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    Trying to Finish Act 1

    Back home again. Now, I will go crazy with my screenplay. I am quite busy with lots of things at the moment. But one thing for certain, I have to finish my script asap! I’m getting there. I will try to finish Act 1 as quickly as possible. So tonight, although I’m a bit tired, but I will try to continue to work on Act 1. Even just for 1 hour, it’s better than nothing. I have at least made some progress towards my goal before I go to bed. A small growth is better than no advancement at all. And breaking it into small chunks seems to work for me. Before I know it, I may even have a finished script in my hand already.

    It looks pretty good. I think. And I can reveal a little bit: I am not the protagonist in my upcoming drama feature film. I am just one of the main characters. As I said before, this movie isn’t about me. But about some people I know very well. So, there is still a personal attachment to it. And that’s why I can just keep going – never lose the enthusiasm. Because, I want to tell this story so badly.

    Sometimes while I’m writing I have to stop and replay everything in my head scene by scene all over again and again because I know everything about it. If I can see my own screenplay as a movie in my head then it just makes my writing flow more smoothly and more cinematically. Then I just transfer it to paper and make the readers see it as a movie as well when they read my screenplay. So, I try to achieve that. When I’m done with my script I will find someone or some people I can trust to read it and give me some feedback.

    This is going to be interesting and challenging, making the readers easily visualise the film as they read the screenplay. If I can do that then my script is a success. That’s why I work so hard day & night on my screenplay to achieve that. I never get tired of it. As soon as the sun comes up I jump out of bed, make my coffee, and start writing straight away. I just have a good feeling about it. That it is going to be a good manuscript, exciting, interesting, unique, etc. Seeing the story come to life is one of my motivations to completing the screenplay as soon as I can.

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    A Busy Day

    I have a busy day today. Just got home and had my lunch, actually breakfast. Then, I am on my way out again for another production I am working on at the moment. It starts getting cold now and snow and all that. Well, maybe not too bad. Winter here is like summer or spring in Denmark which is good for me.

    I will relax a little bit before I go out again. Then I also have some monologues I have to prepare for new auditions. But if I had nothing to do tomorrow, I would try to finish the Act 1 of my screenplay. After coming home tonight, I will work a little bit more on it.

    Then this weekend, I will clean my studio and throw some old clothes away. I like throwing old stuff away once in a while, to clear my home & my soul. I just put them in a bin bag and go give them to a charity shop. Yes, if your home is messy you can’t think clearly either. It just blocks your productivity. And that’s why I try to keep my flat fairly spartan. What I have in my home is what I really need. Things I no longer need I get rid of them. If I do need them later on I will acquire them again, it’s as simple as that.

    After cleaning my studio, I may even buy some flowers for my flat, to add some freshness to it, something beautiful to look at, to feed my soul and to increase my creativity.

    Now I will get ready to go out again. I hope, it’s going to be a fun day. I look forward to it.

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    Listening to Music

    Time to take a break from writing and listen to music instead. Music helps me relax. I like Coldplay, which is one of my favourite bands. I also like Amy Winehouse, PJ Harvey, The Rolling Stones, for instance. So, whenever I have a writer’s block or too tired to continue to work on my script I stop and listen to music. And it helps to some extent. I’m even thinking about going to a singing class, not to become a musician, but to improve my vocal which is also vital for actors. I don’t know, yet. But it’s a possibility.

    I’m running out of milk. I can’t drink coffee without milk. And it seems, it will be a long night for me today since I plan to finish revising Act 1 today, or get Act 1 done as much as possible. And I need lots of coffee to be able to stay awake. But no milk. So I don’t know how it’s gonna work? And I live in a village. There are no shops nearby. There’s a few shops about 20 minutes walk away. But they closed at 8pm already, so. I will try to drink just black coffee, then.

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    Continue to Work on My Screenplay

    I have been quite busy this week. So I haven’t got the chance to finish my screenplay. Luckily, I am free this weekend. I can then try to complete my screenplay, or get as much done as possible. As I said before, I am done with Act 1. But after analysing my script or just reading through it, I could see that some scenes, actors, and locations, do not need to be in the script. It’s just too much. It really helped that I stopped and analysed Act 1 first before I moved on to Act 2. Then, I can subtract or add something that makes sense to the plot. Something that doesn’t need to be there, I get rid of it. It would give me more job and headache if I finished the whole screenplay already then I had to subtract and add something, afterwards. That’s about 120 pages I have to go through, which is a lot of work. So, I realised, stopping and analysing after Act 1 is the best thing to do. Now, after I have removed some characters, locations, and scenes, my script looks more lean, easy to read, and it’s also easier for me to make the film myself in terms of budget. This weekend, I will spend the time to rewrite Act 1. Well, not exactly. It’s more like removing something because I have finished Act 1 already. It’s more like: what do I need to take away and the whole plot still makes sense? I don’t even have to wait for tomorrow. I will do it now. After the revision of Act 1, I then can move on to Act 2. I get so excited thinking about my screenplay, so I can’t wait for tomorrow. Why wait for tomorrow when I can do it now?

