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    I have just finished making a selftape presentation for my agent to send to casting directors. It’s just a standard selftape that includes my name, age, height, hands, full body, and a 1-minute monologue. I just took a monologue from my horror screenplay which I am going to use this monologue in my upcoming short horror film as well “Final Day,” to make a short film out of it to pitch for fund for my feature film “The Existence.” Next week, I’m going to start looking for cast & crew. Yes, finally, I’m going to make the short film. But I’m also working on my drama screenplay simultaneously. My drama film is not listed anywhere because I plan to send the script to screenplay competitions only. And I am not allowed to make a film out of it, yet. So, that drama filmmaking project will be put on hold for a while. If I don’t win the contest, I will, definitely, make the movie myself. That’s the plan.

    Tonight, I will continue to work on my drama screenplay as much as I can, to really finish it. But although I am not finished with it yet, I have to start filming my short film anyway. If I waited for my drama script to complete first before I could do anything else, I could be waiting for very long time. Who knows. There may be things that I have to change again and again. So I must start working on the making of my horror short film “Final Day” at the same time, to actually create something along the way. I don’t want to waste my time no more on just one project when I, probably, can do another project alongside it. This horror short film doesn’t take long time to shoot anyway. It’s just one scene. It might take just a day to film. So if I had all cast & crew ready next week, I could be finishing my short horror film the week after.

    View my resume on Mandy or IMDb.

    I’m doing the monologue from my upcoming short horror film “Final Day.” This is the scene when she discovers she’s got malaria.
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    Sunday Morning

    Good morning! Finally, Sunday is here. I like Sunday. I don’t know why. It just feels different than the other days of the week. It’s a day that tells you to relax, have a day off, and do whatever you like. It may apply to lots of people who work 9-5, but not me. I work 7 days a week and at different times. Anyway, I think the reason why I like Sunday is because I always connect it to Sunday in Denmark because all the shops are closed on Sundays in Denmark, so that people will use the opportunity to have an actual break and spend some quality time with the family, loved one, friends, etc. I guess, that’s the idea. And I used to think that it is the same for the rest of Europe. So when I first moved to UK when it’s Sunday and I wanted to go out and buy something, but then I realised it’s Sunday, so there’s no use of going out since all the shops will be closed anyway. So I never actually went out to buy anything on Sundays when I first moved to UK. After some time, I found out it’s not the same as in Denmark. Here, all the shops operate as usual 7 days a week. But even now, on Sundays, I sometimes still have the feeling about all the shops are closed in UK as well.

    After this blog post, I will get busy with lots of tasks that I have to do. And that’s why I work 7 days a week. I will continue to work on my drama screenplay, to really finish it as soon as possible. Then I have some self tapes I have to make and send. I also have to start looking for cast & crew for my short horror film “Final Day,” which I may change the title. I can see, I will spend this whole Sunday for all my plans. But doing what I love is the most important thing. When I am done with all my small goals, I can relax and reward myself later.

    Good morning!
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    Cute Bakery

    Just got home from a casting not long ago. Well, I had a casting around midday. But then after that, I just went window-shopping. Then King’s Road. While I sat on the bus on my way home – from King’s Road to Putney isn’t that far with bus number 22 – I then saw Peggy Porschen bakery and decided to get off the bus immediately to buy some cupcakes from it, and to take some selfies with it, of course. It’s just so chic and popular cake shop. Mainly because of its girly decoration with pink flowers both inside and outside. And everything about it is just so fabulous. People just take selfies with it and post it all over Instagram (Free advertising. I do the same by writing this blog post about it). That’s how I discovered Peggy Porschen bakery. When I got home, I made a cup of tea straight away. Then I had my afternoon tea – just without sandwiches, only the cupcakes I just bought. They tasted good, actually. I normally don’t eat sweet that often. I prefer fruits instead. But once in a while is okay. And these cupcakes, they’re not that sweet, that’s why I liked it.

    Peggy Porschen Bakery
    It’s too cute. I didn’t really want to eat it.
    Taking selfie with nice flowers in King’s Road
    In a tiny alley near Newman Street for a casting this afternoon. I have been to castings in this same place so many times. If they tell me to go to Newman Street for a casting, then I know exactly where to go. They don’t have to tell me the door number. It’s the same building anyway that they usually hold castings.
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    Simple Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe

    Green curry is one of my favourite curries. It just has a very delicate flavour, compared to other curries. And it’s not too spicy. It’s quite mild. Therefore I like making green curry dish when I feel like eating something not too spicy, but still has some heat in it. Yellow curry is also good. It’s less spicy than green curry. Red curry is the spiciest of them all. I like all curries, including massaman and panang curries. I just can’t get enough of it. Some people think Thai food is difficult to make. Not anymore. Today, you can buy readymade Thai curry pastes almost everywhere. There’s no need to go through all that trouble to make the curry pastes yourself. Unless, you make curry dishes on a daily basis.

