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I have been quiet for a while working on my new feature film project, After I Die. It’s a horror/thriller film, which is based on a true story. It’s going to be an exciting project. I did make a short action film before, Instant Risk, and people may think why I, all of the sudden, change genre? Shouldn’t I stick to the same genre again and again? Well, I am a first-time filmmaker and writer, so I think, the best thing for me to do is to explore and experiment with as many genres as possible, or, with the genres that I wish to try and see how it goes. I don’t want to limit my ability and imagination to just one genre as a new filmmaker. I think, when you keep investigating and exploring, you will figure out along the way yourself which genre you like best or good at telling stories. Creativity is about letting your imagination run wild. That’s my opinion. So, I will write and make films in each genre until I find the right one.

And to be honest, I don’t really like making horror/thriller films because I don’t think I am good at it. But I do like watching horror movies. In fact, the first American film I watched was a horror movie “The Exorcist”. I saw it on TV. I think, I was quite young then, maybe 8-9 years old or even 7. It was nighttime when I watched it with my sister. But when the movie got scarier and scarier she fell asleep. So I had no choice but to continue to watch it alone. I could turn off the telly. But then I thought to myself, I have already started watching it, so I will watch it till the end anyway. And I got through it. It’s such a scary movie I have ever seen, maybe even til today. It’s a classic. No one makes movie like that no more.

Horror movie is a very fascinating genre. We all have fear of the unknown, something we can’t see, darkness, a mystery, what if we live in a parallel universe?, and so on. These questions do pop up in my mind from time to time. It’s always fun to think about it. Especially, when no one knows the answer, yet. So I think, horror is a genre that is rather exciting to explore. And my film, After I Die, is also based on a true story. I will not reveal that much at this stage whose story it is.

And the film will be made more professionally this time. It will be filmed using real film equipment, will be shown in a cinema on a big screen, using more cast & film crew than my previous short, and so forth. Maybe, I don’t need a lot of cast & crew anyway. Once I have finished the manuscript, I will know how many people I actually need to make it happen, and that it suits my budget. I will start looking for people to collaborate soon. I plan to finish the film just in time for Halloween this year. I think, I have plenty of time to meet my deadline.

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