Coffee And Cake

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Just got home not long ago. I was a little hungry. But I didn’t want to cook a proper meal since it was quite late in the afternoon already. So if I ate something now I might get hungry just … Continued

Steak And wine

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Today, I felt like having a steak for dinner with a glass of red wine. So I did. I don’t eat steak that often. Just once in a while, to give myself a reward for the hard work I have … Continued

Film Editor

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I created this this intro text with Adobe premiere pro & after effects together, to see how it looks. It’s ok. But because, it doesn’t illustrate the 80s that much since my film is set in the 80s (or, maybe … Continued

Snack Time

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I don’t know what to eat for snack. So I just have onion rings and ice cream. I always have them in my freezer, just in case. They can come in handy in situation like this, when I work all … Continued

Filmmaking Project

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I have been searching for cast & crew all day long. It’s a long process, indeed. Looking for actors is simple since there are only 2 actors I need. But looking for film crew is more hard because I need … Continued

Blood Group O Horror Short Film

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Just finished revising my short horror film script “Blood Group O.” Tomorrow, I will continue my search for film crew again. Now that my screenplay is ready and I have the cast ready as well. I will get quite busy … Continued

I Love The Beach

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I love the beach, sand, sun, sea, blue sky, etc. I just love nature and travel. Now summer is here. When I have time I may hop on a train and go somewhere new. I love water and beach. So … Continued

Horror Film Manuscript

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I am making some changes to my short horror film manuscript. Because, I finished writing it last year and forgot all about it since I decided to work on a feature-length drama screenplay – and not to film the short … Continued

My Self Tape Presentation

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I have just re-edited my self tape presentation. I think, it’s good to have one in which I introduce myself by saying my name, height, and age, and plus doing a monologue and a full body shot: Front, sides, and … Continued

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