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    Healthy Breakfast

    I like starting my day with a healthy breakfast. A good day start with a good breakfast. One of my favourite early meals is muesli with lots of fruits on top. It looks so healthy already. I like oatmeal with egg and spinach, avocado toast, smoothie, and yogurt for breakfast, too. Anything that is fresh and healthy. I rarely have fry-up for breakfast. Only if I want to pamper myself on a Sunday once in a while. A good cup of tea along with a healthy breakfast is a perfect breakfast combination. When I do have a full English breakfast I like drinking coffee instead.

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    Tower Bridge

    I haven’t been to Tower Bridge for a few years now. But now since I see Tower Bridge is a popular location for taking selfies as well. So I must go there. I passed by it many times in the past. But I never really wanted to take a selfie with it. But it looks good when I see some selfies with it in the background. It just looks so magical like in a fairy tale – both day & night. But as I mentioned before in my previous post, London has many interesting, stunning spots to take selfies with because of its many famous landmarks. It’s just a city for selfie lovers to pilgrim to.

    Now that I have been to Tower Bridge, next time I will find a new, amazing place in London to take selfies with.

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    Psycho House

    I passed by The Royal Academy of Arts today and saw The Psycho house, I then had to take some photos of it and take some selfies with it as well. I am a fan of horror movies. And that’s why I want to make a horror movie myself. I can never forget the ending of Psycho. It’s so creepy. A car being pulled out of the swamp toward you. Isn’t that spine-chilling? And the famous shower scene. Who can forget that? After watching Psycho, taking a shower will never be the same. The Psycho also built on Sigmund Freud’s theory of id, ego and superego. But psychology is being used in most horror movies anyway. Often, the villains are insane for some reason or no reason at all – just pure evil.

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    My Drama Screenplay

    Today I make a video to talk about my drama screenplay, which I will probably make a movie out of it myself. I just wait and see when I am done with the script how I will take it from there. This video I just make it as a warmup, to begin to talk about my upcoming filmmaking project, finally. I may make new videos later on, talking about my filmmaking project, screenplay, and story, in more details.

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    Act 1 Accomplished

    I make it! I have just finished Act 1 of my screenplay. When I write and write without stopping to correct the grammar and to analyse the plot I tend to write faster. Tomorrow, I will continue to Act 2. But not the whole Act 2. Just 50% of it which is about 25 pages again. And I will not stop to revise the script. I will just keep on going, till I have written 25 pages. Then, 50% of my screenplay is already done. Then the day after tomorrow, another 25-page. Then, 75% of it is also done. But who knows, if I could I would try to write 50 pages tomorrow. I plan to attend acting class tomorrow. I may skip it, then. I think, I will do that. Finishing my screenplay is more important right now. I am so happy. Not long from now, I will have my first feature-length screenplay ready. This is my motivation, to have my first feature-length script written by myself. I think, it will be an indescribable moment for me when it actually happens.

    Now, I will celebrate it with a glass of milk before I go to bed.

    Good night!


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    Seafood Dumplings

    Dumpling is one of my favorite Asian appetizers. I can eat it every day. I just had seafood dumplings and noodle soup with shrimps and beef balls for lunch. I didn’t make the dumplings myself, though. But I do make it myself sometimes when I’m in the mood for it. I just bought the seafood dumplings from an Oriental shop in Chinatown the other day. It just makes my life easier. Cooking and preparing Asian food can take time. It depends on the dishes you make as well. Some dishes take no time at all to make, but some do need hours of preparation.

    So, I bought some bags of frozen, ready-made dumplings, beef balls for the noodle soups, and the like. Then I don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen. I can utilize the time to work on my screenplay as much as I can instead. So once a week or once in a while, I like taking a trip to Chinatown to buy the necessity stuff for Asian cooking. Because, I can’t live without Asian food. No matter how long I have been living in Europe, I still eat Asian food almost daily.

    Yummy seafood dumplings with chilli oil.
    Spicy rice noodle soup with beef balls and shrimps.
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