• Health & Beauty

    Beige Nail Polish

    I rarely polish my nails. I think, I use nail polish once or twice a year. I just get impatient waiting for the varnish to dry. But this nail varnish I have on now is so amazing. It dries very quickly, which is good. It really makes the fingers look nice. So today I paint my nails to transform my nails to something new and nice, not just boring nails and fingers. I use beige nail polish – my favourite color. It really makes my fingers look different than before. When the result is this fantastic I shall paint my nails more often, then. I only have 3-4 nail polishes in various colours: Beige, red, blue, and even black. Maybe I will buy some more, but not the strong colors anymore since they don’t look good on me. I seldom use makeup and nail polish. But when I do use it I like to keep it discreet. The bright colors do not suit me anyway, so.

  • Entertainment

    Chilling Out

    Time to relax and watch a good movie and eat ice cream. I’m halfway through the film already. When I’m done with the film I will continue to work on my screenplay. I really hope I can finish Act 1 today. But I can’t work on my script constantly. I need to take some time off as well, to restart my energy and free up my mind. I may go to bed late again tonight. Last night, I went to bed around 1 am. I just worked and worked on my screenplay. Today is also going to be the same, I think. It’s good that I don’t have a TV. I can feel, I have achieved a lot since I don’t have a television. So when I want to watch a good film I just subscribe to a streaming service, rent or buy a film. That way, I can control myself when I want to be entertained. If I had a telly it would be difficult for me to refrain myself from turning it on all day long, although I didn’t really watch anything. Then, it would distract me from accomplishing my work. So, it was the right decision to throw the TV away.

  • Fashion

    I Love Fashion

    I love fashion. So once in a while, I do buy new fashion clothes. I like to keep the color tone of my clothes in neutral colors, such as beige, gray. I just think these color palettes suit my skin tone better than any other colors. For example, strong colors are not for me at all. Sometimes I try to wear some colorful and bright colors. But they just don’t look good on me for some reason. The same with makeup. So, not just outfits.

    I like jeans, especially ripped jeans. I just like denim. It can be denim shirt, denim skirt, for instance. I think, I will still wear jeans – no matter how old I am, as long as I still can wear them. And I like to mix casual apparel with formal or smart clothing, to create a unique look that’s just so me.

    White top, sand color coat, a pair of distressed jeans, and white sport shoes create a perfect, smart casual outfit.
    Brown leopard jumper, beige coat, a pair of ripped jeans, white sport shoes or boots create a perfect, smart casual outfit.
    White top, boyfriend jeans, and black boots.

  • News

    A 100-page Outline

    Yesterday, I had made an outline of every scene to about 100 pages of my screenplay. I just wrote and wrote whatever came to my mind. Or whatever I could remember since it’s inspired by a true story. It’s not about the correct grammar and good plot at the first phase. It’s about making it to FADE OUT. So when I have made an outline of everything till page 100 or something that’s a good start. If I stopped to wonder what if the whole thing didn’t make sense and the grammar was horrible I might never make it to the end. So I just kept on going. And I did make it to about 100 pages. It’s such a relief.

    I did try to finish Act 1 yesterday, but only made it to page 14 or 15. I did write to page 10 or so some days ago. But then, I analysed it and corrected the grammar yesterday which delayed my writing process. And that’s why I could only write 4-5 more pages from the 10 pages yesterday. I also had lots of things to do, such as making self tape auditions, reading the scripts from others to prepare myself for the filming. Yes, I have lots of filming coming up this year. So, there are lots of screenplays to be read all of the sudden. I also attend acting class, which I also need to practise for the workshop as well.

    So, it’s not easy to both be a writer and an actress. Especially, it’s my first time trying to finish a feature-length screenplay. I haven’t written that many scripts, yet. So, there are still lots of things to be learned for a new writer like me. I also love reading. I try to finish reading the novels I have bought which I haven’t had time to read them all to the last page. I will try to allocate a few hours or so each day to read books.

    The best thing is that I have made an outline of my screenplay to page 100 or so. And plus, I have also written a summary of it. So I know what my story is about exactly and what are the major scenes in it. I don’t want to write a treatment. But now that I have a 100-page outline, I may write a treatment anyway because it’s easier after the outline. But today, I will try to write 10 more pages. Then I will have completed Act 1.

    But I’m not sure if I will stop and analyse and correct the grammar after Act 1?, or just continue to write it to FADE OUT? Then I can revise it later when everything is done. Then I don’t have to worry about I still have lots and lots of pages to accomplish. An absolute, crude script is better than no script at all.

    I may decide to make the movie out of my own screenplay, once I’m done with the script. So I try to write a low-budget feature film as much as I can.

  • Adventure

    National History Museum

    I went out all day today. I went to National History Museum to see people ice-skating. I was tempted to ice-skate as well. But it was a long time ago I ice-skated. I therefore didn’t want to look like a bambi on ice. So I didn’t try anyway. I also wore ripped jeans. So if I did ice-skate I might damage my pants. When I wear a pair of proper trousers I may try to ice-skate. But I did take some amazing photos of the ice rink and the National History Museum. Last time I was there was about a few years ago or something. Now I only pass it when I take a bus. Today, I finally stopped by and visited it once more.

    Ice Rink National History Museum.

    London has many interesting spots to take selfie. If I didn’t have to work on my screenplay and tried to finish it as soon as possible I would be out all day and almost every day, to take some selfies with beautiful locations around London. I love going around and exploring new scenes in London, or just visit the places I like again and again.

