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    Simple Breakfast

    I start my day with a simple breakfast, just fried eggs and toasts. Then, I have to go out of the door in a minute. I will be busy all day today, again. I may do everything tomorrow instead. Because, today, I feel like spending the whole day working on my screenplay. After a long time working on it, I just want to finish it asap! Then I can start looking for fund, cast & crew, locations, etc., to eventually begin to shoot the film.

    According to the weather forecast, tomorrow seems like it will be the warmest day in UK after a long, long time. So, I may go out and do my things tomorrow instead. I have checked the weather for today, and it will be up to 14C around 2pm. But now, it just looks dull and cold when I see it from the inside. When I go out I will know how warm it is today. I have lots of things to do. Maybe, I will not postpone it to tomorrow anyway.

    I love fried eggs. I like scrambled eggs, too, sometimes. But I don’t really make it that often. I don’t know why? Maybe, making fried eggs is more easy. I love cooking. Spending some quality time preparing good, delicious food for myself is one of the things I enjoy doing. I also like going to market, buying fresh produce for my cooking. When I have time I like to stroll through the market buying newly-harvested vegetables and fruits, but also fresh fish, seafood, meat, and the like. I’d rather buy fresh produce from a market than from a supermarket. It just makes you feel so connected to nature when you can feel and touch the raw materials, or, see them without nice packagings. And you walk around in an open space, in a market which everything is being laid out randomly, getting some fresh air at the same time. It just feels more relaxed.

    As soon as I get up, I have to start my day with a cup of coffee right away. Then my day can begin, afterward. I like drinking tea as well. But not as often as coffee. Maybe just once in a while. But I only drink one cup of coffee a day. That’s it. If I drink more than that it’s likely that I will have a hard time falling asleep.

  • Lifestyle


    I have been busy lately. So I haven’t had a chance to complete my screenplay, as I have planned to finish it about a few days ago. I will try to finish it tonight. If not, then tomorrow. It’s only about 10 pages left anyway. And I still also have to spend a few more days or so to revise it. My script will then be completely finished this week. So, it doesn’t matter when I, actually, have written the last 10 pages. It will really be finalized this week anyway – both the first draft and the revision.

    It’s quite likely that I’ll turn it into a movie myself. I just feel everything is possible, as long as I believe in myself. And I’ve always believed in myself. I’ve been to film school for the past 14 years, after all (working on set is my film school). So, I am very confident that I can do this. Anyway, I just have to try it. I will never know, it will be a success or a failure before I have tried it. I don’t like saying: I can’t do this, I can’t do that, I don’t have the skills to do it, and so on. Because, then you tend to do and think what you say to yourself.

    I was about to buy wine today to celebrate my last day working on set as a background artiste about almost 2 weeks ago, and to start a new chapter of my life focusing on acting/speaking roles instead. Because, I forgot to celebrate it right after. But then, I try not to drink alcohol as long as I still work on my script. I can party next week instead when I also have finished my screenplay. Then I can celebrate everything at once.

    Subsequently, I have rejected lots of works as a background artiste. I will wait tables to pay my rents and bills instead, or go back to work in fashion retail, or work as a temp. The latter will be more suitable for my situation since it will give me more flexibility to go to auditions, do acting jobs, work on my screenplays and filmmaking projects.

    Looking forward to spring and summer.

  • News

    All Female Film Crew

    Just home again from a shoot not long ago. I’m not gonna do anything more for today. No more today. Now, I just want to relax and do nothing. I may continue to watch LOST or just see something else. But one thing for certain, I will not work on my screenplay today. I will tomorrow instead. I have bought the ink for my printing machine, to print out my script once it’s done. Then, I will read through it and make some adjustment. I will correct everything by hand on paper. Then, I will write everything nicely and correctly on the computer when I am happy with the revision.

    And if I decided to turn it into a movie myself I would, definitely, only hire female film crew to support women working in Film & TV. But the cast will be a mixture of men & women. I can’t just use all-female cast in a feature film if I want to get as many audiences to go see my film as possible – in some rare occasions, maybe. It’s possible for a short film to have all-female cast. But it’s ok, in both short and feature film, if the film crew are all female since they work behind the camera. I will make a promise that I am going to use only female film crew for my upcoming filmmaking project.