    One of the reasons why I love Thai food is because it’s healthy since most Thai dishes comprise lots of vegetables. So you can’t go wrong with that. Eating Thai food regularly can only benefit me. And that’s why I love it! Also, many Thai dishes can be made without meat or just use tofu instead. So, Thai food is also ideal for vegetarians, vegans, and healthy food lovers. Occasionally, I do not use meat in my Thai cooking at all. I sometimes even forget that I have not used any meat in it since it tastes delicious anyway with or without.

    And today, I want to share a very tasty Thai green chicken curry. I love cooking. So, if I have time, I will spend my quality time to cook good, healthy food for myself. And today I fancy chicken green curry. So I just have to make it. I have tried this dish many times, for example, in restaurants and takeaway places, but it doesn’t taste that good or authentic enough. It’s quite disappointing when this dish, in fact, is not difficult to make at all. And you can make it in less than 30 mins. Therefore I feel like sharing this Thai green chicken curry recipe with you, so if you love this dish you can try to make it and see for yourself how easy it is. Okay, let’s do it!

    Thai Green Chicken Curry

    Cooking Time: 30 mins.

    Serves: 4


    • 2 Whole chicken breast fillets (about 320g), cut into strips
    • 500ml Coconut milk
    • 2 Tbsp readymade Thai green curry paste
    • 2 Tbsp Thai fish sauce
    • 250ml Water
    • 2 Small bags of mixed vegetables (about 500g vegetables), choose the one that has no onion in it or any vegetables that are not suitable for this type of dish. Carrot, broccoli, pepper, and similar are perfect for this dish. You can also buy each of these vegetables and prepare them yourself.


    1. Heat coconut milk in a wok or pot or casserole over medium heat, when it starts boiling add green curry paste, keep stirring gently until the curry paste dissolves and blends well with the coconut milk.

    2. Add chicken, cook the chicken until it’s about 50% cooked.

    3. Add vegetables and water, increase the heat to high heat and keep stirring everything together gently until it starts boiling, then add fish sauce and lower the heat back to medium heat, continue to cook everything together for about 2-3 more mins, or until the vegetables and chicken are finished.

    4. If you like, just before you turn the heat off add fresh chillies and coriander and give it a few, soft stirs before removing it from the heat.

    5. Serve it with freshly cooked rice, or even better with jasmine rice. Enjoy!

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    Fight Malaria

    Malaria has never got much attention until now. Thanks to the campaign Malaria Must Die launched very recently by David Beckham. I just stumble upon the clip of the campaign on Instagram today, actually. Now I realise that my filmmaking project about Malaria disease back in early 2018 is worth making. I started planning to make the film about Malaria “The Existence” (which is based on a true story by the way) back in March 2018, after I was done making my first short action/romance film “Instant Risk,” which will be made into one short film and one feature film. But I have yet to start the production of the film anyway. Well, I was, actually, about to start making the movie as soon as I had the idea last year, which I hoped to begin with the short film version first to pitch for fund for the feature film. Subsequently, I started writing the screenplay and all that. But then I saw a drama screenplay competition that I wanted to send it to. So I decided to postpone the production of my horror/sci-fi film about Malaria disease. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet the deadline for the drama script. So I must continue to finish writing the drama screenplay regardless since I am almost done with it. There’s no way of going back now.

    Malaria Must Die campaign.

    I aim to complete the drama script very soon. I was done with it already. But then I wanted to make sure, it is perfect because I prepared to send it to competitions. So I have to rewrite it again and again, until I am totally happy with it. I will work on it one last week which is this week. Then, I will send it to screenplay contests. And then I can begin to make my horror/sci-fi film about Malaria “The Existence,” which I may skip the short film version and start making the feature film right away. It’s a low-budget film anyway. So I do not need to make a short film version to pitch for fund. I will work harder to finish the revision of my drama screenplay as soon as possible, so that I can start filming my horror/sci-fi film about Malaria “The Existence” straight away.

    In the trailer, it still shows the previous title “Escape from Death” because I made the trailer in 2018 before I changed the title to “The Existence.”