  • Music,  News

    Top Up My Energy With Music

    If I get stuck on words I listen to music, to free my mind. Don’t underestimate the power of music. I was so tired before after dinner and after watching a film. Then I listened to music, afterwards. Now, I’m ready to continue to work on my screenplay. The music really tops up my energy. I will work on my script again, until I get tired and go to bed. Music also inspires me, to come up with new ideas, new perspectives, and more. I will not go mad with my screenplay. I will work with it bit by bit. I have now finished the first 12 pages. Then tomorrow, I hope I can write 13 more pages, to finish act 1. It can be challenging, writing my first spec script. But I enjoy every step of it because I love writing. Let’s see how far I can go with my screenplay tonight.

    Tonight, I will just work more on the characters. I will take my time to develop each main character, getting to know them better individually, so that I can write about them more realistically. I think when I know my characters so well I can create a compelling plot more easily. Then, I will finish my script faster. I don’t know yet. If it will work. But, I just have to try. It just makes sense, though. If I don’t know what my┬ácharacters want, what makes them tick, how they see the world, the environment they live in and the influence it has on them, and so on, how am I going to make people care about my screenplay? So when I take all of these things into consideration I know I have to work more on the┬ácharacters.

  • Food

    Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

    I just had spicy beef noodle soup for dinner, which I made it myself. I bought everything in the supermarket. I didn’t have to go to Asian shop at all. I could since there’s a Thai shop close to where I live. So, if I wanted to I could go to Thai shop as well. But if I could buy everything in one place, then why not? Now I think, I will have more food for the rest of this week. I don’t have to order the grocery online anyway. I have everything I need now.

    Now the shopping task is out of the way, I can then focus on writing my screenplay 100%. But as I said earlier, as the day goes by my energy and enthusiasm also become less active accordingly. But I have the whole this week and next week to complete my script because it’s a holiday time at the moment. Today is too late to work on the manuscript since now I just want to chill out. But who knows, after some time I may gain my energy again and begin to work on my screenplay all of the sudden. And that’s why I let my script stay open because when the inspiration strikes I can just continue to work on my screenplay straight away.

  • News

    Act 1

    I am in the mood for finishing act 1 of my screenplay today. I intended to only write the first 10 pages, but I wrote and wrote on Friday and Saturday last week up to page 12 or 13 anyhow. That’s almost half of the 1 act already which is about 25 pages. I have written half of the 1 act so far. Why not complete it anyway, then? And it would give me a real good sense of the 1 act and how the story would unfold from there. The inciting incident kicks off in act 1 and act 2 begins: the new world.

    But I have lots of things to do, including do some shopping. I can’t order grocery online either. There will be no delivery until this Friday everywhere. Maybe I haven’t checked EVERYWHERE, yet. Anyway, I must go out and do some shopping now to get it out of the way. And tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, everything will be closed. So I have no choice but to do some shopping today. And by the time I get back home again, my energy to write may not be at the top as it is now.

    I will maybe just go out very quickly and buy anything that I can eat for 3-4 days, just to survive. Then order the grocery online today, to be delivered on Friday. Then I don’t have to spend too much time in the supermarket. Then I will quickly be home again to start writing and finishing act 1, hopefully. I think, I will do that.

  • Adventure


    I am in love with funfair. It just evokes good times from when you were young every time. I remember whenever the fair started my dad would take us to the fair. For kids, it’s like a fairy tale. It’s like you walk into a whole new, hidden world that promises there will always be fun. And I would always get a princess doll with a very fancy dress. Our family would walk around and had a pleasant experience at the fair. It’s almost the only time I was waiting for the whole year. So funfair was my top favorite place to go when I was a kid. It’s also fun as a grown-up if you go with good friends, or with that special someone. There’s something magical about it. It just puts a spell on everybody. And I don’t only love going to funfair, I like taking pictures of it as well. It always reminds me of pleasant memories every time I look at the photos of it.

  • Lifestyle


    I rarely use my tablet. I use it mostly at night when I want to watch a good film because I’m too tired to sit and see it on a laptop (I don’t have a TV). Then it comes in handy. I also like using it to browse social media. It gives me a better view of it because it has a bigger screen, compared to a mobile phone. I don’t really use my laptop when I just want to post or read something on social media. And a mobile phone is rather small. So a tablet is a better solution when I don’t want to use a laptop and a mobile phone. But I do need a laptop when I’m writing my screenplay. I don’t like writing it on a small screen. I don’t know why. But I can blog on a tablet or a mobile phone. No problem. I think because writing my script is something I prioritise. So, I want to use the best tool possible. Blogging and posting on social media is not that important. So I can use any device.

    These screenshots below are from a tablet:

    I use Instagram mostly for inspirations.

    I, for example, like browsing Instagram to find some inspirations in style, food, travel, and more. So, a tablet really gives me a moderate screen to browse through and see the photos in better sizes than a mobile phone. Although, I don’t post that often on Instagram, I post more often on Twitter, but I use Instagram more to be inspired in art, design, fashion, cooking, and so on. It just designs to do just that which is to inspire, in my opinion.

    I think each social media has its own mission or purpose. Like Youtube, people use it to learn how to do a certain thing such as how to apply a makeup, watch a music video.

    People use Twitter to write a short message and share news that happens right here right now mostly, for instance. And Facebook is more for socialising and keeping in touch online with the people you know. I think when you know what each social media really does you can utilise it precisely what it’s meant to do and benefit from it to a great extent.

    But even that I don’t use social media that often myself. Just sometimes. Because I focus more on finishing my screenplay at the moment.

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