    Photos from today.
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    Time’s Up UK Meeting

    I just got home from a Time’s Up meeting group. It was good to finally attend the meeting. I was supposed to be attending the previous meeting last year as well. But I had to be on set, so I missed the meeting. We talked about many useful things, for example:

    • How to increase the number of female writers and directors in production companies
    • How agents can play a vital part in it
    • Equal payments for all
    • How to get help with sexual harassment, discrimination, abuse, and so on, in the workplace
    • The #4PercentChallenge
    • And more

    So, I’m glad, I could attend the meeting this time, to talk about these topics and how we can get our messages across and be heard. It’s exactly what I need right now. It’s really helpful when you are serious about your work and get to meet like-minded people, to share the experience, knowledge, and support each other. There are lots of different groups from Time’s Up, including sub-groups. So, there are some other groups that I may join next time.

    We held the meeting at BFI.
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    Drama Screenplay

    Today’s the day that I will complete my feature-length drama screenplay, finally. I already know where I’m going with it regarding the climax and the end. So, I don’t have to ponder about it that much. Therefore, 10 more pages today for the climax and the resolution/realization or Act 3 will not take me that long to write. What a relief. I am totally done with it. I so look forward to revising it soon. Then, I will start selling it or looking for a producer or just producing the movie myself. So, I have plan A, B, C, and so on, for this script. It’s good to have thought about what I am gonna do with it before I even start writing it. Then I know precisely where and how to go after my goals once the screenplay is complete. And that’s when the fun part begins after the script is done, ready to be seen and read by potential agents, buyers, producers, actors, studios, etc. Can’t wait!

    After this blog post, I will go out again for another meeting/networking. I don’t know when I will be home again, to continue to work on the last bit of my screenplay. But that shouldn’t take long. I have already finished the major part of it. Now, I can just take it easy.

    From last year.
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    My Script is Almost Done

    I stood up around 5:30am this morning and began to work on my script straight away. I couldn’t wait to complete my screenplay as soon as possible, so I started working on it as soon as the sun came up. Now, I have written to around page 90. Not so many pages left now before I can type FADE OUT, at long last. I have a few meetings today. But as soon as I am home again, I will try to finish the screenplay today! I only need about 10-15 more pages now. And that will be about 100 pages or more of the whole script. And that’s it. No more.

    Because, when I revise it there may be something I will amplify or delete. But, I’m pretty sure, I will add more details to most of the scenes since I just write quickly and only the key elements are on the script. But even only that, the screenplay contains about 90 pages already. If I then, actually, developed some scenes in further detail it would then be more than 100 pages or so, or, it might add up to exactly 120 pages. So, if I only managed to write 10 more pages today, then it’s ok. I will not work more on it. I will then continue with the next phase which is the rewriting. I just have to move on quickly now if I want to complete my screenplay asap. There’s no time for a lengthy piece of work if it’s not that necessary. Getting it done is more essential.

    From last spring.

  • News,  Self Development

    Inspiring Story

    One of the inspiring stories that keeps motivating me to continue to write to reach my goal is J.K. Rowling story how she became one of the most influential authors in the modern world. I just one day accidentally saw a film biography about her on a telly, Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story. And I was impressed how she started. And at that time, she even had a small baby to take care, her daughter, and many other obstacles. Anyway, she managed to fulfill her dream as a writer in such a short period of time. I don’t have a small kid to look after. I don’t even have a partner (cry). So, I have all that time to write. Therefore, I have no excuse not to succeed.

    It’s a great story that can inspire anyone. If you don’t get inspired by this story then I don’t know what to say. I think, if you really fight hard for it the magic will happen – soon or later. So, every time I am feeling stuck and feeling like I am going nowhere, I will look for inspiring stories like this to keep me going. It does, actually, help. If the people who were in the worse situations than me could succeed then why I couldn’t? It’s only because I didn’t work hard enough. Period.

    Anyway, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything takes time and patience. I just have to be patient, as long as I continue to be enthusiastic about what I do and want to achieve, one day it will come. I also like Estee Lauder’s quote: “You’ve got to work hard, you’ve got to stick to it and you’ve got to believe in what you’re doing.”

