Snow Before Spring

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The snow keeps falling down like madness all day long. It’s hard to believe, the Spring is just right around the corner. Since as of now, the Spring seems like a dream. I can’t imagine how are we going to cross over to Spring when the weather is like this? I so look forward for Spring to come. I think at the moment, everyone is longing for the Spring to arrive as soon as possible. I love warm seasons. So Spring & Summer are my favorite times of year, of course. I dream of myself lying down on the beach, on an exotic, palm-dotted island, sunbathing, sipping a cocktail, and staring into the ocean. I need to pinch myself to wake up from the dream, otherwise I can go on and on. But I can’t help it when the weather is like this. To escape from boring weather, I have to think of somewhere else totally different from where I am now. The snow continues to fall more and more as I’m writing this blog. Somehow, it’s good for me, so that I can concentrate on writing my screenplay. I think, the weather really helps me stay focus. It’s a really good timing for me to finish my script.

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