    Most of my movies are about something educational and therefore useful for the society. As you can see my horror/sci-fi film “The Existence” is about fighting and stopping the Malaria and making people become aware of the deadly disease, about being strong and brave – mentally and physically. And my drama film, which I’m still working on the script, is about something totally opposite. I cannot reveal that much for now. I want this drama script to be kept under wraps for a while, until the film is being made.

    In Wimbledon Common park last year near my place.

    I am so excited about both films – the drama film (with no title yet) and the horror film “The Existence.” I can’t wait to begin to produce them soon. Every day, I jump out of my bed with a lot of enthusiasm for both my filmmaking projects, which I start preparing for the filming of the horror film now. And that’s why I have not blogged much recently. I just devote all my time for my upcoming movies. It’s something I love doing. I visualise the films in my head daily, how they will start, unfold, and end. The more I can see the movies clearly in my mind, the better I can translate the visual aspects of them into the screenplays. Writing about 120 pages of a movie manuscript seems easy enough. But when you think of what you have to put into it to create a good screenplay, it’s not as straightforward as you may think. That’s why I take extra time to write an entertaining, captivating script as much as I can. A good movie made of a good screenplay, after all.

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    An Evening of Entertainment

    I have been very busy lately. That’s why I don’t blog that often as I used to. I am preparing for the making of my short film if I cannot sell my script, to pitch for the fund for the feature film. So every day counts. I spend each day doing the research, re-reading my screenplay, rewriting scenes and dialogues, making plans, and many more. And plus, I have many other things to do, too, than just organising my filmmaking project. I have put a lot of work and time into my upcoming drama film. I have therefore reached the point of no return. From now on, I can only move forwards. I have to make it no matter what – either sell the script or make the film myself. But something good has to come out of the screenplay. I will not just write a script and think nobody will care about, then just forget the whole thing and go do something else.

    Since I have been busy with lots of things recently, today I will just relax and watch a good film. But after the film, I may begin to look at my screenplay again. I’m just so excited that I enjoy working on it every time. There’s not a day that I think: Maybe this project is too difficult, I can’t do it anymore, I will find something else less challenging to do instead. On the other hand, I just get up each morning looking forward to continuing to work on my screenplay and my filmmaking project because I’m very positive about it. Also when I visualise the day I have successfully made the film or have sold the script, I just can’t wait to get there FAST. And that’s what keeps me going, never giving up.

    From last fall.
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    New Rouge Lipstick

    Today I just bought a matte rouge lipstick from Mac again, since I love Mac lipstick so I almost exclusively buy lipsticks from this brand. I bought a half-size Mac lipstick for £10. A standard size is about £17. I don’t put makeup on that often. And when I do I only apply a little, just to add some colour to enhance the natural beauty a little bit, not overdo it. So I didn’t want to buy a bigger one. If I purchased a normal size it would mean I would have it stored in my bathroom cabinet for eternity. I will use all my lipsticks up at some point in the distant future. And I’m a woman, after all. And what women do, they buy new lipsticks almost every month if not every week. So I don’t need to buy big sizes of lipsticks when I always fall in love with the new shades anyway and will occasionally buy a new lipstick on impulse.

    I love Mac lipsticks. They are just so good, compared to other brands.
    This rouge Mac lipstick is only £10 because it’s a half-size model.

    In spite of the fact that I do not like applying makeup on a daily basis or every time I have to go out I have to try to use makeup more often, including wearing fashionable clothes. It’s almost a must when you live in London because I think there is too much importance placed on clothes and look here. And I have to go out often. If you didn’t care about mode you could be seen as someone who is old-fashioned. If you lived on the outskirt of London and didn’t even bother to go into central London that often, it might be okay that you couldn’t care less about appearance. Or, if you’re already rich and everybody knows it, you can wear the same style of t-shirt every day and no one cares. So, it depends on what you do, who you are, where you live, and so on.

    A range of lipsticks in various shades.
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    Going to The Beach

    The weather was quite nice earlier today – sunshine and everything. So I felt like going to the beach. But there is no beach in London. Then I remembered, there’s a place that looks like a beach where Putney Thames Rowing Club is located near Putney Pier, so I went there this afternoon and took some selfies with the (fake) beach. The place isn’t that big. But it’s something different from the rest of London, definitely.

    There’s a few pubs near the river. And during summer, There are lots and lots of people going there, drinking and hanging out by the water. I like living by the beach since I love ocean. So if I lived close to Putney Pier, I would also hang out near the River Thames during summertime almost every day. But I think, the rents or the house prices are also very high near the River Thames, particularly near Putney Pier. But I think, it’s worth it.