    Today, I have written about 10 more pages of my drama screenplay. So, I am at around page 80 or something now. I will take a break and watch a good film. Then, if I’m not too tired I will continue to write about 10 pages more. Or, I could even finish the whole script tonight, which I would need about 20 more pages. So, the movie would be around 1h 50m – almost 2 hours. And 20-page more is not unrealistic to complete in one day – either today or tomorrow and that’s it – since I do write about 10 pages or so every day anyway.

    After the first draft, I also have to go through the revision process. So, I will need some more days for that as well. Consequently, I will give it another week or maybe 3-4 more days to really finalize my screenplay. Then I’m done!

  • News

    My Drama Screenplay is Almost Done

    I have written my drama screenplay to page 70 or something today, which is good. I stood up around 7:30am and just worked constantly on it. That’s a lot of hours. I have never spent that many hours, writing. I am very happy that I have made it to page 70 or so today. That’s a big achievement for me today. My goal is getting closer and closer. I need to write 20-50 pages more, then I am done with my script. I could write just 20-30 pages more if I wanted my movie to be about 90 minutes long. Or, if I wanted it to be around 2 hours long then I would have to write about 50 pages more or a little less.

    Now, it’s a relaxing time. I will continue to watch LOST the TV series. Then, I will prepare the dinner ready for the entertainment which is spaghetti with meatballs – one of my favorite dishes.

    My upcoming movie The Existence.
  • Entertainment

    A Parallel Universe

    I like mystery/sci-fi movies. Something that questions about our existence on earth, past & future, and the like. Do we live in a parallel universe? Does time travel exist? Are we alone? And so on. It would take years and years to find the answers to that. Anyway, it is fun to be curious and search for the answers about something we may never discover the truth. And here’s a list of movies that reflect my curiosity:

    1. Arrival
    2. The Time Traveler’s Wife
    3. I Am Legend
    4. Blade Runner
    5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    6. Interstellar
    7. Looper
    8. The Fifth Element
    9. Mad Max: Fury Road
    10. Planet of the Apes

    And the TV series “LOST” which I still don’t understand. But it’s many years ago that I saw it – just some of the episodes. I think I have to rewatch it 🙂

  • News

    My Screenplay Could be Finished This Week

    It’s Friday, finally. I really hope, I can finish my screenplay this week. I have been working on it for some time now. It’s time I finished it. So this week, I must work harder to finalize it, at long last. I have written to around page 50 now. So, I am halfway through. It’s not too shabby, after all. I am making some progress. Now I will see if I can write another 50-page or 60-page this weekend, including today. Again, it depends on how long I want my screenplay to be.

    My script may look perfunctory now, nothing of importance. As some writers and actors have given me feedback that my screenplay is too literary, which I really appreciated their contributions. But because, I just want to make to the FADE OUT as soon as possible. Everything else can be corrected, afterward. So, for the time being, I won’t be speculating too much about my writing style, grammar, and so on. It is more important for me that I complete my script as quickly as I possibly can for the moment. I have a good, true story to tell. And I must tell it fast since it could help launch my career as a writer & director, which is something I really want to be as well apart from being an actor.

    The screenplay will anglicize all locations and characters, to make it easier to make into a movie since the true event happened in Thailand. And I can’t go make movie in Thailand due to limited budget. So to simplify it I must film it here in UK, using actors and locations here instead. And I will hire any actors, partly because to keep the cost down, and partly because to give aspiring actors the opportunity to be seen and noticed.

    I want to help people who have strong, genuine interest in Film & TV the chance to perform and show their talents to the world. So, I may hire actors that are not on Spotlight as well. There are talented actors out there that are not on Spotlight, yet. Many of them don’t even have agencies to represent them either. It could be because they don’t have enough credits, yet. Well, people have to start from somewhere. Getting credits can be tough, especially when you’re just starting out or you don’t have an agent that believes in you to push you to auditions.

    I want to believe in people. So, my upcoming filmmaking project will involve as many people as possible in all aspects of filmmaking and from different levels.

    Old photo from a few years ago.
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