it. After 3 minutes, drain the noodles and place them in a bowl, pour the soup on top, and ta-dah your yummy home-cooked noodle soup is ready in a second!

Still Working On My Screenplay

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I’m working on my screenplay again right now. I enjoy it a lot. You can always feel how passionate you are with the thing you do. I write the script every day. And there’s not a single moment I doubt myself: I can’t do this, I have never written a screenplay before, this is very difficult, I think I should find something else to do instead, and so on. No. I still feel so passionate and determined to complete it. My ambition for the project is still the same from day one till now. That’s a true feeling when you love what you do. I think, the place I live, surely, is an ideal place to live for a writer like me. It’s so peaceful and calm. It really helps me concentrate on my writing without a lot of distraction. it would slow me down to a certain degree if I lived somewhere hectic with lots of noises. I’m certain about that. And there’s a park nearby for me to take a nice walk, get some exercise and fresh air. I can also walk to Wimbledon Village to have a good cup of coffee at some of the cozy coffee shops there.

But even though, I live close to Wimbledon Village, I don’t really go there. I don’t know why. I like to go somewhere lively and laid-back instead, such as Camden, Shoreditch. I even consider moving to one of the places. But no hurry. I am good where I am now anyway. But, I’ll keep them in mind when I’m ready to move.

My Studio Tour

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I decided to do a vlog today when I stood up this morning. I haven’t made a vlog in a very long time. Today is such a sunny day….again, so I feel in the mood to show off my studio ๐Ÿ™‚ I will make more vlogs in the future whenever I have time to do so. Let’s try this one for now and see how it goes.

Mental Health Issues

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What a coincidence that I just talked about mental health issues in my recent blog post on Thursday 15th, I Love Summer, and then the school shooting incident in Florida which ties to mental health issues as one of the causes did happen simultaneously. And, I was wrong that I think the weather has a huge impact on people’s mental health. Florida is nice & warm, but a horrifying crime like this did happen anyway. What’s wrong with the world today. What makes people tick? I feel so sad for those families who’d lost their kids and loved ones in this madness. I think, people have to start taking mental health issues seriously. The people who suffer it will likely harm or kill others and/or themselves. We have seen lots of examples, even celebs. I just don’t want to mention the names of those who committed suicide because of the mental health issues, depression, and similar, for the sake of respect. I don’t want to talk about mental health issues and gun laws into details in USA either. It’s up to the US’ president to handle which problem is the most important to address first in his country at this very moment: Mental health issues or gun controls – or both? 

I’m still working on my screenplay. But I will take a break now. Maybe watch a good film, eat ice cream, to re-charge my energy. Sometimes, when you work on something constantly you go blank. You can’t come up with something new & unique. You need to let it be and go away from it for a while. And when you come back and work on it again, you tend to have more excellent ideas to juggle with. OK, I think, I will find a good film to watch now. 

My Screenplay is Almost Done

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I woke up at 3:30 am this morning to, effectively, work on my screenplay. I wrote and wrote. I have a feeling, I will finish my script TODAY, or tomorrow the latest. I soon reach my goal. I can now look forward to relaxing, finally. Maybe not quite. When I finish my screenplay there are other steps I do have to do, afterwards. This is just the beginning. After I have published this blog post, I will continue to work on my screenplay right away. This is exciting! My first feature screenplay will soon be finalized today or tomorrow and that I can look forward to being proud of myself, which is an amazing feeling I am waiting for to experience. I think, I will do something to celebrate. And I have to remember to give myself a gift when my script is done, too. Then, I will make new short film again. After I finish shooting each short film, I write a feature screenplay for it. And I’m not sure about my next short, whether or not I will shoot the film myself again or find film crew to collaborate with this time? I don’t want to think about that now. I have to focus on finishing my script first. Just one thing at a time.