    Maybe it’s also because where I’m from, there are lots of beaches. And you can go to the beaches all year round – not just summer. So, I just want to live somewhere that reminds me of something I used to. And for me, water also symbolises serenity. I could therefore sit on the beach and stare at the sea and look out into the vast, empty space all day long. It makes you think: This is what it means to be human, to enjoy life to the full and find happiness in the most simple things. And I love when the sun sets. I don’t know. There’s something alluring about it. But I think, I’m not the only one who loves sunset. That’s why I love nature. And I feel so bad when I hear nature is gradually being destroyed around the world.

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    A Movie About Vulnerability

    I write this post as if I have a discussion with someone about the process of writing my first feature-length screenplay (a coming-of-age drama) and, possibly, making the film myself as well which I will also be playing one of the main characters. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to pretend, I am being interviewed by someone to see how I will answer those questions when the time comes. I think, it’s also a good preparation and a brave proclamation to myself about that I can do it, I will make it – just relax.

    How do you start your day?

    As soon as I get up, I make a cup of tea or coffee, have my breakfast, and begin to write straight away.

    What are you doing at the moment?

    I’m working on my feature-length screenplay (a coming-of-age drama) and trying to get it sold. If not, I will make the film myself. So I’m very busy with lots of things, such as doing the researches for my film, how to get it made. I also take some acting classes once in a while to improve my acting skill, attend several film and writer events to network, and many more. But one of the main things is that I try to finish the revision of my screenplay by the end of this month, which is this Sunday 31. So, I don’t have that many days left now.

    I thought, I am completely done with the redraft. But then, when I read through it somehow it doesn’t seem captivating enough, and some aspects of it are unclear and uninteresting. So I have to rewrite it again and again, until it’s perfect. Because, if I want to sell my screenplay it has to be more than good. People have to be unable to put it down, till they have read to the end. So, I try to achieve that kind of level. I therefore have to be a prolific writer, to refine my writing skill. Because, when you write a lot or produce a lot you become good at it in the end. Writing a lot of things doesn’t only mean quantity; it also means quality since it helps you become a good, confident writer. Although I have yet to write lots of screenplays, but I blog a lot and almost daily. So, I do produce lots of writing work anyway – just in a different form of writing.

    What is it so special about this drama script?

    That it is based on a true story which is so personal to me. For that reason, there is a personal touch to it as well. It’s not just a true story and that’s it. All in all, the whole package: The dialogues, the plot, the characters, the setting, and more. It’s just a very good story to tell. And that’s why I feel like turning it into film myself since I know the story very well. I would therefore be the right one to tell and direct it.

    What are the most important views of the script?

    That it is about the views of vulnerability, loneliness, choice, control, and the like. It’s a coming-of-age drama. So, it’s about making the right choices in your life, about being you – not just someone or something or anything that’s not you, just to please others. It’s about holding on to who you are. It’s about finding yourself, actually, which many young people have to cope with. Growing up can be scary. There are lots of responsibilities you have to take. The reality can be intimidating for some, especially youngsters. Hence the journey to adulthood can be lonely which makes many teenagers feel vulnerable. Although they may not be aware of loneliness and vulnerability themselves, but they are there somewhere deep down.

    What are the interesting things about the characters?

    The protagonist is a very complicated person. For example, he says things he doesn’t mean. But, it’s not only the protagonist who is like that, all characters are enigmatic in some ways. They do and say things that can be annoying or difficult to understand. But they have their own reasons for doing it. The impetus can be good or bad.

    What is the setting and why?

    It takes place in a small district of London. I want to portray the lives that are different from what we are used to. We need to see and experience something completely different than our own world. It’s nice to be taken to a different world and be transported with entertainment and learn something from it. I can promise you, there is a lot to learn from this film, a lot of questions to be answered, and more.

    Considering everything, this film will be a good film to watch. I can visualise it already. Therefore I would like to make this movie myself, which I might. Because, I want to make a film which I in some way give something back to the society. So if I ever turn it into film myself, I really want people to go see the film, to experience something different and educational.

    From last fall.
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    Filmmaking Infographic

    I have made an infographic to really lay out my idea in an outline, so that I can easily follow it to the end. I think, it looks less abstract when I see it right in front of me when and what I am going to do first and last. It’s more organised and manageable. Before, I kept everything in my head and it seemed chaotic and unreachable. I also don’t know when to start and when to finish. So by making it clear to myself the steps I am going to take and set myself a deadline or a timeframe when it will be done, what I am going to do first, next, and last, everything looks possible now.

    What do you think?

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