• Food

    Curly Fries

    I just got home not long ago and was so hungry. I didn’t know what to make, so that the food would be finished in no time at all because I was so starving. Luckily, I always stock frozen potatoes, curly fries, ready-meals, and things like that in the freezer, so I just made curly fries very quickly by putting them in the oven. I was thinking about making a bowl of instant noodles. But I have been eating noodles almost every day. So tonight, I must try something totally different. I attended 2 different classes and a workshop today. And that’s why I didn’t really have time to eat. I jumped from one class to the next. That’s what I spent my day today. And after this blog post, I will continue to work on my screenplay just a little bit more. I have the rest of this week to finish it. So, I don’t expect to achieve that much today – just a little. I wanted to attend an acting class as well tomorrow. But, I changed my mind. I will stay home and try to finish my script instead. Finalizing my screenplay is my top priority right now. I will try to make my dream come true this week by finally completing my screenplay.

    Curly fries.
  • Food

    Spicy Snack

    I just made Thai spicy beef salad for dinner or more like a snack for my rose wine. I don’t eat that big portion of a food. And it was a big piece of steak, so I didn’t need to have rice or potatoes to go with it. And it’s so warm today, almost like summer. So I fancied drinking something cold with a touch of alcohol, to celebrate the good weather. And rose wine came to my mind. I like serving it with a few ice cubes in the glass which makes it’s so refreshing. And its sweet, fruity palate just suited the nice weather to a tee. I love red wine as well. But since it’s a sunny day today, rose wine seemed to be the perfect choice for a balmy day. I chose the flavor that goes along well with spicy food because I was going to make Thai spicy beef salad for my dinner.

    I was used to making and selling scented candles and jewelry, and that’s why the candle has BUPPHA label on it since I used my own name as the name for my candle brand as well. I love scented candles. So I also use them myself.

  • News

    My Full Time Job

    I’m taking a break from revising my screenplay a little bit. I may continue tonight. Or, I may watch a good movie instead and resume the revision tomorrow. Or, I just go to bed early instead. Because now, I like working on my script early in the morning. The more early, the better. Sometimes, as early as 3am or something like that. I work full time on my screenplay. It’s like a normal full time job for me. So, if I didn’t have to go anywhere I would work on my screenplay from around 7:00 – 15:00 – just like a 9-5 job. After that, I am free to do something else. The same like getting off from work. I would set the alarm clock at between 2 – 4pm to remind me to get off from work or stop writing. I don’t want to conjecture when I have to cease since it may cause me to work too much or too little. I want to treat it as if it’s my full time job. So, I have to find a way to discipline myself. I don’t even watch TV anymore. If I want to finish my first screenplay I have to sacrifice a lot. And I am willing to do that.

    Right now, I am going through my primary characters to study each of them one last time, to really get to know them. Just interview each of them. I will then use that knowledge to make them more interesting. I will devote the whole day tomorrow to do just that, I think. Then, probably, by the end of this week, I may be able to finish the redraft. Can’t wait to finally complete it.

    Last fall.

  • Music

    Writing Method

    It’s a strange paradox that I find it’s difficult to concentrate on writing when I’m in a public place because of the noises such as cafe, restaurant, but while I work on my script at home I often listen to music at the same time which seems to help me write quicker – and sometimes loud music. But, I can’t work with noises at home either, but when it comes to music then is fine. In a public place is different, I can’t focus at all even though there is music.

    Music works for me only at home. In fact, I capitalize on music to a great extent in which I write even faster and better by listening to music while I’m writing. The past 2-3 days, I listened to music constantly while I was working on my screenplay, and that’s why I could finish it, at long last. Therefore, I don’t really work on my screenplay outside of my home since I can’t keep my mind on writing anyway with a cacophony of all sounds.

    But many found success in writing, which could be songs or books, in public places such as in a pub, restaurant. I could never do that. I have tried, but unsuccessful. But writing at home with music on seems to work for me perfectly. Music allows one scene to segue into the next. And things seem to flow out of my mind naturally. And that’s why I could write my screenplay smoothly and quickly till the FADE OUT within 2-3 days. Before, I tried to work on my script without music and didn’t really get anywhere. When I started listening to music while I was writing it worked like magic.

