About Me

I have always been a creative individual and have always been fascinated by films. So, I decided to study film & communication at technical college in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to become a filmmaker. And there, I started to do some acting as well in my own student films. Because, we could not find suitable actresses since we’re running out of time & money. That’s how I started to fall in love with acting and how my acting career began. Consequently, I quit the film school 3-4 months after to pursue my dream as an actress instead.

It made sense for me to go into this field since I have a strong interest in film & TV. I also always participated in school plays, dancing, singing, poem & essay competitions, and similar, when I went to high school. I remember, the first time I won something in writing was to win an essay competition in my first year at the high school.

The subjects I loved the most at school were stage combat, psychology, math, physics, biology, history, music, art & design. I also love drawing, singing, and dancing. And these themes and interests established my choices of genres, tones, passion for writing, writing styles, and inspirations.

I also love traveling. I was used to travelling alone a lot when I was younger. I have traveled to half of the continents in the world. So, many of the settings I am going to use in my books or screenplays will be inspired by those places I have been. Very exciting, huh?

The last 13 years have seen me really immerse myself in my work. I’ve brought my unique style to some brilliant projects, from music videos to feature films. I’m now looking to build on this experience, and looking forward to a bright future in film/entertainment industry.

By the way, I’m also working on my first screenplay and action short film at the moment. And I will be the producer, screenwriter, director, and actress in my first short film.

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