London actressI have always been a creative individual, and have always been fascinated by films. So I decided to study film & communication at technical college in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to become a filmmaker. But then, I also began to act in my own student films because we could not find actresses since we’re running out of time & money. And since then, I started to fall in love with acting as well. It made sense for me to go into this field since I have a strong interest in film & TV. I also always participated in school plays, dancing, singing, poem & essay competitions, and similar, when I went to high school. And the first feature film I was in was a Danish film in 2004. The last 13 years have seen me really immerse myself in my work – I’ve brought my unique style to some brilliant projects, from local charity work to feature films. I’m now looking to build on this experience, and looking forward to a bright future in film/entertainment industry.

By the way, I’m also working on my first short film at the moment in which I will be the producer, screenwriter, director, and actress in my first student film as well.