    And this method is not new for some writers. Some writers or authors use music to inspire them and help them write more creatively and passionately. I find it to be true now.

  • News,  Self Development

    Revision Process

    I start going through the revision process today. I’m working on a scene right now. After I finish this blog post, I will continue with it. I do it scene by scene. So, I won’t miss a scene. The scenes that need to expand, I expand. The scenes that need to cut, I cut. Because, I sometimes edit the films myself, so I imagine I am editing the film, cut and assemble scenes, so the whole movie makes sense.

    Working on each scene also gives me a good focus on the correction of the grammar, dialogues, description, and plot. When I’m done with the changing I will print out the screenplay and read through it. Then, after that, I will give some people I can trust to read it as well. Just to be sure, everything looks good.

    If I didn’t post about my progress toward the completion of my script each day on my blog it’s likely that I wouldn’t be able to finish my screenplay. I would, finally, one day, which could be in a distant future. But since I post about it every day I then have to complete the screenplay and meet the deadline as I have set it, to avoid embarrassment.

    And also, by publishing my personal mission statement I keep myself accountable. I think, it’s a good idea. And I think, if I kept it to myself I might never have written a screenplay. But, people have different ways of achieving their goals. What works for me may not work for others.

  • News

    Home Again

    Back home again not long ago from a writing group. It was very useful. Now I know what to do with my screenplay. Getting different opinions can be both good and bad, though. It could confuse you to some extent. Sometimes, you’ve got to listen and stick to yourself: What is it you want the most?, what is it you want to make?, and what message do you want to send out? Some people think I use too strong language. The things my characters say, nobody says things or talks like that no more. But if they see Spike Lee movies they may change their minds, especially the latest one. That’s the true reality. My film is about realism. I want to make films about something people try to avoid.

    But, it’s still good to get new feedback on it since I have now modified the script by toning it down a bit. But I prefer the previous version because it’s more provocative and controversial. And some say my screenplay it’s too monotone and too much description. I am agree with that. I am aware of that as well. I just wanted to get to the end first, which I did. Thank god! Then, I will rewrite it later. And some say, it’s more suspenseful like a suspense thriller. That’s a new observation. I hadn’t seen it that way before. But now, I can see, there’s a little suspense as well. And some even say, it feels like a Netflix movie. All in all, I am glad I attended the class.

    Good night!
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    Writers Group

    The mist hangs over the village like a bad dream. It really looks like a scene from a horror movie. The time is only about 8am while I’m writing this blog post. By the time I’m done with the blog post, it may be gone by then. Today the weather will be almost the same like yesterday. I hadn’t been out yesterday. So I don’t know how warm it was yesterday. But today, I will be out all day. For now, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a warm day.

    After this blog post, I will take a shower and head out right away. I have lots to do today. I also have to attend a writers group later today, which I really look forward to. I’m passionate about writing and acting. So, I try to participate in all things writing and acting as much as possible. It will be a long day for me today. But it’s ok. I get to do what interests me the most. Time doesn’t really matter to me when I occupy myself doing what I love.

    The two images above and below manifest the tone and atmosphere of the horror/sci-fi films that I plan to make after I am done with my drama movie. That’s why I want to finish my drama screenplay as soon as possible, so that I can start shooting it asap. Then I can move on to my next projects. If only I had finished the script already. Then the filmmaking can begin. I just can’t wait to start making the film from my screenplay.

    I edited the images using Adobe Photoshop. I love taking photos myself as a hobby. I also stroll around London looking for the perfect locations for my movies. So I take pictures of different places, to see if they can be used in my films.

    The view from my window.

    So, this week I really have to try to finish revising the script. Because, although the screenplay is done, but it doesn’t mean it’s ready to be made into film. Not just yet. The grammar and the overall plot have to be good. After that then my script is ready to be turned into film by me or whoever is interested in buying the screenplay.

  • News

    My First Draft is Complete

    I am now done with the first rough draft of my screenplay. What a relief! Tonight, I will begin to tweak it right away. I have no time to waste now if I want my script to be completely done this week. Maybe just the first 10 pages. Because, tomorrow, I have to attend the writing group again. I can then show my group the first edited 10 pages, so that they can compare it with last time when I initially gave them to read my original first 10 pages.