The days that I’m not on set filming, I write my screenplay. When I’m on set I stop writing, and when I’m not I continue to work on my script. So I don’t, actually, have a day off when I look at it this way. But, after I have finished my first screenplay and have established myself as a working writer, I will take a break from everything and go on vacation. I haven’t been on vacation for a very long time. So, I really have to very soon. This will be a motivation for me to complete my screenplay ASAP, so that I can take a break.


I Love Summer

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Today is such a wonderful day. It’s so sunny. It makes me dream of all the things I could do in summertime. I think, the weather has a huge impact on people’s mental health. I don’t mean if you live in a cold country where the weather is always dull and miserable, then you’re inclined to be just like the weather. I just mean, summer gives us a new energy. And that’s why going on vacation to exotic countries where the sun always shines and visiting tropical places such as islands, beaches can really re-charge our energies and make us see the world in a whole new, positive way. That life is worth living. Paradise on earth does exist. This is just my own, personal experience and opinion. Of course, there are many ways to be happy. I just feel in extremely good mood whenever the sun shines. 

After this blog post, I will go out an d do some shopping. I’m running out of Asian food again. I need to buy more rice, noodles, Asian vegetables, soy sauce, fish sauce, tofu, etc. I can’t live without Asian food. I have to eat it almost daily. No matter how many decades I have been living in Europe, I will always have Asian food as my main meal. I think, it’s because I grew up with it. So, it’s in my blood and soul. Or, I just like the taste of it. Or, because I think it’s healthy. Or, all of the above.

I will get myself ready to go out now. 

Have a nice day!


I love photography.

Life On Set

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I’m packing for filming tomorrow right now. I don’t like packing in the last minute. It can be very stressful. And I don’t want to end up forgetting things when I pack in a hurry. So, I always prepare everything the day or the night before. Then in the morning, I will check everything one more time, in case I have missed something. This is life as an actor: Packing, unpacking, being on set constantly, being somewhere new, sometimes unusual and in the middle of nowhere. But, I love it. This is what I love doing. So no matter how tough it is, I do not mind. Last week, I was on set, we were filming a night shoot out in the cold all night two days in a row. It was unbelievably cold. It was very challenging. I have done some night shoots before, but we were filming indoor. So, it wasn’t that bad. That’s how it is, life on set. You’ve got to love it. Otherwise, you can’t do it. Acting job, or all professions relating to film making, except those who work in the office, is not a glamorous job as many might think. So, many people who keep on doing it for years because they’re passionate about it. That’s pretty much it.

I will watch some good film again tonight. I wanted to read instead. But my nightstand lamp went out a while ago. I forgot to buy a new one when I was out. I will buy new light bulb soon to replace it when I have a chance, so I can read at night. I have so many unfinished books to read. And when I fall in love with a new book…again, I buy it and put it on my shelf to collect dust as the rest of the books. So, I will not buy new books again, until I have read all of the books I already have.

My First Experience On A Film Set

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Flashes back to 1988 in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (I was living in that city at the time), I was at the wrong place and at the wrong time. I didn’t know, I was in the vicinity of a film set. What happened was, I went shopping at a market nearby, all of the sudden I heard bombs exploded not too far from the market. I was running and screaming like crazy because I thought it was real. But after a while, I saw that people didn’t seem to be scared or running like me. In fact, some even laughing at me. So, I stopped and asked them what’s going on? They then told me that they’re filming American war movie. Then I thought, why no one informed me about this? I could have been injured or killed. That was my first experience on or near a film set. And at that time, I didn’t even have a slightest thought of becoming an actress or a filmmaker. When I got home again, I thought, it’s very interesting how they make films. I got hooked on film making right away. When I came to Europe, I tracked down the film, and it turned out it was Casualties of War. So, I watched the movie. It was a good film, indeed. It has a very good meaning in it: In the end, they’re all being brought to justice and being punished for their crime regardless of who they are. It sent an important message that sexual harassment and bully will not be tolerated – no matter big or small. But, it’s also not easy to watch. And I think, every actor did give an incredible performance. Well, that’s how I got introduced to film industry or film making by accident.