    It’s the same group again. So, I’m looking forward to hearing their new feedback this time. Therefore, I have to finish revising the first 10 pages tonight. And maybe tomorrow as well if I couldn’t finish the rewrite tonight. But, I have lots of things to do tomorrow. I planned to do them today. But I decided to wait until tomorrow instead, so that I could finalise my first draft which turned out to be a good idea. Because, my first rough draft is now complete. I think, it’s better that I finish editing the first 10 pages tonight. Tomorrow, I will be busy with lots of things. I won’t have time to revise it before I attend the writing group.

    But I also feel like watching a good film now. I have been working all day long, to really finish the first draft. Now, I need a break. But I will not leave a gap in between anyway. I will try to start correcting the first 10 pages now and see how long it will take. It may not take that long. Then, I can watch a movie after that. I feel like seeing a comedy or a romance. I have been working on my drama script constantly which many scenes are rather emotional. So I need to take time out from my script and experience something new: A feel good movie that makes me laugh, perhaps.

    A short scene from one of the main characters.
  • Food

    Simple Breakfast

    I start my day with a simple breakfast, just fried eggs and toasts. Then, I have to go out of the door in a minute. I will be busy all day today, again. I may do everything tomorrow instead. Because, today, I feel like spending the whole day working on my screenplay. After a long time working on it, I just want to finish it asap! Then I can start looking for fund, cast & crew, locations, etc., to eventually begin to shoot the film.

    According to the weather forecast, tomorrow seems like it will be the warmest day in UK after a long, long time. So, I may go out and do my things tomorrow instead. I have checked the weather for today, and it will be up to 14C around 2pm. But now, it just looks dull and cold when I see it from the inside. When I go out I will know how warm it is today. I have lots of things to do. Maybe, I will not postpone it to tomorrow anyway.

    I love fried eggs. I like scrambled eggs, too, sometimes. But I don’t really make it that often. I don’t know why? Maybe, making fried eggs is more easy. I love cooking. Spending some quality time preparing good, delicious food for myself is one of the things I enjoy doing. I also like going to market, buying fresh produce for my cooking. When I have time I like to stroll through the market buying newly-harvested vegetables and fruits, but also fresh fish, seafood, meat, and the like. I’d rather buy fresh produce from a market than from a supermarket. It just makes you feel so connected to nature when you can feel and touch the raw materials, or, see them without nice packagings. And you walk around in an open space, in a market which everything is being laid out randomly, getting some fresh air at the same time. It just feels more relaxed.

    As soon as I get up, I have to start my day with a cup of coffee right away. Then my day can begin, afterward. I like drinking tea as well. But not as often as coffee. Maybe just once in a while. But I only drink one cup of coffee a day. That’s it. If I drink more than that it’s likely that I will have a hard time falling asleep.

  • Lifestyle


    I have been busy lately. So I haven’t had a chance to complete my screenplay, as I have planned to finish it about a few days ago. I will try to finish it tonight. If not, then tomorrow. It’s only about 10 pages left anyway. And I still also have to spend a few more days or so to revise it. My script will then be completely finished this week. So, it doesn’t matter when I, actually, have written the last 10 pages. It will really be finalized this week anyway – both the first draft and the revision.

    It’s quite likely that I’ll turn it into a movie myself. I just feel everything is possible, as long as I believe in myself. And I’ve always believed in myself. I’ve been to film school for the past 14 years, after all (working on set is my film school). So, I am very confident that I can do this. Anyway, I just have to try it. I will never know, it will be a success or a failure before I have tried it. I don’t like saying: I can’t do this, I can’t do that, I don’t have the skills to do it, and so on. Because, then you tend to do and think what you say to yourself.

    I was about to buy wine today to celebrate my last day working on set as a background artiste about almost 2 weeks ago, and to start a new chapter of my life focusing on acting/speaking roles instead. Because, I forgot to celebrate it right after. But then, I try not to drink alcohol as long as I still work on my script. I can party next week instead when I also have finished my screenplay. Then I can celebrate everything at once.

    Subsequently, I have rejected lots of works as a background artiste. I will wait tables to pay my rents and bills instead, or go back to work in fashion retail, or work as a temp. The latter will be more suitable for my situation since it will give me more flexibility to go to auditions, do acting jobs, work on my screenplays and filmmaking projects.

    Looking forward to spring and summer.

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